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Part Time Pervert

Published: Mar 29, 2014
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The more the old man spanked me the more I began to visualize my wife being subjected to the treatment I was receiving.

* * * * * * *

I have two lives.

Ninety five per cent of the time I am a successful business man and devoted husband

But the other side of me is twisted and dark.

I am queer.Not gay,but queer.There is a difference.A gay guy wants a life partner to shop with,dine with,live with and love.A nice boy he can grow old with.

But a queer wants something entirely apart from that sort of thing.At least,this queer does.

This queer yearns to be used,abused and humiliated by a dominant man who takes great pleasure in having a groveling slave who will give him total obedience.Sick,huh

Well maybe so,but there it is.We can't change what compels us to be what we are.Of course I would prefer to be upstanding,moral,strong and above reproach.

But it ain't gonna happen in this lifetime.Sometimes I hate myself for being this way,but,fuck it,even that feels good.

My name is Keith. My wife,Susan and I have been married for eighteen years.And in all that time she has no inkling of the hopelessly kinky man she calls husband. I am very careful and discreet to keep it that way. I am 36 years old,medium height and weight...a pretty average looking guy. The first time I had an encounter with a Dom I was twenty three and it changed my life.

Now whenever I go out of town on business (or even pretend it's for business) I seek a one night stand with a dominant,aggressive male. It really doesn't matter how old he is or what he looks like.If his attitude is right, I'm a sucker for him.Pun intended.

The last meeting I had was a doozy. I'll never forget it. It makes me cringe when I think of what I did...but it was also the hottest time I ever had. I loved it and I hated it.That's the way this stuff goes.

I set up a meeting with a man whose ad read: Very dominant older male seeks an oral servant to cater to my every whim.Must be ultra submissive and prepared to obey my every command,no matter how humiliating.Not into scat or ass fucking,just desire to be completely in charge of a sniveling wimp whose mouth,lips and tongue will be totally at my disposal however I choose to use them. If you are willing to grovel at my feet and do everything I tell you to,respond to this ad and I may choose you.Be aware that sissy cocksuckers like you are a dime a dozen while truly dominant men like me are in short supply.So if you don't hear from me,just keep going.

There was an address,so with trembling hands I quickly wrote a response,stating that I was anxious to meet and serve him. I included my private cell phone number and entreated him to call.

Twelve days later,after I had given up on it,he called.He sounded gruff and businesslike,telling me his address and when to be there. I was to send a photo of myself and if he approved he would call me back. If I didn't hear from him in three days, I was to forget it.For the next three days I anxiously waited for his call,but it didn't come.Disappointed but somehow relieved,I gave up hope.

Two days later he called.

" I decided to torture you a little and make you wait.However,I have decided to give you the opportunity to serve me.Be here tomorrow night at ten p.m."

Then he hung up. frantically I planned an emergency "business trip" and headed to his nearby town. I arrived at his house at exactly ten o'clock,just to show how punctual I was.The house was small and worn,not in a very good neighborhood.The lawn was overgrown and littered.There was an old rusty sedan in the yard.There was no driveway and it sat on a dusty patch of beaten down grass. My heart pounding,I walked up the three wooden steps that led to a small rickety porch.Tentatively I tapped on the door. I heard movement inside and a moment later the door was opened and there he stood.He was about five feet nine in his bare feet .He appeared to be in his late fifties.His hair was stringy,thin and unkempt.He had a bulbous nose,thin lips,and mean eyes.He had a grubby looking mustache and hadn't shaved for about three days.He was about fifty pounds overweight,his hairy belly pooching out under his open bathrobe.He wore a pair of boxer shorts which had seen better days.All in all,a completely un attractive slob of a man.

I was thrilled!

He told me his name was Mister Simmons,but I was to address him as sir each time I responded to him.Immediately I said "Yes sir." He led me into his living room which matched the exterior of the house. It was untidy and dirty.He sat in an overstuffed chair and told me to stand in front of him and face him.Then he said. "Take off all your clothes and throw them on the floor.A good slave should always be nude."

I obeyed and stood naked in front of him.My penis was limp and shriveled even though I was excited by my predicament.He looked me over and casually picked up an old 35mm camera. I started to protest but thought better of it and allowed him to photograph me naked,obeying his commands to pose this way and that.He made me stand and wait while he picked up my clothes,and took them and the camera to another room.When he came back he resumed his seat in the old chair.His boxers had begun to bulge.

" I put your clothes and the camera where you can't find them. If you please me I'll let you get dressed and leave when I'm ready. I took the liberty of getting your home address from your driver's license.I'm going to have the film developed,so I will be the owner of those nude photos of you.You understand I 'm doing this so that you now have no choice but to completely obey me."

"Yes sir. I understand."

"Good.Kneel." He pointed at the floor in front of him.Then he spit on the floor at his feet.The glob landed right in front of me,splattering onto the worn and dirty carpet.He grinned as I looked down at the gross sight.

"Think carefully before you answer my next question...and keep in mind you better please me."

"Yes sir."

"What do you want to do"

I knew the response he wanted so I forced myself to answer.

" I want to lick up your spit from the floor sir"

"Then you need my permission"

"Sir,may I have your permission to lick your spit off the floor"

"Permission granted."

Almost gagging I lowered my face to the nasty floor and licked up the gross old man's spit.God,how humiliating. I felt my cock start to get hard.Jesus,what a pervert I am.

I heard the disgusting old man cackle as my tongue licked up the mess.

"Yeah, I think you just might be stupid enough to do any fucking thing I say.Bar none. Is that right...are you that stupid"

I heard myself say timidly "Yes sir."

Mr.Simmons the stuck his foot right in my face.

"Now what do you want to do,slave"

"Whatever you say,sir" I replied,his bare foot almost touching me.

"Not good enough.What ...do....you...want...to...do And the answer better be right."

" I want to..lick your ..feet,sir."

"And how long do you want to lick my feet,slave"

"Until you tell me to stop,sir."

"Then tell me. I want to hear you beg."

"Please sir, I want to lick your feet until you tell me to stop.Please sir.Please let me lick your feet."

"Well,if you really want to.Alright.But don't miss a spot.And lick them like you love them...which I know you do".

I began the humiliating task ,running my tongue all over his crusty old feet,not missing a spot.

Knowing I had better do a thorough job of it,and perversely enjoying the submission,I made sure to run my tongue between each of his toes. I must have been kept at it for at least five minutes,with him laughing at my efforts and saying demeaning things like sissy,nancy boy,sweetheart. At last he pulled his foot from my face and said"That's enough of that for now.Felt good though.Did you enjoy laying on the floor licking my feet"

"Yes sir."

"Then thank me."

"Thank you sir for letting me lick your feet. I enjoyed it."

"Well you're welcome honey.Now get your face up here."

I raised my face up to him and he told me to open my mouth.Then he stuck two fingers into it and told me to show him how good I could suck. I obediently began sucking his fingers,tasting I don't know what on them But it wasn't good.Nonetheless, I kept at it until he pulled his fingers out and wiped them on my face.

"Okay, I think you suck good enough for me to stick my dick in there.But not right now."

With that he took my chin in his hands and lowered his face to mine. I thought he was going to kiss me.But then he spit directly in my face. I flinched but he held me fast and rubbed his saliva all over my face.

"Open your mouth,faggot." I did and he spit directly into it.Twice.

"Swallow my spit and then thank me."

I swallowed."Thank you sir for spitting in my face and my mouth." I was really getting into being so abused so I added "Please do it again any time you feel like it." That really turned him on.

"Goddam,what a fucktoy you are. I'm really gonna keep you busy."

Abruptly,he rose from the chair."Let's go." I was led to his dingy bedroom where he took off his robe and pulled down his boxers and stepped out of them,leaving them on the floor.Then he laid down on his rumpled,sour smelling bed,the covers thrown back revealing a dirty sheet,stained with god only knows what.He spread his legs obscenely,his prick jutting up rock hard out of a forest of wiry looking pubic hair.His ball sack was up tight,signaling that hiss nuts were churning up a load of semen. I knew where that was going to go.He had me get on all fours and crawl over and pick up his discarded underwear with my teeth ,then crawl over to a ratty old dresser and drop them on top.

"See that hairbrush up there"


"Bring it over here."

I crawled to the bed with the hairbrush in my mouth.He was now sitting on the side of the bed.

He took the brush from my mouth and ordered me to lie face down across his knees. I knew what was coming

"I'm just gonna show you what is gonna happen if you dare to disobey me.Actually I kind of hope you do because I just love to do this."

With that he smacked my bare ass with the brush, I jumped and yowled but remained where he had told me to stay. I was being spanked by this dirty old man while he laughed,totally enjoying my humiliation.As this was going on a wild thought jumped unbidden into my brain.i was shocked at the idea,but there it was. I would love to see this old creep have MY WIFE in this position.

Where the hell did THAT come from Never had that idea crossed my mind. The more the old man spanked me the more I began to visualize my wife being subjected to the treatment I was receiving. While it was humiliating to me to be used in this crude manner, I had to admit that it was sexually exciting and,yes,even desirable to me,whereas my wife would be appalled and mortified to be lewdly abused.Perhaps that was what my perverted mind found suddenly so appealing.The submission.The two most submissive things a man could do in this world would be to suck another man's cock without reciprocation and to passively watch his wife forced to be subjected to sexual domination and degradation.Especially by such a creep as Mr.Simmons.With that realization,my need for humiliation magnified and I reveled in being slavish to this man,who was the epitome of "dirty old man".

I could hardly get my breath and squirmed and squealed as he continued to paddle my bare ass.

I could feel his hard cock against my body as he enjoyed my torment.At last he was satisfied and had me kiss the hairbrush and thank him for spanking me,telling me to take the brush in my mouth and crawl back across the room,replacing it on the dresser.Once I had done that I crawled back to the floor beside the bed.Mr.Simmons was now lying back on the bed,his spindly,hairy legs splayed obscenely wide,even to the point of exposing his asshole completely. I was captivated by the sight.He ordered me to climb up on the bed. I obeyed.

"I know you're just aching to kiss my legs all the way up to my balls,ain't you pansy"

"Yes sir.May I please have your permission to kiss your legs all the way up to your balls"

"Well,it looks like that little spanking got your attention.Permission granted."

So I proceeded to do as we both wished and ran my lips lovingly up his inner thighs,alternating the kisses back and forth,covering both legs fully.When I got up to his balls,I continued kissing passionately,then using the tip of my tongue to lightly lick his nuts. I could tell from the sounds he was making that he liked it.As I started up to service his cock he stopped me.

"Unh uh,"he said."That comes last.You got a little rim job to do first."

In all the times I had been involved in homosexual activities I had never done that.

As I hesitated,he said firmly " I said rim me,slave.Get that tongue to licking all around there.Wipe my ass with your tongue...and it better fucking feel good.Now get with it."

Even for me that was a stretch,but I did as he said,licking the entire area of his butt,honing in on the hole and stiffening my tongue and sliding it into his asshole.The taste was like nothing I could have imagined. I felt my face flushed and hot. I knew I was blushing furiously at the indignity I was being made to perform.His moans of cruel pleasure told me he was in total enjoyment of the unspeakable act I was performing on him.He kept me at it for three or four full minutes,then hoarsely commanded me."Alright,cocksucker,now do your thing."

I started by licking the underside of his dick with long strokes ,then all along the sides before taking the head of his prick into my mouth. It was slick with pre cum dribble . I circled the sensitive head several times then drew his cock into my mouth,sucking it gingerly.i bobbed up and down on it,feeling the old man lifting his hips as I moved on him.Just as I was really working up a masochistic thrill,he reached his own peak and I felt the ooze get warmer as his balls contracted and he shot a load right into my mouth. I started swallowing until he was completely done.He flopped back in the bed,gasping for breath.

"Oh shit.That was good.You give a really good blow job,nancy boy."

Still hot and un satisfied, I said "Thank you sir. IM glad you enjoyed it.May I please come back and do it again"

"Damn right you will.And soon.You just keep checking your cell phone and I'll tell you when you're gonna be sucking me off again" Then he told me where my clothes were and I got them and started getting dressed to leave,feeling vaguely disappointed that the night was ending . I was amazed at myself that I actually would have preferred to stay awhile and be further abused and humiliated.As I was putting on my shoes he said "That woman in the picture in your billfold....is that your wife"

My heart skipped a beat."Yes sir it is."

"Good looking bitch...she a good fuck" Gulping drily I answered "Oh,yes sir.She's a very good fuck."

"Got any NEKKID pictures of her.Don't lie...most husbands have nudie pictures of their wives."

My knees went weak.

"Yes sir,I do."

"Good.Next time bring them with you. I want to look her over while you suck my dick."

"Yes sir. I have several I'll bring them all."

"Be sure you do.Now get the fuck out of here. I need some sleep.But I'll see you soon...you,and your wife."

As I drove home I was stroking my cock,thinking...how am I going to work this

I don't know yet...but I'll figure some way to deliver my wife into the clutches of Mr.Simmons.

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