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Enforced TV Tenant


Author: Kirstie Taylor
Published: 02-Apr-13 Revised/Updated 03-Apr-13

He felt really uneasy stripping off with his loopy landlady standing there staring at him but he really had no choice in the matter. When he was naked his barmy landlady picked up one of the black nylon stockings and told him to put his foot in.

* * * * * * *

"What are we going to do with you" Steven's landlady asked, standing on his doorstep.

Steven was forever behind with his rent.

His landlady showed no sympathy.

"You know full well the rent has to be paid weekly in advance," she said.

Steven was six weeks in arrears and it was quite obvious his landlady had had just about enough.

"Non-payment of rent is a serious breach of tenancy conditions."

As Steven's landlady, she told him that she was in a position to take legal proceedings.

"Why can't you be like my previous tenant" she said.

She told him that Suzie was such a good tenant, always paid her rent on time, never in arrears. Apparently she was a young college girl, only 18.

"Why can't you be like her"

She then told Steven that she really missed Suzie.

And then Steven's landlady said something really strange.

"I've just had an idea. Maybe if I dressed you up like Suzie..."


"I miss her terribly, you know."

"Did you just say... You want to dress me up like your previous tenant"

"Suzie. Yes. Oh she was a lovely girl."

"Are you for real"

"I fancied the arse off her, you know."

"Oh fuck. Trust me to have a crazy landlady Somebody help me!"

"She had a lovely figure."

"Look, I've got nothing against lesbians..."

"Should think not and all. I'm not having no homophobic tenants thank you very much."

"Look, I've got nothing against lesbians but I'm not going to let you dress me up as a girl. It's not on, that. It's not right. Just because you're my landlady you can't make me do weird things like that."

"I'm glad you're six weeks behind with the rent."

"Eh What you on about"

"Well it gives me an excuse to use you, doesn't it"

"What you talking about"

"Do you want to find out what it's like to have no roof over your head Do you want to find out what it's like to have no place of your own Eh"

"No. Course I don't."

"Well then."


"You'd better do as I say otherwise I'll throw you out on your arse."

"You can't do that."

"You just watch me."

"You're not right you."

"And you'll be homeless if you don't watch it."

Steven wanted to call her a bitch but he didn't.

His crazy landlady then started singing.

"Suzie! Suzie! Sexy Suzie!"

She turned around and walked off down the path.

Steven shut the door.

He went straight to the fridge and opened a can of lager. His crazy landlady was giving him the shivers. She was off her head. Steven wished he'd paid his rent on time now. Dressing him up as Suzie indeed! She couldn't do that...could she

That night Steven could hardly sleep thinking about his crazy landlady. What if she was being serious What if she really did want to dress him up as Suzie

"I suppose I'll just have to let her do it," he said to himself. "It's either that or a life on the streets."

No, she was just having a laugh. She wouldn't really dress him up as Suzie.

"I'll start paying my rent tomorrow," Steven said to himself. "She's just trying to frighten me, that's all. The crazy bitch!"

The next morning Steven was awoken by the doorbell and when he went to open the door he was greeted, if that's the right word, by no other than his crazy landlady.

"It's 7 o'clock in the morning for fuck's sake!" he said, standing there in just his dressing gown.

"I can't wait a second longer," his landlady said, forcing her way in. "I've been thinking of Suzie all night. Couldn't keep my fingers away from my pussy."

Steven gave a big sigh and shook his head.

"This is just what I want first thing in the morning."

The landlady walked straight into Steven's bedroom.

"Get out of my bedroom, you mad bitch!"

She placed her bag down on to the bed.

"I caught her once, you know."


"In her stockings and suspenders."

"What I don't want to know about that."

"She'd left the front door open. I came round to collect the rent and when I saw that the door was open I walked in and there she was asleep on top of the bed in her stockings and suspenders. I could have been anybody, you know. I could have been a crazy axe murderer."

"You're not far off."

She took a pair of stockings and suspenders out of the bag.

"What you doing, woman"

"I want you to be my sexy young Suzie."

She held the stockings and suspenders out to Steven.

She's definitely a sandwich short of a full picnic, Steven thought to himself.

"I'm not dressing up in those!"

"Why Are they not your colour"


"Listen. If you don't strip off and put these on you'll be out on the streets. Do you hear, young man"

"Young man I'm 32. Look, stop being silly. I'll start paying my rent next week. I promise."

"Get out!"

"Don't be stupid."

"Out! Now!"

"You can't throw me out."


The fierceness of her voice caused the hairs on the back of Steven's neck to stand on end. His deranged landlady grabbed hold of his arm. He raised his arms in submission.

"Ok! Ok! I'll do as you say!"

A large smile creased her face.

"I'm glad you've seen sense."

There really wasn't anything else he could do. Not really. If he didn't put the stockings and suspenders on he'd be homeless.

He felt really uneasy stripping off with his loopy landlady standing there staring at him but he really had no choice in the matter. When he was naked his barmy landlady picked up one of the black nylon stockings and told him to put his foot in. He placed his foot in and she rolled the stocking up to his thigh. She did the same with the other stocking. He felt so humiliated. She then attached the suspender belt around his waist and clipped the straps to the tops of his stockings.

She kept looking at his cock. He kept covering it with his hands but she kept pulling his hands away.

He was a bit confused.

"Why do you keep looking at my cock I thought you was a lesbian. Suzie didn't have one, did she"

She gave a tut and made a big sigh.

She took a step back and half covered her face with her hands.

"Oh Suzie! Suzie!"

She ordered him to get on the bed and to lie on his tummy. He thought there was no point in telling her what he thought anymore. She was off her head so he just went along with her. He did as she commanded. For a moment or two nothing happened and then he felt her hand on his naked bum.

"Naughty, naughty Suzie!"

She spanked him again and again.

At that stage if he really, really wanted to he could have got up and thrown her out of the flat.

But he didn't.

He didn't because...strange enjoyable feelings shot through his body as his landlady spanked him in his stockings and suspenders. He'd never worn stockings and suspenders before and he'd never been spanked before and he found himself enjoying it. Much to his surprise the humiliation turned to joy. Stockings, suspenders and a good hot spanking gave him the hardest boner ever. He was shocked that he had got an erection but there was nothing he could do about it. He didn't want to do anything about it. It felt great. It felt amazing. Well actually, yes he did want to do something about it - he wanted to touch it, stroke it, play with it. He wanted to wank himself silly. His crazy landlady had unleashed a strange perversion from deep within him. He was thoroughly enjoying being spanked and he found that the stockings and suspenders added to the enjoyment. He had never experienced anything as kinky as this in his life. He faked cries of pain as she spanked him. He was enjoying every minute of it.

The harder she spanked him the sexier he felt. He could picture his bum getting redder and redder, his bum cheeks stiffly wobbling as his landlady's hand came crashing down. He even found himself pushing up his bum so that the skin stretched tighter across his burning cheeks. His cock was now solid and he shagged the bed as his landlady spanked him.

After twenty minutes the spanking stopped.

He rolled over on to his back, his soaking wet boner throbbing along his belly.

"I'll be punishing you like this every night from now on until you pay your rent," his landlady said.

Steven's heart began to race when he heard that. It looked like he was in for many stocking-clad bottom-spanking sessions with his crazy landlady.

This story is taken from my kindle book TURN ME INTO A GIRL THEN KISS ME & other TV Tales, available on Amazon

© Kirstie Taylor 2013

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