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Published: Sep 12, 2006
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I am now an old man but this story took place when I was fifty years old and my wife, Diane, was thirty-five. I knew my wife liked a variety of cock when I married her and saw no reason why she should be any different afterwards...

I am now an old man but this story took place when I was fifty years old and my wife, Diane, was thirty-five. I knew my wife liked a variety of cock when I married her and saw no reason why she should be any different afterwards, all I wanted was three years of her for myself, I loved her very much.

Well I got my three years, plus a little, before I started to notice the signs of interest elsewhere. Diane ran a small cafe and she began to talk about a particular customer a lot, one day I asked her if she was attracted to him as she was talking about him so much and did she fancy him She answered that she was attracted to him and did fancy him.

I said, 'Okay, I'll tell you what I'll do. I'll call in to the cafe, just ring me when he's there, I'll come in and have a coffee and give him the once over, if I think he's okay, you can have him.'

She hugged and kissed me and we had some good sex that night. A couple of days later she rang me and said that, unusually, for he normally came in for breakfast and lunch, he had come in for coffee and was sitting there reading a paper. I walked to the cafe, which was in our small town's main street. I went in and ordered a coffee without acknowledging Diane who pointed the man out to me.

I stayed until he finished his coffee, he walked to the counter and spoke at length to Diane, he seemed quite acceptable to me. When she came home I told her that I thought he was alright and she could go ahead. The following evening she came home and told me that she'd arranged to meet him on the Friday evening.

Came the day and she showered, put on her flimsiest, sexiest, underwear and, due to the late summer very warm weather, a thin, button-through cotton dress, she looked great and very sexy. I should tell you that Diane had a great figure still and was one of those women that men look at and think instinctively of sex, I was as excited as she was.

I had laid down a couple of ground rules, no meetings in or close to town and she had to be home by one a.m., then off she went. I went to bed at about half-eleven with a book but couldn't concentrate, my mind kept on wondering exactly what she was doing, or rather perhaps when she was doing it.

She was late home, which didn't please me, but I knew instantly she entered the bedroom that she'd had sex. I asked her how she had got on as she slipped out of her dress, noticing that her knickers showed a big damp patch. We both slept in the nude and she removed her bra and pants and joined me, I could smell the sex on her, I was hard and my anticipation was high.

'Tell me what happened,' I said, and she did. They had met in a pub ten miles away, they'd had acouple of drinks while they got to know each other then got into his car and he drove to a nice quiet place he knew of where they wouldn't be seen.

They started kissing immediately and he was a good kisser, Diane said that she had started becoming aroused in the pub and became more so as they kissed. Her nipples tingled, she said, and she felt her fanny developing and getting moist. Her bra was filmy and when he put his hand on her breast he could feel the erect nipple, he opened her dress and, pulling the shoulder-strap aside, caressed her breasts and nipple. Diane put her hand down and felt his erect cock, that action completed her arousal, she was ready to be fucked now without any more foreplay.

He suggested that they got into the back of the car and undressed, which they did. He exclaimed at her lovely figure, beautiful breasts and the full swell of her pubis that displayed her long cunt lips to perfection. In turn Diane admired his cock, it was over eight inches long, she told me and really thick, she couldn't wait to feel it inside her. But first there was a lot more kissing and caressing, thoroughly aroused Diane went down on him, first licking then taking the big cock in her mouth and sucking. She liked his taste and, becoming even more excited, felt herself lubricating copiously.

Soon Frank's desire (that was his real name) overcame him and he said hoarsely, 'Come on Diane, I want to fuck you!' 'That's what I want!' Diane murmured in his ear, 'put that lovely cock up my cunt and ravish me!' Frank looked between her now widespread legs, 'You beautiful cunt!' he panted. He moved between her legs and she felt the slippery knob of his cock being stroked inside the mouth of her cunt, rubbing her clit, then positioning itself and pressing the entrance to her vagina. Diane relaxed, she was an old hand at this, and allowed Frank to push up inside her already throbbing cunt, 'Mmmm....right up, darling, push it right up!' she murmured.

Frank obliged. It was the thickest cock Diane had ever had inside her and she loved the feel of it. 'Now I'll fuck you!' Frank panted and thrust it almost brutally up her.

Diane gasped, 'Go on! Go on!'. Frank started fucking her, Diane said, she had never had anyone fuck her so hard, 'If you look at my mound,' she said to me, 'I'll bet it's all bruised!'.

It was and her cunt lips too, the normal clear red colour changed to a much darker colour, she was sloppy wet and I could see spunk oozing from her cunt-hole, her clit swollen hugely. 'Christ, he fucked me hard the first time,' Diane said, 'it hurt so much, the saving grace was that he couldn't last and shot his load up me after only a minute or so.'

'The first time' I queried. 'Oh yes, believe it or not he fucked me three times, three times in about an hour. The first time, as I said, only lasted a minute or so, the second, much gentler, about ten minutes and the third..... well about half an hour, very gentle and using every last fraction of an inch each stroke.'

I bent over her and kissed the open mouth of her cunt, I tasted her juice and his bland spunk, I teased her clit and she started coming. So I sucked all the delicate flesh and her clitoris into my mouth and let it pull out through clenched lips. She convulsed in a body-shaking orgasm. Before it fimished I was up her, up her incredibly slippery cunt, the contents squirting out over our thighs and stomachs and, no doubt, round her bottom too.

I kissed her with her mixed cunt juices still on my mouth, she sucked at my lips. 'Oh,' she panted, 'suck me and fill my mouth with it !'.

I pulled my cock out and went down on her again, this time I tongued her and sucked a mouthful of the stuff into my mouth, then I turned round and kissed her, emptying my mouth into hers. She swallowed greedily while I started fucking her again, I couldn't remember when I last felt as sexy as I did then. My mind was full of images of her fucking Frank and enjoying the crudest sex and filling her mouth with the spunk he'd shot up her.

I couldn't remember either when she had been so incredibly aroused, I was sure that I could have been anybody as long as I did what I was doing. I eventually filled her with my own not inconsiderable contribution, which she loved, and I went to sleep still embedded in her and feeling the ripples of a fading orgasm throb through her.

Well that was the first time, she went with Frank a fair number of times before disobeying my request that she not be seen in town with him, which was reported to me and I forbade her to go out with him again. She cried and pleaded but I felt I had to stick to my guns and did. It didn't pervent her having many more adventures both at home and on holiday abroad which resulted in an incedible sex life for us both and I have never regretted it.

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