I am Ready

Author: Jo Jo
Published: Nov 3, 2006
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My name is Jo Jo and last night I picked up this guy in the bar at my hotel looking for some good fucking and sucking, but it wasn't meant to be. He had a bit to much to drink but I have to say that he tried his best.

My name is Jo Jo and last night I picked up this guy in the bar at my hotel looking for some good fucking and sucking, but it wasn't meant to be. He had a bit to much to drink but I have to say that he tried his best. It just wasn't good enough for me, so here I was, on the road in my convertible as horny as hell just thinking about having a hot tongue or cock in my pussy and asshole maybe while I was eating another nice hot pussy. mmmmmmmmm, what a tasty idea.

I was so lucky once to pick up that young couple of hitch-hikers, both of whom were as horny as I was and he was such a good fuck and her young hot pussy tasted sooo good as I ate it all, sucking on her clit and letting my tongue circle around inside of her as she cried out and filled my mouth with her cum juices over and over again. His large cock felt so good sliding in and out of my ass and when he came deep inside of my ass, I couldn't believe how good it felt.

God, all these thoughts were driving me crazy and i was making my panties so wet that I had to stop and take them off. Wearing a short skirt, not to tight was coming in handy as I was able to do myself with my fingers while I drove with no problem. My fingers felt so good as they moved in and out of my wet pussy and as I squeezed my hard clit, I felt my juices flow faster as I started to cum.That was wonderful but not enough.

Well, well, well, look who is hitch-hiking on the side of the road, my young couple and they look as good as ever. I stopped and asked them where they were going and they said anywhere you want to take us. I looked her up and down and she smiled and put her foot on a rock, showing me lots of leg and a flash of her bare pussy and as I looked at him, I could see his cock getting harder in his pants.

She got into the front and he got into the back of the car and we started off and I soon felt his arms and hands coming around my seat as he started to feel my tits and hardening nipples making me moan with pleasure. My sun glasses fell down on the floor and I asked her to pick them up as they were between my legs. As she picked them up, I opened my legs and she was looking at my bare dripping pussy and said what a lovely sight. She reached up and started to finger me and then moved her mouth to my pussy and slid her tongue inside of me as he squeezed my nipples harder.

My skirt was now around my hips and I pulled off the road into a rest area so we all could enjoy this. We got out of the car, went into the woods and she lay down on a blanket and I got down on my knees between her legs as she opened them wide for me. Her pussy was wet and winking at me as my tongue moved into it, slowly moving in and out and my nose rubbed against her clit at the same time. I felt her pulling my head making me eat faster and more as her juices flowed faster and my tongue moved around her pussy and I sucked her juices and my fingers played with her clit. Not to be outdone, her partner, moved behind me on the blanket and pulled my skirt up onto my back, baring my ass and he slid his hard long cock deep into my pussy and fucked my very hard and fast for abit, then pulled it out and rubbed it up and down the crack of my ass, caressing the bud of my asshole.

It was going to happen, he slowly started to slide that lovely hard cock into my asshole and I relaxed the muscles so he could enter me easily. As he moved deeper and deeper into my ass, I squeezed the ass of his friend and sucked harder on her pussy making her cum over and over again.

My fingers moved along her ass and I slid my fingers into her asshole and moved them in rythm to the ass fucking I was getting. My dream was coming true, I had a big hard cock fucking my asshole and I was eating the loveliest pussy that I had tasted in a long time and as a bonus, I was finger fucking the lovely asshole that went with that pussy. He was fucking me fast and hard and I could feel my own pussy tightening up as I was about to cum and she was cumming again into my mouth. I stopped, turned her over onto her knees and started to lick her asshole as I finger fucked her pussy and squeezed her clit making her cum more and more. She stopped me and turned around so she could eat my pussy, so we went sixty-nine and I ate her pussy again as she sucked my clit and moved her tongue into me.

That did it as I started to cum all over her face, filling her mouth with my juices and the heat from me excited her and she started to cum once again into my mouth. At that time he was ramming his cock deep into my asshole and I could feel his cock start to spasm as he was about to cum so I pushed back hard against his cock and forced him even deeper into me and I heard his moan as he started to fiil my asshole with his cum, squirt after squirt he shot deep into my asshole and as he did, I started to cum once again into his friends mouth and she was culmming into mine. What a wonderful way to spend the afternoon.

My sex drive is super strong and I thank God for the hitch-hikers and truckers that I have met along the way, most of whom were fantastic fucks and pussy eaters as well as their girlfriends who were also eager to eat pussy and be eaten by me.

Did I mention truckers and their girlfriends, well, that is another story which I will write in the near future. In the meantime, I wil fuck and suck my way to heaven and bring everybody with me as well.

Until next time, watch for Jo Jo on the road in her convertible. You won't be disappointed if you meet her.

Bye Bye until next time.

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