Father Step Daughter Day

Author: SJohnson
Published: Jan 30, 2008
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After Dreaming of his step daughter for years Micheal finally gets a chance to be with this woman. With no care in the world about his wife he records every second of their fuck fest and she loves every single second of her big daddy cock.

It was monday morning the my wife usually takes her daughter, my step daughter, Anne to class. Today though she had to be at work early and that left me up to it. I was enjoying my morning shower a place to relax, everytime I got into the shower I thought about sex, it just happened, but today I knew that I could have my chance with Anne. Anne was 18 at the time 5'6 115lbs and long blonde hair with tan dark legs. I watched anne grow into a young lady from 13 to 18 and my god she has changed.

I walked out of the shower and wrapped my towel around me and headed down my hallway. I walked past Annes bedroom and saw Anne in her bra and panties standing in front of the mirror rubbing lotion all of her sweet tender body.

I walked in and told her I would be taken her to school. "Im not feeling well I think I may stay home today." She said. "I'll be home all day so we could hang out and watch a movie." I told her. I watched her sweet ass bounce in her little panties as she walked to her bed and layed down on her back. She said "You know what I really wanna do Mike I wanna make a movie" She started slipping her fingers under her panties. "Really What kind of movie" I could help but stare at her swwet delicious pussy underneath that thin cotton material.

She got on her knees and crawled over to me and sat on my lap."You know one of THOSE movies" She reached down a grabbed my hard dick and started feeling it all over. "Go get the cameraa" I went into the den and grabbed my camera and tripod. When I came back she had changed into a sexy lingerie piece that did not leave much to the imagination. I set the camera up and went over to the bed. She automatically dropped to her knees and started sucking my huge dick, she was going so fucking fast I thought I was going to blow all over her but I had to wait I had to get into that little tight pussy.

I got up and threw her onto the bed and yanked her panties. I climbed on top of her she said "How bad do you want it" I pulled my dick out and shoved it into her hot pussy it was so tight she let out a loud scream as i fucked her pussy. i put her legs over my shoulder and told her shut up and take it. I felt her tremble and all of the sudden I was completely soaked with her cum but I didnt stop fucking her she came again and again all over me but i just went harder and harder. I grabbed her firm little tight titties and pushed up as far inside of her as I could and came up in side of her little pink pussy whole.

I layed down flat on her bed but she still wanted more of my cock it was still hard and she climbed on top of and started bouncing up and down and my dick. She screamed everytime she went down onto it. She kept going farther down onto it taking in every single bit of my 9inch fuck stick. she started rubbing her clit and bouncing higher all the way up to the tip of my head faster and faster. She squirted all over me again and i came all into her pussy as i grabbed her tits again they were amazing.

That day we fucked everyway and everywhere in the house, and recorded it all. Her pussy is the best ive ever had and im 47!

About: The author of "Father Step Daughter Day" is SJohnson. You can print this erotic tale for your own personal pleasure, or read more naughty stories like this in our Short Sex Stories section.

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