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Sex with the pizza delivery man

Publish Date : Oct 1, 2007
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I ran to the door and opened it to find the pizza kid who was also quite wet. I told him to come in out of the rain. When he stepped into the light of the hall, I was very happily surprised. He was about 6 feet tall, dark hair, brown eyes, very good looking, young but "old enough."

* * * * * * *

It was a rainy and cool autumn night, a nice change from the long, hot summer. It had been a busy day and so I decided to call for a pizza to be delivered. In the meantime I took a long, hot shower to relax.

My husband was working very late. One child was sleeping and the other was gone to a friend's house overnight. Just as I was rubbing soapsuds all over my body, I heard the doorbell ring. Wouldn't you know it I suddenly remembered that I had ordered a pizza. I knew that the delivery person would be standing in the rain, so I quickly put on a very short red silk robe.

I was still wet so it was sticking to my body all over. I ran to the door and opened it to find the pizza kid who was also quite wet. I told him to come in out of the rain. When he stepped into the light of the hall, I was very happily surprised. He was about 6 feet tall, dark hair, brown eyes, very good looking, young but "old enough."

I was immediately excited. My nipples got hard under the wet silk and I think he noticed. My robe was coming open a little bit when I took the pizza and went to get the money so he could see more of my breasts. I was shaking when I was coming back from the kitchen with the money and I dropped some of it. He helped me pick it up and I could tell he was breathing heavily.

When we stood up I noticed how hard he was. His cock looked so big even under his clothes that I knew I couldn't resist trying to seduce him. I made some silly small talk to keep him there. He seemed in no hurry to leave although he was nervous and so was I. I just kept moving closer and closer to him as we talked until we were touching, leg to leg. To touch him was like electric pleasure running straight through me. I reached over and began to gently run my hands up and down his thighs.

Before he could speak I kissed his lips, gently at first, then more deeply and urgently until our mouths were open with passion. I felt his nice little ass and then his cock through his pants. I had to have it. Shaking like a leaf I began to unzip his pants. His hands were all over me. I could hardly catch my breath, I was so excited. He took my robe off and felt my breasts and nipples. I asked him if it was his first time. He said yes. I was going crazy. I whispered, "I'll make it so good for you baby."

When I got his pants off, his cock was so big and beautiful I knew I would come as soon as it was inside me. My pussy was wet and swollen and aching to have it. But it would have to wait.

Without his clothes he had a nice slender body and it was very warm and good to touch. I asked him to sit on the stairs that I wanted to suck him. I sat on the floor in front of him between his legs. I was in a perfect position to do it there. I started by licking his cock all the way up to the head lots of times, and especially around the head where it flares out. I love that part because it feels so good pulling inside on the outstroke.

I wanted to get fucked by him so badly. I licked the head of his cock and kissed it and sucked it gently at first, then harder and deeper into my mouth He was really enjoying this and began to fuck my mouth a little. When he came in my mouth I sucked all of it. I loved it.

We traded places on the stairs so he could do it to me. I had to sit higher up being shorter of course. I spread my legs open for him so eagerly. My clitoris was so big and hard I think he was happily surprised. The wetness was just oozing out of me. He was hard again and I showed him how to lick my clit, not too fast and then how to suck it gently and rhythmically until I came and came from it.

We couldn't put it off any longer and together tumbled on to the floor. He was lying on his back so I squatted down over that big cock. I had to ease it in slowly. It was so big and I was swollen tight with desire. The feeling was incredible. By the time he was all the way in me I had a blinding orgasm. I know I cried out but could not help it. Then I was immediately building up to the next orgasm. He came pretty soon after some really good deep strokes. It felt so good when his warm come filled me up inside.

Soon he was hard again and we fucked longer. I could feel him getting bigger and bigger inside of me as we fucked. It was excruciatingly fantastic. I was coming the whole time he was fucking me it seemed. He got on top of me and fucked me. Over and over I felt myself tighten up and come and I could tell he felt that too. I got on my hands and knees so he could fuck me from behind.

Finally we were exhausted. I helped him get dressed while I kissed him all over and he did the same to me. I wondered how many pizzas never got delivered that night as he left. Maybe I should order another one soon.

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