The Bus Stop

Author: Deepprobsix
Published: Dec 16, 2006
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Waiting for the evening bus , this man and woman sat next to me and he put my hand on her leg. She was wearing a very short skirt that did not cover up much when she was standing so sitting down and it covered nothing. Any way I started to move my hand up and down her leg from her knee up to the hem of her skirt.

After a day out I was sitting on a bench at a bus stop waiting the 45 minutes until the next bus it was 9.30 pm ,Dark, and raining a little it's a good job this stop had a shelter , when this man and woman came and sat next to me,

They were in there late 20 early 30 and for next ten minutes he had his tongue down her throat and making the slobbering noise's you get , They were going at it as if her mouth was going to disappear and this was going to be the last kiss they ever had, But you know what it's like you just can not help looking.

The man saw that I kept looking at them and I was surprised when I saw him wink at me, He then brought his hand over took hold of mine and placed it on her leg, She was wearing a very short skirt that did not cover up much when she was standing so sitting down and it covered nothing. Any way I started to move my hand up and down her leg from her knee up to the hem of her skirt.

Suddenly the girl slid of the mans lap and sat between us and she gave me a smile and turned to kiss this man again , I carried on moving my hand until my hand was touching her pussy though her knickers, I could feel that she was damp and the heat from her pussy seeped though her flimsy pants.

Onto my fingers each time I reach the top of her leg.

She slowly spread her legs a little wider making it easer for me to touch her and now I could rum a finger up and down her slit, Pushing my finger into her slit forcing her knickers to give and push inside her slit making them ever wetter as I rubbed her knickers over her now swollen clitoris, She was giving out soft moans each time my finger rubbed her and ran up and down her pussy,

I hooked a finger round the knicker leg and pulled it to one side , I could now slide a finger into her pussy My god was this woman wet her fanny was dripping, I touched her clit with my finger and she pulled away from her kissing and moaned 'O' god that's good then planted her lips back on this mans lips, he was needing and fonderling her breasts while I carried on fingering her pussy,

She then slid forward on the seat a bit making it easer for me to enter a finger into her I did not need another invitation and slipped first one finger and then another into her, She was still kiss this man I take it her boyfriend but I could hear her moaning , God yes that's good god O god , She was moving her self round on my finger trying to get them as far as she could into her, when she sat upright forcing my fingers right into her as she came , Her juices running down my hand.

She brought her hand down took my arm and pulled my finger out of her and put them into her mouth sucking them dry, I thought that this was going to be the end of this but I was wrong, This woman stood up and quickly remover her knickers.

While she was doing this the man lent over and undid my zip and put his hand inside my jeans and pulled out my now very hard cock and as it is just about 8" he said to the girl God your going to like this one, She looked down and said "O" my yes that's a great size one and with saying another word she knelt no the bench with one leg either side of me , the man then put his arm up under her and placed the tip of my cock in her slit so it was resting in her pussy hole.

He removed his hand and she just plunged down on my cock and started to fuck me sliding up and down the full length , The man returned his hand and cupped my balls and massaged them as she fucked me , I was forcing my self up into her meeting every downward thrust she was making .

All the time this was going on cars and people were going past and we were getting some strange looks but at this point I did not give a shit , I was getting fucked by a beautiful woman and that was enough for me.

She was still moaning out ,Yes Yes O god Yes as she rode me into heaven I could feel my balls getting tight as I was getting ready to explode in side her. On and on she went riding my cock and the man was still holding my balls and squeezing them, I said I am coming and with that she forced herself down on me hard and I did the same forcing my self as far into her as I could get as I emptied my cum into her filling her up.

She said she was not far from coming again so started to ride my cock once more faster and faster she got until she came once again , Her juices running down my balls and covering her boyfriends hand . When the we had finished he removed his hand and the woman licked it clean .

She got of me and replace her knickers smiled at me and they walked off, My bus turned up five minutes later I went home one very happy man

I have been back there many times and never seen them again.

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