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Erotic Literature That Requires Editing Work

Illustration of handyman toolsBelow is a list of submitted stories and written material that requires reviewing and correcting to improve readability.

Stories listed here have major mistakes such as; poor spelling, bad grammar - (i instead of I etc.), lack of the use of paragraphs, and other errors. Due to a lack of resources, this being a hobby website, editing and corrections of these stories may take some time. However, should you be feeling in a generous mood and wish to take on the task of editing a story or 2 then we would be extremely grateful!

How Would I Edit a Story?

That's it, we will then upload your edited version of the published story, and you will have our eternal gratitude for helping make this a better site for other readers!

List of Unedited Stories
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1 - Motel Fantasy - I turned her around and started playing with her tits after a while I slid my hand down to her cunt.
2 - Spanking is Too Good to Waste - He had made his wife spank him so he could get off in between her less frequent desires for intercourse.
3 - Our Second Time with Friends - The second time we got together with our friends was just great , fresh cream and stawberries spread all over my wifes body.
4 - The Bus Trip - I manage to slide my body around into a 69 position and slide off your sweats my early thought was confirmed you were comando.
5 - The Lost Bet - I smiled and said if your team wins, I'll serve your next woman's meeting nude, but if my team wins, you do the same for the poker game this coming Friday.
6 - Molly In The Big City - He pulls it out quickly and starts spanking me again this time with his hard dick.
7 - My Project with the Teacher - My plaid school skirt rolled up a bit higher my blouse open at the top three buttons a pink bra that matches my baby pink g string.
8 - My Best School Year - it was towards the end of my senior year I was 18 and ready to explore life.
9 - Our First Meeting - It's been a while since we met on the Internet and became friends.. Lately though we have been closer than we intended.
10 - A Vampires Kiss - A woman lost on the streets of New Orleans in search of someone who can help her who else to help but a vampire.
11 - The Brothers Winston - I watched him watch me take his cock into my mouth.
12 - The Brothers Winston and Friends - Pushing my shorts and panties aside had his fingers all over my clit.
13 - Spanking Fantasy - This Story is a fantasy of mine please enjoy my comitment to my husband and the mistakes I have made.
14 - Panty Fetish - When i got in there I pulled out the panties and started to jack off. I sniffed the panties and rubbed them on my cock. Finally i came and i shot my load in the panties.
15 - Hitchhiker Turns Dyke - She had one leg laid over an arm of her chair and was furiously fingering fucking herself while watching Rose and Susan on the bed.
16 - Bar Bang - Sam bent down, rubbing her tits and fingering her seeping cunt. He wet the tip of his dick with pussy juice and slipped it inside the foamy slit.
17 - When Dreams Cum True - I help her up on her hands and knees and slip her underpants off, exposing that beautiful butt that I just love to love.
18 - Life's Lemonade - The dull ache now in my legs heightened the pain of the clothespins pulling my sore pussy.
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NOTE: We are always looking for more Unedited Stories to publish. If this is the type of erotic literature that you write, or would like to try your hand at writing, see our story submission page for more details.

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