Horney School day

Author: Dale Harrison
Published: Feb 24, 2008
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James Harrison was never good at Geography and he only wanted a normal school day but he ended up getting more.. a lot more...

James Harrison was 19, at one point he had been quite fat but over the past year he had lost it and was now worryingly thin and his spots where still as bad as ever. But still life went on and on, and his SATS exams coming up, he was doing more and more work during lunch time and after school. On Wednesday, James got back his geography test back with a 7b, which by his standards were very good. He was thinking of something to say to Will when Miss Sutton lent over the desk and said to him "I know how to help you get that grade up to a level 7a".

James lent a bit forward, to see down Miss Sutton's shirt which was the classes' favourite pass time. Miss Sutton was by far one of hottest teacher's in the school with dark black hair and a mousey face, but more to the point she had fairly big tits and a firm arse. James answered yes immediately, and before he knew it, he was in room 22 after school with Miss Sutton talking to him.... but he was too busy looking down her shirt ... he could just see her right nipple ... she was wearing no bra for god sake! "I can see you looking down my shirt James!" Miss Sutton said laughing "oh well.... hmmm ..." James said "you can unbutton my shirt you know" Miss Sutton said running her finger tips over her shirt collar.

James then undid her shirt and took off her bra and started to corease her breast which was rock hard, then pushing her back he slid his hand up her skirt, where he came into contact with a wet silk thong, which he began to rub. James started to kiss her, their tongues touching. Meanwhile Miss Sutton's hands unzipped his trousers and pulled out his cock which was rock hard and very long for his age. She then started to pull his skin up and down as he slipped a finger in her thong and slipped his finger into her pussy which was very wet.

Before long he was sitting in a chair, with miss Sutton leaning in-between his leg's sucking his cock, stroking his shaft with her hand, after a few minutes of this she stated giving him deep throats causing her to gag on his cock. Then she took her mouth off his cock and began to rub his cock up her tits giving him a tity fuck, until he was about to cum when she wrapped her soft silky, lips around his cock as he sprayed his hot cum into her mouth, which she swallowed without come plain. Then they swapped places and knelt in-between her legs and pulled down her short plaid skirt, revealing her silk thong, he pulled it down, smelt it and put it in his pocket. Then he buried his head in-between her legs, and slipped his tongue inside her cunt, swirling his tongue about, until she was moaning ecstasy some much he only just heard her shout "I'm Cumming!!"..... And was only just able to move out of the way when a jet of her cum came flying out.

A minute later Jmaes had Miss Sutton laid on the desk, "Fuck me hard James" she said spreading her legs showing her wet, shaved cunt. James jerked off for a sec and then moved ready into the penetration position.... He then slowly PUSHED his cock into her cunt, with Miss Sutton moaning and moaning, James virgin cock inside Miss Sutton's tight pussy. He started ramming his cock inside her wet pussy harder and harder and harder. Then suddenly he cummed in her pussy, filling up her entire reproductive system. He then removed his cock from her cunt watching his cum dripping out of her pussy.

"Do you want to cum in me again James" she asked "Hell yes!" he said "then lick my arse get it all wet and you'll cum again "she said turning around to lean over on the desk. Then he knelt against her arse, opening up the cheeks and shoving his tongue up her arse crack and lubbing it all up with his spit and then just licking it for plain fun. "Ok that's enough "she said "Hurry up and fuck me" she said gripping the desk. He then stood up and rubbed his cock up her lubbed arse and quickly shoved his cock in her arse hard and harder and harder until he grabbed her hips and fucked her all the harder " Oh yes James harder harder harder .... Oh yes cum in me fill me up" she screamed. And he did just what she said going harder and harder and harder until he cummed in her filling her up so much cum was dripping out and he hadn't even removed his cock from her ass.

"That's it James you've now got your 7a so do come back again for some more fun" she said after they were both dressed again apart from misses thong which James was keeping. She then turned round and handed James a disk, "This is the video of our fun this afternoon" "Oh right thank you miss" he said and he turned and left. But when he got to the door he turned round and said "I'll see you again for this tomorrow miss" he smiled then left and he knew when he got home he would be jerking off to this tape............

About: The author of "Horney School day" is Dale Harrison. You can print this erotic tale for your own personal pleasure, or read more naughty stories like this in our Short Sex Stories section.

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