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Published: 22-Feb-08
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I slipped my tits back into my bra and I had just finished zipping up my jeans when the lights flickered and came back on.

* * * * * * *

I work for a retail store in Brighton; I work in the delivery department normally Monday to Friday evenings. The Christmas working hours changed to my and my husband's disgust and I had to work 6-10pm, Christmas Eve because of the Boxing Day sale.

Wearing my work uniform of grey tee shirt, three-week-old dark blue jeans and boots, I was happy working alone in the annexe of the men's department of the stockroom. The aisles were very narrow but I was able to get on sorting out the boxes; I heard the lift being used a number of times and people moving about, but I just got on with it. We had been working for a couple of hours and I had just cleared a box when it suddenly went very dark as the lights went out. I stayed where I was in the pitch darkness for a moment.

I heard someone moving towards me from behind, I called out, Who's that", but I only got a simple, Me", as an answer. Reaching where I was, he stood directly behind me and whoever it was pressed their body up against mine and slid their arms around my waist, I did not mind too much as we often got hugs off some of the boys. I was trying to think which one of the boys it was when I felt his breath on the back of my neck; he whispered, You look so horny in them jeans". I did not recognise the voice but I was flattered, I felt my pussy fizz and throb, then it started to moisten making my knickers damp as he moved my ponytail to one side and started kissing the back of my neck and right ear, at the same time I realised he was sliding his hands up under the front of my tee shirt. It shocked me and before I knew what was going on, both his hands cupped my tits and he was squeezing and pulling on them, all the time slurping around my neck. I did not know what to do or say but then I was enjoying what he was doing and I could feel his hardening cock pressing into the base of my back and it was really getting me excited, and the not knowing who it was, made it more intriguing. I relaxed a little and decided to let him have a good feel of my tits; his hands were soft and gentle, he mauled my tits and nipples expertly, his right hand slid down my stomach and I went with it quietly thrilled spreading my legs as soon as his hand went between my legs. He cupped my crutch and rubbed my pussy through my jeans with the palm of his hand while his fingers pushed up into my lips. A few minutes later as he still rubbed my pussy, his left hand fumbled and struggled with my belt and zipper, excited at the prospect of having his fingers inside me, I quickly helped him and a few seconds later, my jeans were sagging open. I closed my eyes excited as he pushed his hand down inside my knickers and jeans, his fingers brushed through my hairs and soft flesh and he was fingering my wet clit and hole, perfectly, still sucking on my neck,whispering Okay in my ear, Ijust mouthed, Yes softly.

I stood there thrilled as he fingered me and natural momentum made me lean forward as I started to experience a climax, I flooded quickly spraying my warm juice over his fingers and I could smell my own sweet pussy. I felt him tug on my jeans and knickers; a moment later they were down to just below my buttocks. He pushed two fingers inside me from behind and rapidly thrusted them around, I leaned further forward and rested my hands on the stack of boxes widening my legs more feeling very sluttish but delighted as he brought me to a another climax. I knew I was going to get a fucking as he held my waist with his left hand and pushed on my back with the other, i wasn't sure if i wanted this but i went with the flow as he started bending me over the stack of plastic boxes. I parted my thighs the best I could , he pushed his hard cock against my wet pussy lips and I groaned feeling the sensation of his big cock squeezing my lips open and strecthing my hole as he thrusted it straight up me. His cock was bigger and fatter than my hubby's was and very, very hard. He placed his hands on my buttocks and thrusted away with steady strokes, I groaned, Fuck me hard you bastard".

To my delight he started thrusting me harder, I wanted to spread my legs wider but my jeans restricted my movement,there was nothing I could do in the tight confines of the stockroom, except enjoy getting a fucking by somebody all with the added excitement that somebody may come in or the lights may go back on. His big cock was like a steel girder, rock hard and thick, it thrilled me as he pushed it deep into me, I could feel it right up inside me, and his balls bounced against my lips and groin. I tried not to make to much noise as I climaxed making my pussy sopping wet, he increased to a rapid hard pace giving me every inch of his dick thrusting me into the boxes.

I just stayed there clinging on to the side shelving, groaning and enjoying every hard stroke as somebody unknown drilled me in the dark at work. I do not know how long he was doing me but I was just starting to ache and get sore when he slowed; I felt him stiffen, he held my hips keeping me steady, he groaned, Your Christmas bonus bitch". I felt his cock throbbing between my pussy lips and I climaxed moaning happily feeling his hot spunk spurting against my pussy walls as he shot his load deep inside me. He continued pumping and I slid down his cock until he'd finished putting all his spunk in me. I had lost count of the times I had cum, I knew he had cum a lot and it was already oozing out of me and I could feel it dripping down my legs. We stayed there just for a moment, then he slid out of me, I straightened pulling up my wet and messy Knickers, then my jeans, it was a few minutes before I composed myself and turned in the darkness but he had already gone.

I stood grinning to myself for a while, I slipped my tits back into my bra and I had just finished zipping up my jeans when the lights flickered and came back on. It was one mad rush to get everything done, I ignored the aching of my pussy and the resultant sticky mess of my Christmas bonus dripping out of me, I worked super fast with a smile on my face and we had all finished more or less on time. My hubby was waiting for me when I'd finished and didn't seem to notice the grin on my face nor the fact that i took a shower as soon as we got home.

To this day I have never found out which dirty bastard is was that did that to me, but I really enjoyed getting spunked in the dark like that, I wear them jeans as often as I can now, hoping something else happens.

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