Midnight Study Session with Basketball Star

Author: College Coed Sarah
Published: Jul 23, 2007
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I study session in a classroom late one night turns into another anatomy lesson.

So I guess my study sessions were becoming popular because after Jake a lot of boys were asking to Study with me. I turned most of them down until one night the star basketball player asked me to study with him for our Spanish Final. I could not turn it down.

SO I asked Ben where he wanted to meet and he told me that he thought the best place would be on the fourth floor of the Language building at 9pm. I agreed and told him I would see him then.

I had noticed Ben on campud because for one thing he is 7 feet tall and very very hot. He has a A&F body and face and he is the best basketball player at school.

So I decided that maybe I should dress for success and put on a sexy white bra and panty set under my black skirt and pink lace top. When I walked into the classroom and Ben was already there I could tell by the look on his face that I had made a good decsion.

The first 30 mins we went over our notes and too everything very serious but after a while we kept flirting with each other and the sexual tension became to much. At 5'1 I am a lot smaller then Ben but it did not scare me. It made me excited. Ben looked at me and took his hand and touched my face and told me "You are so beautiful that I want to kiss you". He then leaned forward and started kissing my lips and then moved to my neck. He picked me up and placed me ontop of the front table of the classroom. He layed me down and started to take my shirt off.

Once he saw my bra and boobs he got more excited and took he teeth and undid my bra. He licked his way from my back to my nipples and sucked on them. I told him to take his shorts off and show me how much he wanted me. As he shorts came off I realized that the fact he was tall was not the only big thing about him. His dick was about 9 inchs long and 2 inched thick. It was very hard and he was very ready to fuck me.

He lifted my skirt and took his teeth and glided my panties down my legs onto the floor. Then he slided my pussy towards his rock hard dick. I was so wet that when he jamed it into me I could only scream in pleasure. I begged him to fuck me harder and deeper. His dick felt so good that I could not keep any or my screams to myself. He pounded me with every thrust going faster and faster. I could feel my toes starting to curl and the sensation was unbelievable. I wanted more of him.

I told him to take his dick out of me and put it in my mouth. I got down on my knees as he sat in a chair and sucked my cum off his dick. I wanted his cum all over my tits. As he came on my tits I rubbed it all over my body. I told him we were not done yet. I wanted more of him in me. I sat in his lap in the chair and slide his dick in me. He grabbed my waist and pounded me up and down. I started to cum again and he stopped and picked me up again and layed me on the table. He licked me all over my wet pussy until I came all over his face.

He then asked me if my ass was ready to be fucked. I said hell yes. I was ready for him to fuck me again and could not wait for him to do me. I begged him to fuck me. He bent me over and slide his dick in my ass very slowly. As he started to go faster he started to moan in pleasure. He came all over my ass and back.

We layed there on the table for a few mins and decided that we needed to get together again and do this more often. We are now a couple and fuck every night.

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