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Bevs Tent

Author: K. R.
Publish Date : Feb 28, 2008
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She grabbed my arms and pulled me into a kiss again. I loosened under the pressure of her chest. Her hands grasped my pussy. I sucked in a cold breath at the sudden pleasure. She rubbed my pussy, snaking her hand into my panties. . .

* * * * * * *

Beverly, my best friend since age eleven at least, and I were used to sharing everything. We've done everything together.

I slept over at her house, we shared a sleeping bag. We went into the tent in the backyard; we cuddled in the sleeping bag. I never found it unusual, it was cold outside. I rested my head on her shoulder, and a hand ran through my hair. I didn't understand, "B-Bev"

"Shh, it's okay, quiet."

I remained silent, trying to relax in her arms. Her fingers traced across my forehead. I let out a heavy, unstable breath. She caressed my cheek, "Shh-shh-shh."

I recognized this touch; this is how my moth touched me when I was upset. She used her index finger to hold up my face, she pressed our lips together. I gasped her mouth slipped into mine. She chuckled amusingly. I pulled away, "No!"

She grabbed my arms and pulled me into a kiss again. I loosened under the pressure of her chest. Her hands grasped my pussy. I sucked in a cold breath at the sudden pleasure. She rubbed my pussy, snaking her hand into my panties. She caressed my slit and pressed her fingers into it. I let out soft sighs, wanting her to go farther. I put my hand on one of her tits and rotated it. She let out a sigh of relief.

We touched each other for a few minutes before she pushed two fingers into me. I froze, my mouth shaping 'O'. She pumped them in and out of me. An orgasm began. "Aw-aw-aw Bev! Oh my G-G-"

She took control of my hand and made me rub her cunt as well. As she plunged her fingers into me and cried out, "Oh God I'm going to c-c-c-" I came on her fingers. I panted, my legs spread open. She pulled out her fingers and licked them, "Oh fuck you taste good," she moaned. I pushed to fingers into her, wary of her virginity.

She laughed and moaned, "OH, I waited to long for this, please take it. . ."

"T-take it"

"You know . . . oh fuck yeah you used to make me so fucking wet."

I didn't know what to say, she became wet watching me undress What about other girls Am I like that For how long

"Please don't stop, oh, please, fuck me more."

I swallowed hard and continued pushing my fingers in and out. She let out small cries of pleasure. I saw a light turn on through the sliding glass door. It slid open. Beverly's brother came out, and she didn't notice, she kept going, and so did I.

Her stopped in front of the tent, and was completely silent, not a, "Are you okay" or "What the hell are you doing" I heard only his breathing and the dull sounds of moving cloth.

Beverly stopped moaning and pulled off of my fingers, "Who is that" I swallowed again, "It's your brother."

"W-what! You let him hear" I nodded, "I didn't know what to-"

We heard a moan of pleasure and something sprayed our tent, I opened the zipper and I looked out, only to have Beverly's older brother's dripping cock in my face. I fell back, "Oh God!" I wiped the seamen from my face. Her brother tucked his dick in his pants, "Oh shit."

It was half way in before he stopped and stared us right in the eyes, "B-Beva, what were you doing with her" She huffed, "Same thing you were doing with your fucking dick you fucking fag."

He kneeled down, his hard-on in my face, it was disgusting, "Can I help" He asked with a cocked eyebrow. Bev sighed and marched out of the tent, "Whatever."

With her brother in my way I didn't know how to get out. He crouched closer and pressed on me, I didn't say a word. He pulled his hard-on out again and put it in my face I cried, "No!"

He frowned playfully, "Just lick it clean. . ."

"I don't want that in my mouth, especially not your fucking seamen!"

She wiped the seamen off, "Now" I shook my head. He took the back of it and forced his cock in my mouth. I almost screamed.

I heard him moan, and I didn't aid at all, I just waited for Bev to come back. Her brother spoke, "You can eat out pussy but you said you couldn't suck a dick" I ripped my head away, "No! I never did that!" He pushed it back in, moaning, "Fuck yeah!"

When he was almost done he cried out, "Ah fuck! Cumming!" He pulled out and sprayed it on my neck. I freaked out trying to get it off, "Ewe!" Bev came back with a glass of Coca-cola. She chuckled, "Don't worry about it." She pushed her brother out of the way and pushed me down. She licked all the cum off my neck and swallowed it. I felt violated but so happy at the same time.

Her brother watched us tongue kissing for the rest of the night. He slowly rubbed his length. His presence made it uneasy, but Bev seemed pretty calm. Beverly never mentioned it again, but I knew she never forgot.

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