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True Sex Story

Author: Martin
Publish Date : Feb 26, 2008
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I noticed Sarah was sitting with her legs spread wide and I could see her knickers, she looked in my direction smiled and spreading her legs and skirt wider made it obvious what she was doing,my cock twiched and begain to stiffen.

* * * * * * *

I arrived home at our recently moved in flat and made a lame attempt at making a start on sorting out the boxes and stuff piled up in our bedroom before going back to work, we had got a double bed in there somewhere and chest of draws and all still to be made up, we were living out of cardboard boxes aznd suitcases and time was something we did not have, space was another factor, we had none, we just slept in the front room on one of those putyouup things.

It was not long after when the front door went and two people came in, one was my wife the other was nineteen year old Sarah, from my wifes works and I knew her as she had often got on my bus if I was working her route, she was a good looking girl about five five tall, slim and attractive with lovely brown eyes, small facial features and lovely shoulder length brown hair that she had styled in to a frizz. She was a very nice and pleasant girl and well mannered, she was always clean, tidy and presentable even in her working uniform of blue pin striped blouse and knee length blue skirt. I got on well with her and we had a few laughs, I told her once that she looked good in her uniform, but she thought I was taking the piss, but just said, "Oh yeh" and flashed her eyes at me, when I said she looked horny in it.

Several times she had asked, "Why do you think I'm horny in my work gear", I gave her an honest answer,"Shows off your slim body well and that lovely arse, add to that your pretty face and I get all sorts of thoughts", she smiled, "Dirty ones knowing you".... She flirted with me sometimes after that.

I had forgotten the following morning my wife was going off to work in another shop and was getting picked up early, Sarah was staying with us apparantly, they were going together, I didn't mind, but where she was going to sleep was another matter, it would have to be in the front room with us somewhere.

Sarah smiled at me as she walked into the flat saying "Hi", I returned her smiled answering and felt a flutter in my stomach looking at her as she sat on the sofa, I offered to make coffee and returned a few minutes later, I sat on the single seat opposite, I noticed Sarah was sitting with her legs spread wide and I could see her knickers, she looked in my direction smiled and spreading her legs and skirt wider made it obvious what she was doing,my cock twicthed and begain to stiffen. Sarah stood as soon as my other half had came in, she went to the bathroom and changed into jeans and teeshirt, we had a fish and chip dinner, then arranged the front room, Sarah was happy to sleep on the floor but I had to get back to finish my shift.

I got home sometime just before one, it was dark and I crept around the flat making myself a cuppa and finished it before going into the front room, in the darkness I saw my wife closest to the door, I slid next to her knowing the other figure over to the right was Sarah, I relaxed and closed my eyes.

I heard movement, it was a few momenets before I was aware somebody was next to the sofabed on my right, it was still dark outside but was at the stage of starting to get lighter outside, Sarah was facing me, I looked at her, she moved slightly closer and whispered in my ear, "You awake", "YES why", "Can I do something dirty to you", Not quite awake I answered "Yes", I felt my duvet move so I moved over to the edge of the bed, her hand slipped inside my boxers and her tiny hand gripped my cock, she squeezed it and begain jerking it up and down getting it semi erect then hard, she knelt and moved under the duvet, I felt her breath and a second later she was licking the helmit and length before taking some of it into her mouth and sucking and wanking, I relaxed a little and thrusted my hand up between her legs she quickly pulled my hand away and held it while she continued to slurp on my cock, she sucked and licked well and the excitement was getting too much,I wanted to hold her there and give her a mouth full but I pulled away softly saying"Better stop" she stopped and laid down next to me on her back pushing her knickers down she relaxed with her knees up and thighs apart saying,"Finger me now".

I nervously slid my right hand down between her legs, I felt her hairs, they were soft and smooth and then I felt her lips, I slid a finger along her tiny slit easeing them apart, tooing and froing her lips parted and my finger eased inside her velvit hole, she placed my fingers where she wanted them, I strummed on her clit and almost at once she shivered and jerked holding back her moans, I could feel her rapid wetness, she pulled my hand away, "Thats enough, Thank you" she whispered....

She quickly pulled her knickers up followed by the duvet, my cock was rigid, I had a real desire to fuck the dirty bitch right then and there, I tried my luck and as she settled down I leaned over and whispered, "I really want to be dirty and fuck your brains out", in the light that was creeping in through the curtains I could see her face, she looked at me with a dirty smile and softly she replied, "I really like the sound of you fucking my brains out and I would love you to do it, but not here, not now,not with your wife here, its too risky, you can have me another time".

I was dissapointed but I respected what she was saying, "Promise", I asked, Sarah sat up for a moment, "Yes I promise, on the way home tonight",

I relaxed thinking about it as the alarm sounded ....

Both girls got up and were milling about in the kitchen, I heard the shower going and I dozed off, I stirred and saw Sarah come into the front room, she was wearing her uniform, she sat on the edge of the armchair, she didn't have any underware on, I quickly knelt between her legs and pushing her thighs apart put my head under her skirt and started licking her cunt, she imediately sat back with legs as wide as she could pulling her skirt up, I licked her lips and poked her cunt with my fingers, she pushed me away as soon as the shower stopped, "Later mister" she said and pulled on a clean pair of knickers,

They got back to the flat at about six that evening, both were hungry and again a take away was enough, again Sarah had changed into jeans and teeshirt, Sarah asked if I minded taking her home and if okay to drop into her nans quickly, being a Sunday, buses were few and far between, it was fine with me and my wife said she needed to see her mum and could I drop her off on the way, she would be a couple of hours.

On the way I dropped off Ellie at her mums, Sarah sat in the back of the car and said "Can you take me to my Nans quickly, only be five minutes", She was wearing her work skirt and blouse again when she came out,"Alright" she asked, "Still think Im horny in my work gear", "Oh yeh, really horny", Sarah repiled, "Good, better take me somewhere and show me"

I drove to a little car park near a pond, it was deserted and it was dark,as soon as we had stopped, Sarah put the car seat down flat and relaxed acting all innocent, her blouse was partly opened and for the first time I realised she was not wearing a bra, my cock was already hard and solid, I opened her blouse and grabbed her tits kissing her neck,she wrapped her arm around my neck and pulling me over onto her said,"Put your dick up me, I can't wait any longer", I quickly got my trousers down and Sarah's skirt pushed up, I eased my cock against her cunt lips and eased into her tight velvit hole, she groaned as I stretched her cunt open and pushed it in fully inside her hole.

she whimpered "Oh god" as I pounded her cunt and gave her tight cunt every inch slamming her into the seat, she moaned and her cunt juiced oiling her hole and my cock sped easier inside her hole and I called her dirty names that she responded too.

I lost control with all the excitement and I was unable to stop as my spunk pumped deep into wet cunt,"Oh shit coming" I said, Sarah bounced up on my spunking cock saying, "Just do me, it feels nice". I squirted the remainder of my balls into her soaked cunt, we collapsed breathing haevily.

We kissed and chatted for a while,we agreed that we should not have done it, it was a one off, Sarah admitted my wife had talked about how big my dick was, and that she had got really stirred up because it was the same day when I said she looked horny. Anyway, we continued to be freinds until she got married and moved away.

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