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Erotic and Sexy Spanking Sex Stories

Spanking clipartFree erotic sex tales involving male and female spanking and discipline including spanked bottoms stories and gender domination. In some cultures, the spanking of women, by the male head of the family or by the husband (sometimes called domestic discipline) has been, and sometimes continues to be, a common and approved custom. Today, spanking of an adult tends to be confined to erotic spanking between people engaging in other intimate activities, such as foreplay or sexual roleplay in order to arouse both partners till they orgasm and cum.

These tales of discipline involve ass spanking and the sexual pleasures derived from spanking and being spanked on the butt. They include hot young wife spanking, mother and son spanks, and tales of father and daughter spanked bottom. This topic is closely related to our BDSM sex stories category which includes many other tales of submission and domination including spanking, bondage, kinky sex, and discipline writings.

List of Spanking Stories
Spanked for Being Honest - Puberty had left her behind a little, she had the tiniest breast ever, smaller than an apple with the brightest pink nipples.
Business As Usual - All her life she wanted to be spanked as a dirty bitch and found the man to teach her, in the most unlikely of candidates.
Our Niece - Her younger sister told me she had told her she was spanked twice by me and she had shown her the belt welts when she got home and said she had been so naughty..
Gwen's Reform School - Gwen had a pretty high pain tolerance and she wondered if she should try to fake crying while being paddled, but decided against it.
Consequences - Chapter 3 - He squeezed my nipples and tits so hard I began to weep, but Sir knew they were not tears of pain, but joy.
Who is Don Brown? - Boys and girls were bare bottom spanked at the front of class for the smallest of misdemeanours in school, its just what happened.
Two Sides, One Story - Reaching beneath you I feel your split dry pussy, the St. Andrews Cross gives no thought to modesty of the female body.
Which Implement Will I Choose - Laying over a couple of pillows with my bottom pointed high in the air just waiting for the sound of his implement resonating through the room from the bareness of my rounded posterior.
The Alarm - The girls will then stand you up and remove your skirt, pants and blouse, you will be braless, and take you towards the ceiling hook in the main corridor.
Heidi - Each smack added to the glow that was already beginning to appear on her ass cheeks and they deepened in colour until having a cherry red blush.
Too Much - Too Little or Too Late? - Her excitement showing as her slender lips parted, again his large hand cupped her pussy as his other hand placed the first slap on her bottom.
Morning Delight - He nibbled her clit and rolled it between his tongue and teeth, it was too much, she asked to cum and Sir nodded.
Love You Daddy - Daddy rubbed my sore pussy and his finger kept opening my lips, he said it was so he could get a little wetness and rub it on my sore lips.
Easter Eggs - jo jo soon felt the pain in her bottom turn into a gushing cum, a feeling she only got when Daddy looked after her.
Careless Poppy - Her hand pushed into her pussy as she rubbed on His knee, she soon trembled with a magnificent cum, and another, and a third.
Lucky Girl - His finger entered the very bottom of her pussy lips, her leg instinctively opened wider and he probed her wetness.
Babbysitting - He turned to face the taps and she wrapped her slender finger around his shaft and began to wank him.
18th Birthday Party - Her sisters were memorised that goody, goody, Pipa who already had the reddest bottom they had ever seen was also getting dads strap.

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