Author: SaturnSets
Published: Oct 2, 2007
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Jane felt scared and self-conscious as she performed her long-time fantasy in front of the man tied and gagged to the chair. It's one thing to enjoy ones own secret fantasy life but to do it for real was an entirely different matter all together.

Jane felt scared and self-conscious as she performed her long-time fantasy in front of the man tied and gagged to the chair. It's one thing to enjoy ones own secret fantasy life but to do it for real was an entirely different matter all together.

"Do you like what you see" She asked rhetorically still feeling a little foolish inside while spreading her legs so he could see her pussy.

Jane spread her swollen lips and began to gently, slowly circle her clit as her eyelids relaxed to a semi open state.

"You will lick this." She said to the man staring darkly into his eyes.

Jane reached for the rabbit vibrator and inserted it slowly into her pussy until the rabbit's ears wrapped around her swollen clit sending its determined vibrations surging through her groin.

"You are going to fuck this hole." She said hardly able to get the words past her first orgasm.

The man's eyes were bulging. His veins were sticking out of his temples. His face was red with raging passion as he strained against the ropes holding his wrists to the arms of the chair.

Jane rolled to her hands and knees and crawl between his legs. She ran her fingernails over the bulge in his pants stretching his jeans as tight as the strings of a tennis racket.

"You look ready." She said as she unbuckled his belt and opened his pants allowing some of the restraining pressure to release as his cock expended into the stretch of his shorts.

Jane reached behind the chair and withdrew a large long evil looking pair of scissors.

The man's eyes widened and focused on the scissors as she snapped them menacingly a couple of times and said, "Let's see if I can do something about your discomfort."

The man tensed up and tried to scream through his gag as Jane lowered the scissors.

She inserted the point of one of the blades inside the band and started slowly cutting through his shorts until finally his cock was released springing free with relief.

Jane dropped the scissors and kneeled between his knees and began to suck hard. She could feel him clinching as he approached orgasm.

"Not now." She said lifting her face climbing onto the chair and standing up so that her pussy was right at the level of his face.

Bracing herself, she lifted a knee over his shoulder, exposing her dripping pussy to his mouth.

"Eat!" She commanded grabbing two fists full of hair and instantly being transported into the pulsating world of orgasm.

Her thighs were running wet with the mixture of his saliva and her honey as spasm after spasm vibrated through her soul capturing her in an involuntarily altered state of consciousness.

She did not notice that the restraints around his wrists were loosening and he was furiously working to free himself.

Suddenly she became conscious of his hands gripping her around her waist as she was lifted into the air before flying onto her back on the floor.

Struggling to regain her composer the man grabbed her wrists drawing her arms over her head pinning her wrists to the floor with one hand. He reaches down with his free hand inserting two fingers deep into her pussy.

"How long did think you could torture me like that" The man growled as the back of his thumb rubbed her clit as his fingers melted her surprise into a puddle of growing ecstasy.

Jane began to move violently with his strokes choking off her screams into moans of growing pleasure.

"Fuck me!" She commanded.

The man withdrew his fingers and wrapped them around his cock as he rose to his knees.

"Is this what you want" He said through clenched teeth.

The man began to tap her clit rapidly with the head of his cock.

"I'm going fuck you." Said the man as he plunged his raging pole deep grabbing her shoulders and driving her forcefully into him.

Jane knew she hadn't lost consciousness but she felt as though she were in a different world breathing electrified air charged by the engine pumping in and out of her like a out of control steam locomotive.

"It's to much. Slow down. I can't take it anymore." She gasped as best as she could, unable to break the advancing insanity as it quickly began taking over her mind.

Soon the rational thinking Jane became lost in a cloud of animal lust. Jane began to furiously pump against the piston driving in and out, in and out, in and out.......

Jane's consciousness exploded entirely, violently short-circuiting her thoughts and awareness of time and space. She lost control of her body. Her body was moving to a primitive beat consumed by wave after wave of rushing spasms and cascading gushes of pleasure. The primitive beast within her was released and had taken control. There was no Jane anymore.

The sound of the man's gritty clenched scream broke through bringing her back somewhat to the present. He withdrew his cock and rose to his knees while arching his back. Every muscle and vein in his body bulged straining against every other. He grabbed his cock with both hands, gritted his teeth and, became entirely stiff and spastic. He exploded like a cannon shooting round after round of hot cum over her face, tits and stomach before collapsing on top of her gasping to catch his breath.

Jane pushed him to her side and with both hands began to rub his cum all over her body and face as the sound of a primitive laugh that she did not recognize emanated from deep within her.

Jane came one last time.

About: The author of "Jane" is SaturnSets. You can print this erotic tale for your own personal pleasure, or read more naughty stories like this in our Short Sex Stories section.

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