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Author: Michael
Published: 02-Apr-08 Revised/Updated 03-Apr-08
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A galactic fantasy tale, of power, and what some people do with power.(sorry for the long intro, but im trying to set the scene, lol, it will hopefully become a series i will right, any comments or anything welcome)

* * * * * * *

A great shadow passes over an industrial age planet, one man in an ancient warship, Oamar, a survivor of a great galaxy spanning human empie, a man who hungers, travelling in a sleak predatory destroyer, prowling the star systems of a distant galaxy, his ship is far beyond most technology in this galaxy,he appears to be a peak condition human, tall and handsome, strong but fast, a perfect physical specimen, he is in fact thousands of years old, using regeneration technology, and great weapons to pillage more primative societies, for he is an evil being, and roams these worlds like a plauge, feeding off settelments, towns and cities of humans on many worlds, feeds his basic needs with these worlds.

Oamar approaches the world of Berlak, an industrial planet, this worlds technology is somewhere approaching WW2 era on earth, as his great sleek crusier enters orbit, great telecopes on the ground have long since detected its presence, automatic weapons fire and rockets streak up from the largest city, the capital of the Rica people, they hit the shield surrounding his ship, the rockets exploding against it harmlessly, the bullets pinging away

He had visted this world before, and the Rica where a force to be reckoned with on this world, theyre armys numbered in the millions, fleets of naval crusiers, great armoured divisions, and infantry strike teams, there was no cannon fodder in the Rican armies.

Depite theyre power on Berlak the Rica where defenceless against Oamars great ship, he anaihalates theyre great crusading armies from high altitude, using his forward cannon at low strength, blowing huge chunks in formations and battle groups, he obliterates the Rican defensies with rapid firing plasma turrets, striped theyre cities bare with plasma fire, soon the Rica surrenderd.

He made the leader of the Ricans find him four of the most beautiful girls on the planet, none more than 18 years of age, they must be fresh, and unblemished. He did this once a year, on many different worlds.

As he expected, the harsh enviroment bred true natural beauties, that were smart and quick by that age, he taking his pick, of all the most beautiful women on whole worlds, riding them all, sexslaves for his Oamars great harem, blowing a huge load inside them as they groan and beg for more. And they always do, because of the collars they wear, they feel his pleasure when he fucks them, so they turn into sluts for him, no choice. The Ricans leader brings him 4 beautiful young women, he accepted this tribute, and spared Berlak, he took the women, and a with a promise he would return, he left Berlak's surface in the teleporter, the women transporting also.

Back on his ship, in a large room, lit brightly and filled with beds and hundreds of pillows, baths, plenty of food and drink, it was here the girls lived in comfort, if they gave in willingly to his desires. For others that challenge him,there is a great dungeon chamber in the bowels of his ship, striding through the dimly lit battle coridors of his vessel the warlord reaches a lift, it opens directly onto the harem room, he gazes out at the myriad of women before him, he spotted one of the new girls.

A shy brown haired girl, short with a full figure. She wore a sheer satin slip, which hugged her curves perfectly, he gazed at her, feeling the fear rise as she realised. He was easily twice her size, a great muscled body this ancient had "You", he points arching his finger, her control coller made her walk to him, because of her collar she obeys every command, and the link makes her feel the same pleasure as he does. he turned and opened the lift, powerless she follows him in ,the doors close on them and as they do he grabs her asschecks, loving the feel of the material and her skin, she groans at his touch, the lift stops on his personal room, as the doors open he walks out into a dimly lit room with a very large bed in the middle, he stands her in front of it, and admires this girl, very pretty with big brown eyes, a loving face "you are very beautiul," he pushes her lightly down on the bed on begins playing with her 34d breasts, she groans and touches his naked chest, He begins to rub and tease her dripping snatch, she gets wetter and wetter, soon after 2 minutes rubbing her clit, she clings on to me, and starts to cum wildly, groaning, her eyes roll up into her head, she nearly passes out from pleasure and folds into me, a smile crosses my face as she starts to breath heavily, coming to.

He looks down on her "This is what u can feel when i want you, or it can be terrible, it is your decision." She looks at him, nodding slightly. He smiles. He takes of his robe, and exposes his hard throbing cock, a month had went by since his last woman, and his balls are very full. She stares hard at his meat, 7 and a half inches, 2 and a half wide, nice and hard, her eyes follow it as it swings from side to side, its not to big, she thinks, i could try. More than that she wants to, she had heard tales of wives using there mouths in husbands, she imagines what it would feel like to taste his meat, more pleasure surges through her as another load of sticky wet orgasms build up. He pushes her onto her back and slides her legs over her shoulders, this is it, she thinks as the satin slides over her wet tight hole, he is going to ride me, but he cant! ive never done anything like this before, another surge of pleasure rushes through her as his rock hard cock slides up and down her dripping snatch, she groans, her head lolling back, a line of drool hanging from her mouth. But instead of riding her sweet hole just yet, he slides his dick up and down her dripping wet pussy sending shudders through her as he rubs her clit and pushed a little with his dick, soon with one last rub of his hard cock, she climaxes again. She groans and moans like crazy, in mindless ecstasy.

When she finished bucking up against him, he lays back and holds his rock solid cock, "now, u have to learn to suck, he tells her, come here, she crawls up the bed to his cock, "take the bottom of my meat in your hand, and start stroaking it, mmmm, start wanking it, you know how she starts sliding the foreskin up and down his hard cock, a look of concentration on her face. I smile and push her head close to it, "open" i demand, she hesitates for a second before opening wide. I slide my throbing head in her mouth, "suck it and massage it with ur tounge" i instruct her. She starts doing it, groanin a little as she sucks and licks away at two and a half inches, i put my hands on the back of her head, "more" i say. She nods a little, gulping around my throbing cock, i hold her steady by her hair, she starts taking my dick in a litlle more with every suck, she soon has 4 inches in and out of her mouth, she groans wildly, i can tell its another cluster of orgasms growing in her, she sucks faster and faster, 4 inches filling her little virgin mouth. He groans as she sucks his solid cock for dear life, gripping the back of her head, he pushed another inch in, touching at her throat, gagging her just a little, before pulling back and filling her mouth with load after load of hot sticky cum, she shuts her eyes and shudders, orgasms coursing through her, the pleasure so intense, she swallows and swallows, drinking the hot steaming cream, in absolute bliss from the collar.

He holds her there for a second, squeazing the last drops out of his red dripping cock into her mouth, he lets her go and she drops to the carpet, she groans and rubs her still dripping pussy, the pleasure is still so intense. He walks to a basin in the wall and cleans off his still semi-hard cock with a ceramic jug of water, he hears her groaning in the background, rubbing away at her clit, wet and sweating, desperatly trying to cum again. "haha my good little servant, you have greatly pleased me today," as he raises his arm, she rises and walks to the lift, still dripping wet and softly rubbing her pussy and tits, "you will become one of my favourites, for know return to the harrem and wait, this pleasure will pass soon ," the doors open and she walks in and props herself up against the wall, her hand still inbetween her legs, building herself to climax one last time, she just reaches the point and is starting to scream, when the feeling fades, "next time," he smiles at her as the lift doors shut.

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