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Consequences - Chapter 3


Author: Don Brown
Contact: Donbrown190@yahoo.co.uk
Published: 02-May-17

NOTE: This is the third and last chapter of the story - you may want to read chapter 1 first.

* * * * * * *

This Saturday is 5 years to the day that I first met my Master.

It is well documented how we met and how I fell in love with Him.

How I knew that from that first minute we met that I belonged to Him.

My parents readily accepted Sir, Steve, as the natural progression from their safe but strict upbringing of me.
It was not really a HoH home so I suppose it was a DD home, the difference being I was spanked by both mum and Daddy, usually mum during the day and Daddy in the evenings, both only if I deserved it by disobeying or if Daddy thought I needed it to keep in line.

Daddy put plenty of questions to Steve in the early days and once when mum was ill and Daddy was working Sir let me stay over for a few days.

The morning I was due to go I woke Sir on the exact second in my usual way, a gentle rub of His cock into a loving wank and the caressing His balls.
As I went down to drink Him he lifted me onto his cock and I was allowed to ride Him.
He squeezed my nipples and tits so hard I began to weep, but Sir knew they were not tears of pain, but joy.

Later as I got His shower ready I saw my pillows in the middle of the bed and his thickest belt over the top.
I showered and dried Him and as he shaved I lay over the pillows, just waiting for My Master to whip me, I did not have to wait long.
Sir gave me a really good leathering then turned me over so my pussy was sky high, I envisaged a severe pussy whipping too, but no, Sir mounted me as if he was getting on a horse, and fucked me hard and long.

At breakfast He told me to be a really good girl and reminded me I was under my Daddy`s roof for a few days and nights.

Sir took me out of his way to my parents and popped in with a bottle of Port for Daddy and a huge bunch of flowers for mum.
As he was leaving he said to Daddy how he was entrusting me back over to him as Daddy had done when I left home.


That evening after I had done all my chores Daddy got out of his armchair and moved to a dinning chair, just as he did all those years ago when I was to be spanked.

"Am I going to be spanked Daddy?"
"Yes you are sweet pea."

Before Daddy could get another word out I was naked and over His knee.
Daddy saw my welted bottom and said it was just as he had expected and began to spank.
I was in floods of tears before the first spank landed.
Daddy also spanked me good and hard then cuddled me for ages.

How do I, could i explain that I saw in Sir my Daddy?

To people not of this lifestyle it may sound somewhat incestuous to say I wanted and needed a father figure who would keep me on the straight and narrow as a disciplinarian father would yet be my loving soul mate as a lover would be.
Even though it has been me it happened to, and almost 5 years, I still cannot fully explain my thoughts.

The morning Steve was to pick me up Daddy came into my room.
As soon as I saw him I got up, took off my jim jams and waited for him to sit on my bed, then lay over his knee.
Again Daddy spanked me long and hard with gentle rubs in between and again I cried bucket loads.

After breakfast I went back in to see mum, she was much, much better, it was only a bug going round and you either got the sniffles or got it bad, and mum got the latter.

Mum was just coming out of her shower and I saw fading belt marks on her bottom, she smiled at me, now I also get your share too and she winked. we both laughed.
Let mum see Daddy`s work, I took off my jim jams again and laid over her knee, I think he missed a little and she too spanked me, not hard and not in anger, but because she loved me.

Another strange thing came to mind, after puberty I sometimes was naughty on purpose to be stripped and spanked and could not wait to be sent to my room.

As I got older I occasionally got a tingle when one of my parent`s knees but it eased as the spanking progressed.

Even the last few days at my parents and my 3 spankings not a sign of a tingle but as soon as Steve picked me up and said I would be spanked before lunch I nearly cum in my pants, who can tell me why?


Steve and I are true lovers in every sense of the word, the way we touch each other when passing, maybe just fingertips touching.
Or the way we uncannily know each other's thoughts.
Maybe the reading of a situation of which I do not know the end but Sir does and brings it to a swift conclusion.

I have never warranted or received a beating from Him.

I have had correction and reminders, which I crave but never seek.

Sir always knew, when, where and how.

We were returning from a restaurant a couple of years ago and had a lovely evening.
Sir had a new suit on and I had ironed His shirt to perfection, even his dark blue with white spotted tie had been ironed.
I wore a strapless white mini dress in satin, one I had worn previously for a Christmas dinner we had attended for His work. I finished it with white silk low heeled sandals fastened with delicate laces.
We did truly look perfect.

Once outside I expected a cab to be waiting, but no, "We will walk" I was informed as it was such a warm summers evening and less than a mile from home.
We walked along the promenade by the beach, our house was a beach fronted one, so it was a straight walk home.
I hooked into my Masters arms and felt the luckiest girl in the world as we strolled along.

We stopped by one of the many wooded walkways on the sand and sir led me towards the sea and stood by the gentle shoreline, His arms around my shoulders keeping me warm from the light night chill.
We then walked along the shoreline, as it was harder sand, just damp, as he had his shoes still on.
I had taken mine off as we got onto the sand and carried them like a film star would on a large production musical, don't ask me why musical.

Sir stopped by the side of a life belt box, which stood about a metre from the floor, inside was a life belt with attached rope.
He opened His jacket and in the moonlight I saw him touch His belt buckle.
My heart skipped a beat as I awaited His instructions.
That was easy I had no underwear on and pulled my mini straight over my head and laid it over the box.
My legs could not control themselves as my pussy tingled, my breasts taught with excitement and my nipples like shooting stars.

I could not wait to see Sir release His belt and He did not keep me waiting long.
Through the loops, loop by loop until the end fell towards the sand.
I exhaled, and quickly inhaled as He lifted it and wrapped it loosely around my neck and led me over the life belt box.
I laid on my dress; the silk caressed my body and made me feel so sexy as it floated over my naked skin.

Sir walked in front of my head and lifted my chin, He placed a solitary kiss fully on my lips as I melted.
Sir knew my sexual state and knew how to work me.
Again I inhaled as He walked behind me and dragged His belt down my back and over my bottom.

Wwhhoosshh I heard Sirs Clarion call, ccrraacckk as it hit Sirs target.
The fullest part of my bottom felt its full force; as soon as I heard the Wwhhoosshh I raised to greet the next ccrraacckk.
Sir thought I deserved and needed 10 such cuts of His belt, He had heard me cum on three and took full advantage of my state as he laid each one on me with such love.

I heard Sirs belt jingle jangle onto the sand and hoped I would soon follow; I was not to be disappointed as Sir as I was eased gently into His arms and knelt onto the sand.
I watched his silhouette undress in the moonlight as he then stood before me.
I gorged on His cock and His hands cupped my breasts and pinched my nipples.
He swelled and filled my whole mouth and throat as my hand reached down to my own swollen genitals I looked up at Him and he nodded His approval.
He then lay me down and entered me with the skill and passion of a man deeply in love, in love with his loyal slave, me.

So that was the where, how and when, Sir made His decision to use His property.


Today is five years exactly since I met Gina. Sweet Gina, the girl who stole My heart as soon as I felt her cane hit me by accident in the adult shop.

I still remember her bending over in the shop as I placed 3 light strokes on her clothed bottom.
That was the last time I ever had her wearing clothes again for a correction.
Well I say the last time; one other occasion comes to mind when I spanked her over her knickers.

I agreed to go Christmas shopping a couple of years ago, not that I was against shopping but was very busy with work.
She was trying lots of clothes on and we waited ages for a changing room, I would have loved to have gone into the changing room and spanked her in front of the changing room girls in one of those cubicles.
In the last shop she had 3 dresses and began to queue, I took her hand and led her to the back of the stall and told her to try them on.
This she did without hesitation, and as she was braless, she said so as to not have any lines when she tried of the summer dresses; she gave the waiting husbands and boyfriends a free show.

She wanted to go up two floors in the mall so we got in the lift.
Luckily we were alone and as soon as it started going up I pressed the stop button. The lift stopped gradually between floors, Gina was shocked.
I rested My leg on the side of the lift wall, pulled her over My upturned knee.
Raised her short skirt and pulled her panties into the crack between her bottom cheeks and slapped the tops of her legs and bottom for 30 seconds.

The lift started again and I stood her up.

When we reached our floor, by some coincidence we were on the cloakroom floor.
I led her to the baby changing room and locked the door.
I lent her over the changing mat area, raised her skirt, her panties just where I left them.
I pulled them down to her knees and gave her 5 with My belt before dropping My trousers and taking her from behind.
She knelt and cleaned me with her mouth, as trained and we dressed.
On leaving the baby room we got a few glances but nothing to the pleasure we both had just given to ourselves.

Gina is such a willing lover and she pleasures me every morning without question.
She loves to be spanked, adores my belt and relishes the cane.
I have never once punished in anger, as I would never, but I have never been angry with her.
I have also never punished to hurt, just sting and give a certain discomfort that brings her off.

So, five years of absolute perfection, no arguments no wrong words and my slave as loving now as she was when we first met and I had told her to prepare to be wined and dined this evening as never before.

We went to get changed and make the most wonderful love, my hands rubbing against her tightly toned bottom and rubbing against her still virgin bum hole.
Her response was to push against my hand as I pulled her onto my cock, and fucked her hard and sound. She came several times before we came together and lay in each other's arms.

We bathed in our large roll top bath, just touching lovingly, she went onto all fours and I took her again doggy fashion, her favorite.
We dried and dressed and left for the dinner dance I had booked and ate and danced the night away till the early hours.

A taxi got us home by 2.30am and we sat and had a coffee. I had one last surprise for Gina and went to the hall to my brief case.
I retrieved a package and gave it to her.
She opened the paper and came to a blue velvet box.
On opening the box her eyes were as big as saucers as she saw her present.

Her collar, our show of respect, trust, obedience and love.

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