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The Insurance Man

Author: Lynne
Publish Date : Sep 24, 2006
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My name is Lynne, I am a fifty year old married woman and the other day I did something that I would never have dreamed of doing.

* * * * * * *

My name is Lynne, I am a fifty year old married woman and the other day I did something that I would never have dreamed of doing. My husband Don had made an appointment with an insurance man to come and dicuss with us a new personal insurance policy for us both.

When he arrived we sat at one end of our long living room with the two kids watching television at the other, they were grown up but still living at home, the boy was twenty and the girl eighteen. Don sat the bloke down opposite us, he was, I would guess, in his mid thirties, very good looking and self assured. He had an incredible and unanticipated effect on me, he oozed sexual energy and my body reacted to seeing him immediately. I was astonished, there was I, as I thought a staid, matronly woman having sexual thrills from a man I could only see! The discussion was excessively boring and, about halfway through, I asked if our visitor would like a cup of tea or coffee, he elected for the latter and I went into the kitchen to make it. While the kettle was boiling I slipped into the toilet in the hall to spend a penny, while there I took my pants off. What made me do it I have no idea.

I went back with cups of coffee for the three of us and sat down opposite this gorgeous young man again. I had noticed that he was paying me quite a lot of attention and now this continued. Gradually, as we talked, I let my legs sag apart. His eyes immediatel took in what he could see. I didn't know really how much I was showing so ended up with my legs well apart. After a couple of hours discussion he said that he would work out a plan to suit what we wanted and drop it in a couple of days later. Leaving he shook my hand, or I really should say gently squeezed it in a suggestive mannner. He asked when he could drop the documentation in and I told him anytime as I was home all the time, he smiled and left. Don and I didn't really discuss anything and he apparently didn't notice me opening my legs for the young man.

Two days later there was a ring at the door bell and, answering the door there stood the insurance man. I invited him in. It was a very hot day and, in addition anticipating his call, all I had on was a button through cotton dress. I should tell you that although I'm fifty I still have a good figure and as I moved I knew my nipples would be tracing patterns on the front of the thin material. I invited him into the kitchen and suggested that we had a coffee, once I had made it I sat him opposite me, both of us sitting on those high stools people have in a kitchen. Somehow my legs were parted and as we chatted I saw him looking up my skirt. I asked him what made him want to be an insurance man, his reply was that he enjoyed calling on attractive women like myself. Quite apart from my nipples, which were already erected, I could feel my fanny developing in response to his animal magnetism. 'Go on,' I said, I bet you say that to all the women!'

'Only the attractive ones!', was his response.

'Yes, I can imagine that you don't go without!' I teased him.

'Actually, it can be quite difficult, it only needs one complaint if I overstep the mark and I'd be sacked.' he said.

'Well, you needn't worry about that here. Tell me what's your first name'.

'Mark,' he responded, 'and you have the most beautiful legs that I've seen in a long time!'

'Oh, I've noticed you looking!'

'Yes! And I've noticed that you don't like wearing pants! You've really got me going!'.

'How long do you have' I asked.

'Long enough,' he replied getting aff his stool. He came over to me and picked me up from my stool, 'where's the bedroom' he asked. He carried me down the passage and into the room I indicated. By the time he set me down I had my dress unbuttoned and I let it drop to the floor. He stared. I'm what they would call a 'faded blonde' I suppose and I had virtually no pubic hair, as by now I was in a state of some excitement it was obvious that he could see my fanny. 'What a beautiful cunt!', he said. He undressed quickly exhibiting the nicest looking cock I had ever seen, it was about eight inches long and thick with it. He eased me onto the bed crossways, knelt, pulled my legs up over his shoulders and applied his mouth to my fanny. Fancy having one's cunt kissed before one's mouth! But he certainly knew what he was doing. First he kissed my lips, then his tongue traced first them, then my inner ones, he licked around inside the mouth of my cunt, thrust his tongue in my hole and fucked me with it before finally teasing my clit unmercifully. I had a huge shuddering orgasm. I hadn't come in years and now I yearned for him to enter me. He didn't waste any time, first reaarranging me on the bed he mounted me and I felt his big cock nudging inside, I put my hand down and positioned it for him and he thrust it straight up me as far as it would go. It felt huge, I'd never had a cock that big in me in my life and every stroke thrilled me beyond measure. I had never come whilst being fucked before, but now I did, almost constantly it seemed. I just let him use me, glorying in the feel of his lovely cock as it did it's work and coming on and off all the time. He also fucked me for longer than I had ever been fucked before, my juices flowed as never before too. We were both sloppy with my love-juice long before he finally came and shot spurt after spurt of his lovely come deep inside my cunt. I lay exhausted beneath him, the shudders and thrills of my orgasm gradually dying away.

Eventually he rolled off, I kissed him, 'I've never been fucked like that in my life,' I told him.

He smiled sleepily, 'If you want to be fucked again for even longer, just suck my cock and get it hard!'

I couldn't believe it, but I did as he said and sure enough he did exactly as he said he would. The taste of my love-juice and his spunk as I sucked his cock made me want more even though there was spunk and love-juice all over my thighs and stomach, bum too if it comes to that. I had never felt so sexy and I let him do me as he wanted just lying there and enjoying the best sex I had ever had.

We cleaned up after that, my legs were all wobbly but he didn't seem fazed at all, I told him that I just couldn't let him go and he's promised to visit me again, he said that he'd found that there was nothing like fucking an older woman and he wanted to go on doing it.

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