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Not Just a New Sitter Anymore


Author: Spank E Van Illa
Published: 22-Feb-10 Revised/Updated 12-Nov-10

She and he are two long-time-married lovers who exist only in this fantasy. They can do things normal people can only dream about. For example, these two lovers can be any age they want. They also could float weightlessly and make simultaneous love to each other at any angle. This causes interesting problems requiring interesting solutions. The reason they exist at all is for sexual entertainment. This story is about the second time she was his sitter...

* * * * * * *

When she arrived for the second time of sitting for him, and his mom had already left, his not-so-new sitter told him there would be no spanking like the first time she sat for him.

His face drooped into the saddest expression she thought she could ever see.

"I was just kidding," she smiled and added, "I have to admit spanking you is kind of fun. And it was clear to me that you tried very hard to make me do it."

His face brightened as he realized another nice spanking figured into his near future. He liked it very much that she would receive his unabashed adoration.

"Do I have to be bad" he asked her.

"No, you don't have to drive me crazy-I promise-I will spank you-just before bedtime. Will you let me study in peace until then"

"I promise." He said.

"Good! Now go and watch TV or play."

"OK," His attitude was so agreeable.

She thought how much better this was than the first time she sat for him. And all it took was a simple spanking!

* * *

"Is it bedtime already OK-let's go. Are you looking forward to your spanking"


She sat on the edge of his bed, "Come here! Let's see if you are as crazy about me as you were the last time."

He took down his pants. Oh Yeah-his emotion was already starting to show.

"You look so in love." She said in a sweet voice that made him comfortable-as though she totally got his need.

"You know, I will be all grown up and ready to marry before you

"Yes, I know." He said with resolution showing in his face-obviously he accepted it. For now, his desperate need for her was satisfied upon her lap. A nice spanking took care of those longings that would overtake him whenever he saw that look in her face that was so pretty.

"Do you want your spanking harder and longer" she asked him.

"A little harder and longer, please."

"OK! Let's put you across my knees and get this spanking started."

What a difference in her attitude!

He went for her knees when she suddenly said, "Wait a minute, I just remembered-would you bring me some toilet paper"

When he came back, she took it and laid it-just so-on her lap.

He got into the spanking position so that his thing was in the right place on the paper.

How wonderful, he thought-that she would prepare for every detail! This showed him she received his secret desires, and apparently she enjoyed how much he needed her.

She laid her nice hands upon his bare buns and caressed them. Then he sensed her hand was getting ready. Between this time when her hands lifted off his buns and the first sudden smack there was just long enough to let him wiggle a deliberate stroke upon her lap. Then the small shock came and made his body bolt involuntarily and his erection stroked her leg automatically.

Without further delay, she peppered his bare buns with rapid hand spanking-until his buns looked like they were blushing-all over. Goose bumps came and went. The popping noise stopped and gentle hands caressed his tingling buns and his body relaxed. He lay there, not ever wanting to dismount her.

But she raised him up and tossed away the toilet paper. "Sleep well, Naughty Boy," she said with a delicious smile he would see again in his dreams that night.

This story is a flashback to when she was his sitter for the first time:

He and His New Sitter

They were meeting for the first time. And when his new sitter smiled and said her first hello, his eyes felt stuck, staring at her pretty smile. He was soon smitten with embarrassment-his attraction to her was too obvious.

For half the evening, he stole many glances, hoping to catch her pretty smile-no use.

Eventually, he sat beside her to ask his burning question, "Will you marry me"

She was so surprised by his naive innocence.

"Well, I have a lot I plan to do," was her easy excuse.

"So When it's done, will you marry me"

She chuckled and gave one of her prettiest smiles. Once again his eyes couldn't look away.

"How old are you" That broke his spell.

"I'm 18." "Well, I'm 21."

"When I am 21, will you marry me then"

"Then I will be 24 and probably away at work."

"If I can't marry you, can I kiss you"

"You are the silliest boy and very persistent."

"Is persistent good"

"Well, yes. Now why don't you go watch TV"

"Because I'm persistent and want to kiss you."

"I don't think so. Go and watch TV."

"No!" He grabbed her paper and ran off with it.

"You're a pest-give me that paper or else...."

"What happens if I don't" He taunted.

"I will come after you ... and tickle you to death." And she chased and caught him too easily, like he wanted her to, and she tickled him while holding him on the floor, but when she least expected it, he stole a fast kiss. He kept her paper under him.

"You are a bad boy."

"Are you going to spank me" he said. It took her by surprise and seemed disconnected.

"Are you asking for a spanking Why"

"if I can't have you and I can't have a kiss, can I at least have a spanking"

"Why ever would you want a spanking-I thought spankings made bad boys behave."

"Because you're so pretty," he confessed.

"Thank you. But, it still doesn't makes sense that you ask me to spank you."

"I used to be scared to bend over my mom's knees. But I feel confused 'cause it's exciting to think of bending over your knees. I want to."

"You're silly-spankings are for bad boys."

"Do I have to be bad to get one"

"Are you going to be bad if I don't spank you"

"Oh, please, I want it. I promise I'll be good. I won't pester you any more. Oh, Please!"

Her confusion was different from his, "OK-but I've never spanked before."

He laid himself over her lap, and she kind of "pretended" to spank him.

"That's no spanking!" "Well!" She felt like he had just told her she wasn't any good.

"I could hardly feel it. Besides real spankings are always done on my bare butt."

"No bare butts, but I can try harder."

He bent over her lap again and she slapped harder and faster. "There, is that good enough" She looked at his face and saw disappointment in it.

"Please spank my bare butt-I promise I'll be very good. Please, please, please"

"OK! I will spank you." She said to stop his begging.

When he let down his pants, THAT'S when she understood what he meant by confusion.

"You have a boner," she said, "I should have guessed! I didn't know you liked me so much."

"Please spank me anyway-PLEASE!" He begged, trying his hardest to get it.

She hesitated, not yet saying no. So then, like the fast kiss stolen before, he almost threw himself over her lap before she could tell him anything else.

She felt some tender emotion because he was so willing. She patted on his bare butt.

He said, "You're such a wimpy spanker."

She felt insulted at that and began slapping harder.

"Pop! Pop! Pop!" her hands sounded. He wiggled vigorously upon her lap with each sting of her hand.

"There!" She said emphatically. "How was that for a spanking. Did you like it as much as you thought you would"

"Yes." he said in a soft voice that sounded relieved. He stayed put. "Thank you." When he got up, she noticed the end of his softening penis looked shiny.

His Anticipation Shows

When she arrived for the third time of sitting for him, and his mom had already left, his sitter saw his pants looked like something had been put in them to make it appear he was hung like a horse. That was not the case, however. What she saw was real. The poor boy was just overwhelmed with anticipating his next spanking. She was every reason for it.

"You sure are easy to turn on," she said.

His face blushed a little and he lost a little of his bulge, too. Internal conflicts like this can do a number on a horny boy's "power stick".

"I can't help it," he moaned. "You are so pretty."

"Well, I am glad you think I'm so pretty. But what are we going to do about your problem Do we have to start out the evening with a spanking, right away" Then what about your bedtime-another spanking"

Again, choices are a distraction from a single thought and being unable to choose, because everything she said sounded good to his ears, he said, "Ok," ambiguously.

"Or, do I have to spank you so hard, you aren't sure whether you want to be spanked twice in one evening"

His bulging pants went down a little more, due to the distraction of choices. Why doesn't she just tell him how it's going to be His thing would respond to whatever her voice said for sure.

Noticing his bulge appeared to be subsiding, she said, "Let's try spanking you, very hard, at your bedtime and see what happens the next time I sit for you, OK"

"Ok," he said, disappointed that the spanking his erection had been anticipating with such impetuousness, began shrinking faster. And what was that she had said Something about spanking him very hard Oh, boy-he didn't know if he wanted that or not.

"You go off and play or watch TV. I have to study my books.

It was finally time for him to go to bed and she noticed him standing near her but not exactly like the last time-this time there was not the look on his face that told her he could hardly wait for his spanking. This time there was visible uncertainty.

"Are you feeling frightened of how hard I will spank you" she asked.

"Yes," he answered.

"Well, Ok, don't worry, I won't spank you as hard as I first thought I should. Let's go to your bedroom and get this spanking started. We'll see how it goes, shall we .... Ok, come here, you naughty young man, and take down your pants so I can spank you," she commanded, but her face had her eye stopping smile that tended to make him get excited.

He walked up close to her and opened his pants and let them fall down.

"I like seeing you get excited," she admitted.

"Do you know how I feel" he asked in a somewhat begging voice.

"Well, I do know what I am seeing and I admit I am pleased."

He liked knowing she was pleased with him-and this need for her. He starting bending over her lap when she suddenly remembered, "Oh, we need a little toilet paper."

He waddled his way there and came back with some TP. She laid it in place and then said, "Did you dream any about bending over my knees for a spanking"

"Yes," he admitted and felt how good confession was for his soul.

"Take a moment," she said, "and just look at my lap. Tell me what you see and tell me your feelings."

He stared at her lap and then from her feet to her face. He liked everything he saw and told her. She was pleased.

"Ok, now you may lay over my lap and I'll spank you."

He got into position and it wasn't long before her hand began making that sound that he had learned to like-pop, pop, pop, etc. He began to feel stinging quite soon and watched her spanking him vigorously in the mirror. He wiggled his erection on her as she spanked and he noticed that as his state of arousal increased, the sting of her hand seemed farther and farther away. His pleasure grew stronger and then his climax took him to that wonderful place of peace and serenity. She spanked him hard right through his orgasm. Finally, he was spent. And slept like a baby....

Permission not granted to claim copyrights to these 3 original episodes are yours!

Spank E Van Illa

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