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Publish Date : Oct 3, 2007
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I got to look all I wanted but no touching, no kissing, just looking. She had thick heavy legs that were still well shaped. Her tits were firm and conical. She had a small belly roll and her pussy was just getting a few fine hairs over the tight slit.

* * * * * * *

When I was little I always seemed to get my way if I kept after what I wanted but I never really thought much about it at the time. As I got older and became interested in girls as something other that snowball targets I slowly discovered that I seemed to have a way with them too.

I had read several stories about PSI powers (The 23rd letter of the Greek alphabet, the term PSI encompasses a broad range of psychic functioning and abilities.) and had thought about how nice it would be to be able to order somebody to do whatever I wanted. Little did I know that sometimes dreams come true.

It started with Kathy. She was a girl next door. (I had several girls next door, across the street, or down the road. My neighborhood was overrun with girls. Lots more girls than boys but it took a while before I figured out how lucky I was.) We were about twelve if I remember correctly when I got my first inkling of what I could do.

Kathy was one of those pretty luscious curvy girls and was good fun to be around. She had a mean fastball and would try almost anything. She was one of the few girls around that liked to fish so we spent a lot of time down at the creek together. I had tried to get her to kiss me a few times but she wanted no part of anything involving sex. Her folks were hard core born again types although the term was not common back then. So I looked at her, thought about what was under her clothes and wished. I got a few cheap feels when I thought I could get away with it but that was about all.

There was this one week when the fish were biting really good and we spent more time together that normal. I spent most of it thinking about seeing her naked. Finally it just slipped out. I up and told her that I wanted her to take her clothes off so I could see her body. Ever done anything like that I could have died. Well you could have knocked me over with a feather when she said ok. Just like that she stood up and took off her clothes.

I got to look all I wanted but no touching, no kissing, just looking. She had thick heavy legs that were still well shaped. Her tits were firm and conical. She had a small belly roll and her pussy was just getting a few fine hairs over the tight slit. She even spread and let me get a good look. Of course I wanted more. I got to thinking of how much I wanted to touch her and find out just what tits and a pussy felt like.

Within a few days she all of a sudden decided to let me feel anything I wanted. Before long I wanted her to touch me but once more it was no go. Then following a pattern that was to repeat itself over and over again she let me take my clothes off and we touched each other all over. She even jerked me off.

Naturally I wanted it all even though I was not real clear about just what all was or of how to get it. Oh sure I knew the basics since Bruce had an older brother that we hung around with sometimes and we heard him talk about sex and getting laid. I also knew that somehow a rubber was needed.

I knew what a rubber was and the basic reason why you needed one but I had no idea of how to get one. Back then they were hidden behind the counter and there was no way a twelve year old was going to buy one. Not at all like today. Anyway I was spending time over at Bruce's and his brother Jeff was there as well. He was teaching us some pool tricks and I was thinking about how to get Kathy to let me fuck her and of how I could find some rubbers.

Bruce had to go do some chores before their folks got home and while he was gone Jeff and I got talking. He asked me if I had ever kissed a girl and all the other crap that older boys tease younger ones about. Of course I responded that I'd kissed a few and mentioned that I'd really like to get some rubbers. I expected him to laugh but instead he went up to his room and came back with a half a dozen which he gave me. Man I was all fixed if ever Kathy decided to go alone with the idea.

Surprisingly it didn't take long before I was sliding my safely wrapped dick into her tight little pussy. [ is it just me or do all chubby girls have tight pussies] As has been noted elsewhere it was wonderful even if it was over too quick.

The second time was better and when I went for thirds she finally responded with what may have been her first orgasm ever. [Oh to be able to rip off three in a row again.] We had sex lots more times but as I perfected whatever talent that was working for me she became more of a cunt of last resort. Still I liked her and it didn't seem fair to just dump her cold so we did it every so often until she started going steady with Fred.

Soon I had Jeff giving me lessons in the gentle art of getting laid. He was good at it but I soon surpassed the master. Of course I had a unfair advantage and used it shamelessly. As I gained more experience I came to work out how it worked. Still no idea of why but as long as I knew how why wasn't that important. There seemed to be several things that had to happen before my influence worked. I had to want something fairly badly, I had to be in the company of whoever I was trying to get to do something, it had to be something that the other person might do anyway, and it took some time to work. My range was short, I had to be within perhaps twenty five feet of my target.

I discovered that if what I wanted was the same thing she wanted I could often get it in an hour or so but if it was something that she wouldn't normally do it might take hours or days to get her to do it. In other words the class slut might fall into bed with me real quickly while a virgin might require a serious investment of time and effort. However once I got the whole thing going with a person each new wish was easier and faster to get.

It seemed to work for anything and anybody within reason. I got good marks with only modest effort and a job that paid way too well even if I didn't show up some days. One last thing too, the more I used my talents the stronger they seemed to become.

It was a year or so later when Karen moved into the neighborhood and I fell in love with her. OK so I fell in lust with her. Whatever you call it I wanted to jump her bones really bad so I made her my main project. Her mother was divorced and this turned out to have interesting side effects later. Both of them were small and well built with high firm tits and tight asses. You could almost mistake them for sisters if you didn't look too close.

I was getting bigger and before long I was helping them with all the odd jobs that moving into a new place required. All the time I was wishing and testing. Karen was a good girl and resisted longer than most but in the end I was able to get into her pants. But that's not the real story here. I must have been thinking about her mom more than I realized because one day when Karen was gone her mother almost raped me.

My first real woman that knew what sex was all about taught me a lot of tricks. Of course we got caught by Karen one day. Bad scene but within an hour all three of us were in bed together. To this day I wonder if it was my powers that did that or if it was something that the two of them wanted to do and just needed a push. Whatever the reason we had threesomes often from then on and I do know that they spent some time having sex without me. Hell once or twice I got to watch.

By now you've got the idea. I must have screwed every good looking girl in my school before graduation. To tell the truth it was getting kind of boring. I looked for other thrills and found a few but I'm not going to tell you about them. Think about what I can do and figure it out for yourself. You're probably close.

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