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Loss of Virginity First Time Sex Stories

Girl holding breasts illustrationSex stories involving first time sex including tales of virgin females and males having their first sexual enconters. The stories listed in this section below involve the loss of virginity and innocence of both females and males. You will find some of these stories quite humorous as you join these first timers and perhaps relate back to your first sexual experience(s) with the opposite sex. All the sexy tales involving loss of virginity on this site have been submitted to us by you, our readers, authors, and lovers of XXX erotic fiction. You can also submit your own erotic fable on how you lost your virginity to your first guy or girl.

How did I lose my virginity? Who popped my cherry?. We never talked about if we had "done it" before but I hadn't and I don't think he had either. I had given guys blowjobs, been pussy fingered, and made out with loads of guys so I thought "no big deal!" Right? Wrong... but that's another story I'll write for you someday...

Subcategories of Our Virgin Stories:

List of Virgin Stories
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1 - My First Wank With Cumshot - I knew about wanking but although I could get a hard-on I was not able to produce spunk - no matter how long I rubbed my cock.
2 - My First BJ - Steve calling me his horny slut fucking me so hard and fast, his hands grabbing at my tits, slapping my ass, fuck his cock felt good in me.
3 - First Time was at Mardi Gras - Since she had not orgamsed yet he said she was calling for me to get up there and lick her to orgasm..
4 - Fucked Hard and Put Away Wet - RANDY I want you to fuck your momma She lowered herself down and my dick penetrated her pussy.
5 - Suzette and Her Goofy Husband - I slipped my cock in her cunt with one thrust my balls slapped her ass.
6 - Anusha - I put his whole penis into my mouth began to suck it in frenzy and pressed my vagina into his mouth more and more he did the same to me.
7 - Into the Woods - I held myself above her so her nipples just tickled mine and started penetrating and exiting her for the last time.
8 - First Times - She tells him thank you and leans in one more time and kisses his lips intimately.
9 - First time Mark Second time Dad - He spread my legs apart and started gently licking all around.
10 - My One True Love - He began to get violent with his horniness, and held me down on the bed.
11 - NOTTY NURSE - I asked Rosa if I could see her special lips and she told me to put my head inside her skirt.
12 - Lost my Cherry - As my orgasm came to an end I felt his hot semen shoot into me.
13 - A very welcomed sexual pleasure - As I left I started to finger my pussy to get his seed on my finger and suck it down my throat.
14 - My First Blowjob - She undid my pants grabbed onto my cock and started stroking.
15 - Natalie and my Throbbing Cock - She began to bounce on my cock, up and down she rose, riding me well and truly. She moaned and began to rub her tits, as she fucked me harder and faster.
16 - Two Virgins One Sticky Night - She was fingering herself, she noticed my dick was hard and told me to take off of my pants.
17 - My First Experience - This time I decided to try seeing his thing and boy it was huge I mean it was fatter than a cucumber.
18 - Erotic Heat - An ex nun meets a man she knew prior to leaving the convent. She has feelings. Needs gratification. Christmas is around the corner. The two have sex on Christmas. It is her first time.
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NOTE: We are always looking for more Virgin Stories to publish. If this is the type of erotic literature that you write, or would like to try your hand at writing, see our story submission page for more details.

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