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My English Teacher

Publish Date : Apr 29, 2008
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Jean Doole, a 25 year old English teacher in 1983, takes my virginity in her classroom after hours, and affair continues to this day 25 years later.

* * * * * * *

Jean Doole, was a high school English teacher. Beautiful pear shaped body, long auburn hair, the most beautiful brown eyes, red lips, and a body you would just die for. Standing tall at almost 5 feet ten, with long slender legs she was the wanking material for every boy at our school.

The date was April 14th 1982. Jean was wearing a blue figure hugging top, that showed her breasts to their fullest potential, and tight green Armani designer jeans, hugging her thighs. I was sitting at my desk, watching her move around the class, checking over everyone's homework. I was watching her bend over Joanes desk in front of me, those jeans clinging to her perfectly formed ass, her legs spead open, where you could see the gap in between her ass where her so much wanked over pussy lay.

I couldn't take my eyes of her, imagining as all young boys that were virgins, striking home between her legs. I was lost in my own inner thoughts, when she suddenly called out my name. I looked up startled, my face turning bright red as all the class started sniggering, knowing that I had been caught out watching the teacher.

I looked down at my feet, wishing the home bell would ring quickly, or the ground would open up and swallow me, and get me away from this situation. Another 10 minutes went by, and then the bell rang. I grabbed my homework, and soccer kit, and bolted for the door.

I was passing the desk where Jean was sitting, when she called my name, and asked me to stay behind. My heart sank, I was doomed and had been caught out badly. My classmates all filed by me, laughing and filtered on out.

I stood beside jeans desk, head down in sheer and utter shame. The last of my classmates filtered out, and Jean got up and closed the door and pulled the blind down. She turned to look at me, folded her arms across her chest, and asked me what I thought I was doing watching her like that in class. I stammered and replied that I was looking at Yvette McCleland, and that I was not looking at her.

She walked over to me, sat down on the desk and asked me to sit in her chair. Jean asked me if Yvette was my girlfriend, to which I replied no she wasn't. Why were you looking at Yvette then Jean asked. I was just looking Miss, I replied. Jean smiled and asked me if I found Yvette attractive, to which I replied yes.

Jean then said could I help her clean out the books in the library cupboard. I replied that I had to go to soccer training. She said look, I will call Mr Campbell up and sort it out that you miss training today, because we both know what you were looking at, and I would not want to have to call your parents up and bring them here to explain what was going on, do you agree Of course I replied, the last thing I want is my parents up here, I thought to myself.

Jean told me to go start sorting out the books, which I duly did. Rummaging around in her cupboard, I found some odd books, and some photos of what looked like jean in her younger days. More wanking material I thought to myself, and slipped a couple of them in my shirt pocket. I stared moving the books around when just as jean walked in. She came over to me, and asked me to get the ladder out. I went and got the ladder, and Jean told me to put it up so she could get the books from the top row, which I duly did.

I stood back as Jean climbed up the ladder, giving me probably the best view ever of her legs. She told me to come forward and grab some books from her and to take them over to the other side of the cupboard. We continued like that for a few minutes, me basking in the glory of watching my sensational English teacher, Jean Doole, go up and down the ladder.

She asked me then to hop on the ladder as her arms and legs were getting tired from moving the books up and down the ladder. I hopped on, and for a few glorious seconds my mouth was within inches of that pussy I had wanked myself off to night after night in a frenzy. This was the closest id ever come to a pussy at the age of 15. I guess I must have been fixated again by the sight, because soon I heard Jean shout at me again and ask me what the hell I was looking at. She told me to get off the ladder immediately, which I did at my maximum speed.

She came down, and asked me just what I was thinking about looking at her in that way, and that her husband would not be happy about it. I said Jean, I am so sorry, I don't know what to say, and looked at the floor, tears welling up in my eyes, from that shame you feel at such a young age.

She came towards me, saw the tears in my eyes, and put her arms around me and gave me a quick hug. I could feel her breasts push against me, her arms around me, and her breath on my neck as she told me softly not to worry it was ok. She whispered into my ear saying * So you must find me attractive then She asked. Yes Miss Doole I do. I am so sorry for staring at you all the time. She held me a bit tighter and said *its ok, im glad you find me attractive*. Really Miss Yes, she replied. I felt her soft skin on my face, and felt her head begin to turn towards me.

Her eyes looked into mine for the first time and said* You must have lots of girls after you playing in the football team I said some Miss, but im not very good with girls. Whys that She asked. Miss I have no idea, im just clumsy around them, and don't know what to do when I take them out. Jean looked into my eyes and said* well we have to fix that then and told me to close the cupboard door which I did.

Jean came over and sat on top of the desk inside the cupboard we were in. I am going to give you some valuable lessons on how to interact with woman, so that you might yet manage to get Yvette, would you like that I replied yes I would.

My first lesson, is on how to kiss a girl correctly, said Jean. Come and show me how you kiss a girl at the moment. I went over to her, and gave her that sort of peck on the lips that every guy does when they have no clue what to do. Ok said Miss Doole, let me teach you how to kiss. I want you to put your lips on mine, and just follow with your lips what mine do for now, ok Yes I replied.

I moved over and she placed her lips on mine, I could feel her lips open up, and followed her movements, feeling sensations in my body I had never felt before, warm glowing red hot sensations were flowing through me, as my teachers lips opened up and we began to move in a rhythm with each other. Her arms opened up, and she pulled me towards her, and for the first time in my life, I felt a real womans breasts pushed up hard against me, and not some 15 year olds. Then I felt a tongue in my mouth, moving, searching around, and I followed, searching out my teachers tongue with mine, feeling them touch, entwine and play together. I put my arms around Jean and pulled her closer, hungrily eating away at her mouth, and playing with her tongue. As I pulled her closer I heard her breath sharpen, and her arms holding me tighter.

She unglued herself from my mouth,still holding me close, and told me my next lesson was how to kiss a woman on her neck. Pulling her blue top slightly away from her neck, she pointed at a spot on her neck, and asked me to kiss her there softly, with my mouth open, and run my tongue over that spot as I kissed it.

I lent downs and began, stroking her face with one hand, and kissing her softly on her neck and licking sometimes with my tongue. I heard her breathing getting faster, and she told me to kiss her neck harder, which I did. The harder I kissed and licked, the more heavy her breathing became, until suddenly, she pulled away and told me to stop.

Ok, she said, that was good. Did you enjoy that lesson Yes Miss I did, I replied. Ok now I am going to show you how to caress and kiss a womans breasts jean stated, whilst pulling off her blue top. I stood transfixed, as the top came off, and I saw a woman, almost half naked, but with a bra. I looked at those breasts in awe, a dark patch in each side of her bra sticking out like thumbnails. Now, I want you to come around the back and undo this bra. This is an important lesson to learn. Yes Miss. I walked around and she told me to look for a clip. Can you see it She asked. Yes Miss I see it. Following her detailed instructions on how to remove it, it came apart, almost separated to each side of her back. Now come around the front and take my bra off completely. Yes Miss, I replied again, and moved around the front.

She slipped her arms down, and told me to remove the bra straps, which I did. To my sheer amazement, the breasts which I had imagined and wanked over for the last two years, were amazing. The nipples huge, the breasts firm and big. Jean told me to drop the bra, and come closer.

Now I want you to remember how you sucked my neck, which was slowly at first, with your tongue running over in between kisses, ok She asked. Yes miss. I bent down slightly, and for the first time took a nipple in my mouth, and started gently kissing it, and running my tongue over it. I could hear Miss Doole groan as I kept running my tongue over her nipple. She took my hand and cupped it under her right breast, slowly running it over her other nipple. She groaned again, and let my hand go, which when she did, I started gently kneading her right breast, while sucking her left nipple. The more she groaned, the harder I began to suck, feeling her nipple getting hard and erect in my mouth, while stroking her right nipple with my fingers, gently squeazing it, feeling it getting harder and harder with every touch. I opened my eyes and watched in awe, as her breast heaved up and down while my mouth worked on her nipple, hearing her soft moans, and gasp for breath, as I started sucking hard down on her left nipple.

I then felt her two hands on my head, and she slowly pushed my head back off her left breast, much to my disappointment. Taking my right hand off her breast, she stood up, and for the first time I saw the beauty of Miss Jean Doole, half, naked, face flushed, and her left breast red from my sucking only moments ago.

I wish I could teach my husband as I can teach you, Jean said. Now young man, the most pleasurable thing a man can do for a woman, is to eat her, before having intercourse with her. I assume, jean said, that you have heard the words *eating pussy* branded about school Yes Miss Doole, I replied, eager to learn from this beautiful English teacher. That's good, now sit down while I remove my Jeans and panties.

I sat and watched in awe, as my English teacher, removed those tight jeans, revealing sparkling white panties, and long tanned legs. I watched further in awe, as she slid her panties off, revealing what I had wanked off to so many many times before. So many times had I laid in bed at night, with my eyes closed, running my hand up and down my cock, imagining this very piece of her womanhood being invaded by my young cock, and now I was about to be given a lesson in eating her, something I had never envisaged.

Jean sat up on the desk, naked, draped her long slender legs over the front of the desk, and laid her back down on top of the desk. She opened her legs wide, and I watched as her hands came down to her womanhood, and with the second finger of her left hand, and second finger of her right hand, opened up her pussy lips to me, revealing a long slender slit, with a small hole starting to develop at the bottom of her slit.

Now, said Jean, kneel down in front of the desk. I did as she asked. Jean then told me to position my head between her legs which again I did. Now, said Jean, I want you to move you head to within an inch of my pussy, and breathe on it. I moved into position, smelling that beautiful, womanly smell and watching this beautiful pink pussy, in front of my eyes, and how fluid seemed to be oozing from it. I looked again, and sure enough, fluid was running out from my teachers pussy hole, and onto the skin below the pussy, just above her anus.

Jean then told me to look at the top of her pussy, where I would see a V shape, with a little bud at the top of it. I looked and found it, gaping out at me. Now, I want you to take the bud, gently in your mouth, and suck on it very gently, do you understand me, as this is very important Yes Miss I replied. Ok good, now when you suck it, I want you to flick your tongue up and down on it, just like you did on my nipple, understood Yes Miss I understand.

Ok, now I want you to keep doing that, until you feel me wet your face, understand Miss what do you mean wet my face I replied. Just listen to me said jean, by now obviously getting bored with the training, when your face gets wet you move away, that's all you need to remember ok Ok miss, I replied. Ok, said jean, now go down and suck and lick me.

I moved down, and took Jeans clit in my mouth, and slowly began sucking it, obeying my teacher and not yet using my tongue. I heard a long groan come out of jeans mouth, as my mouth enveloped around her clit, sucking it slowly.The more I sucked, the more groans came from Jeans mouth,when I started using my tongue, her legs came together, enclosing my head in her pussy area, clamping me in tightly. I began to lick more quickly, and could begin to feel her hips moving up and down, slowly at first, and then quickening, with each stroke of my tongue on her clit, the groans were getting louder, the hips moving faster. Her hands then let go of her pussy lips, and grabbed my head, pulling me in as close as my teacher could get me to her pussy, I began to lick as fast as I could, I could hear loud, loud groaning, I could smell her, taste her on my tongue, and my young inexperience began to show as I licked faster and faster, her groans spurring me on, her smell spurring me on, I bit down hard on my teachers clit, and she screamed, grabbed my hair, and rammed her pussy into my mouth, moving up and down on it herself, and all a could do was bite down harder, and then, it came. In a blind moment, my face was covered in wetness, my teacher was sobbing, and groaning, riding up and down on my face, using language I had never heard before, and then suddenly, it went all still.

I felt her hands in my hair, running her fingers through it, gently, every time she sobbed her pussy moved up and down in little jerks, quivering. Are you ok Miss Doole I asked, concerned that I had hurt her. She let go of my hair, and pulled herself up sitting upright on the desk. I'm fine, truly fine, she replied. I looked at her face, it was glowing red, matching her red lips. Ok, Jean said. I think you have mastered that part pretty well. Now have you heard the boys and girls at school talk about *fucking*

Yes Miss I have I replied, but with a certain degree of emabrassment. Good, said jean, now have you ever fucked a girl I know you were going out with Linda for a while, replied jean. No miss I have never fucked anyone. So you are a virgin said Jean. Going even redder I replied yes. Nothing to be ashamed about, I think its very cute, replied Jean. Have you ever wondered what it would be like to fuck someone She asked. Of course Miss, I replied. I bet you have said jean, reaching over and feeling for my cock. I bet there are lots of girls in this school who have imagined that cock inside them, said jean. Now, she said, in that matter of fact way only English teachers can talk to you in, as you are a virgin, we want to prolong the initial first sex period for you as long as we can, so I am going to help you here, so that your first experience is a good one, which will set you up for the rest of your life, I assume you do not mind fucking me as your first fuck, jean said and smiled. No Miss, I replied, feeling a bit uncomfortable with not knowing what was expected of me.

Ok said jean, strip off, get naked, and stand up straight for me. I stripped off, and somehow got my boxer shorts off, over my hard erect cock which was the largest I had ever seen it at this point. Now, said jean, gripping my cock with one hand, and cupping my young full balls with the other, this wont last long, at all, but we need to remove this cum from you, maybe a couple of times, before I teach you how to fuck, so just let it go, and don't try to hold back ok Yes Miss Doole I replied. I felt my cock in her hand left hand, and her right hand squeezing my balls, and a finger pushed up onto my scrotum, which passed an amazingly good feeling through me. I looked down, and saw jean, my English teacher, the woman of my dreams, gazing up at me, with her tongue coming out of her red lips. I fixed my eyes on hers, and watched her pull my foreskin back, and then run her tongue along my exposed cockhead.

The pleasure was amazing, watching my cock being stroked by her tongue, feeling my balls being squeezed, and my cock being wanked by her other hand.I watched, amazed, and then saw my cock disappear into her mouth. I could see her wet saliva hanging off my cock, as it moved in and out of those wet red lips, back and forth, my cock being held firm by my teachers left hand, whilst her lips greedily devoured my hardness. I closed my eyes, and felt my knees start to buckle, and shake, as she sucked harder and wanked harder with every stroke. Miss Doole Miss Doole, I cried out, im going to cum, im going to cum. Instead of her moving away to avoid my cum, she sucked even harder, and I could hear her muffled groans as she sucked. I felt my cock jerk, and as I did I felt jean run her tongue over my cockhead, and then I exploded. All those nights of wanking never produced a cum burst such as this one. With the last stroke of her tongue over my cockhead, it burst open, I could feel the cum shooting up from the base of my balls, flowing through my hard cock, I could feel her tongue rapidly moving over my cock end, and then I felt it shoot from my cock, into her open mouth, and her tongue flicking madly away dispersing my cum in all different directions, she kept wanking me in her mouth,and the cum kept flowing, long, hot sticky goey virgin cum, straight into my teachers mouth. I collapsed to the floor on my knees, my English teacher still with her mouth wrapped around my cock, swallowing every drop I had to offer. Jean took her mouth off my cock, but kept a hand there, gripping it firmly at the base. She looked into my eyes, opened her mouth wide in front of me,and let me see the gallons of cum I had emptied in there. Swirling her tongue around, she gathered my cum on her tongue and leaned forward, pulling my head towards hers. She stuck her tongue into my mouth, and swirled her tongue around inside, making me taste my cum in her mouth. Then she pulled her tongue out, and swallowed my juices.

With her hand still on my cock, she told me to stand up and go sit on the desk again, which I did. Jean then came up to me, turned around so her ass was facing my cock, and told me it was time to fuck. She told me to make sure I did not cum inside her, as she was not on the pill, and also that her husband would smell the cum as soon as she got home, so to make sure as soon as I felt cum rising up to pull out quickly. I agreed

She then bent over and opened her legs, her pussy gaping at me. She grabbed my cock, and pulled it towards her gaping English teachers love hole. I felt my cock end touch the outside of its first pussy, feeling how wet it was, feeling her run the head up and down her slit, hearing her moan as it run over her clit that I had greedily sucked earlier. In a single moment, I watched her hold it steady, and watched he ass slide back towards it, and watched her lips part, as my cock entered its first ever pussy. I watched her hand let go of my cock, and watched her hands go and hold both her knees. Then she started pushing, slowly, back and forward on my cock, I watched everytime as it moved in and out, and glistened with her cum juices. Her hips, as they moved back and forth, spread open her anus whilst pushing back, which glistened with sweat running off my teachers back, as she took my virginity. My cock was warm, buried in her pussy, and I felt her pussy muscles tighten with every stroke, as she kept me hard and deep inside her, fulfilling her desires. I watched as her hand slipped between her legs, and I felt two fingers around the outside of my cock, holding the outside of my cock steady as she took me in deeper into her warm, wet pussy. Suddenly, she pulled me out of her, and turned round. She dropped to her knees, and took my hard cock, covered in her cum, deep into her mouth again. She took most of my cock inside her mouth, and I felt her tongue, again, swirls around my cock head, bringing that sweet sensation back of total wanton lust. I looked down, and watched as she took my cock from her mouth, held my cock up straight, and ran her tongue up and down my shaft, cleaning her cum from my cock. As she did so, her other hand went under my balls, and I felt a finger start to play with my anus ring, slowly and gently easing its way into my anus, further with each little movement of her finger, while she sucked greedily at my cock, finger fucking my anus as she did so. Her eyes looked up at me, while she was licking my cock, with a look of love, telling me more was to come from her, and this was just the beginning.

Jean took my cock out of her mouth, and her finger eased out of my anus. Lie down on the desk, she told me. I lay down, and she got on top of me, in a squatting position, her pussy hanging open from the fucking she had before. She moved slowly down, bringing her knees down touching the table, and once again, held my cock straight, whilst lining it up with her wet pussy. I felt her pussy lips again, nudging on the edge of my cock, and then fely her slide down on it, sinking my cock deep in her pussy, feeling wetness on the side of her thighs, as once again she took me. With my cock buried deep inside her, she leaned her head down, and ran her tongue over my lips, teasing me, while moving slowly up and down on my cock. Her lips then opened, and pressed hard down on my lips, her tongue entering my mouth, my cock deep inside her, her hips moving up and down. Her mouth hard on mine, our tongues found each other, and touched and slid around in each others mouths, tasting each others cum on our tongues.

Jean thrust harder, and I could hear squelching noises coming from her wet pussy, hear groans now coming from within her mouth, hear the table squeak in time to our fucking, her breasts jumping up and down, faster and faster as she fucked me there on her table, naked, beautiful and full of desire. Her eyes gazed into mine, as her hips increased in speed, her lips removed from mine now, and heavy breathing coming from her mouth, soft, delicate moans of pleasure escaped her lips, tears welled up in her eyes, her pelvic muscles began to tighten, I felt a trickle running down my legs, coming from her inner thighs, she put her hands on my shoulders, arched her back up, and started moaning heavily, more trickling between her legs, her thrusts much harder now, her nails digging into my shoulders, her breasts swaying wildly, I looked down and saw her stomach muscles clenching, her nipples now huge, swinging wildly in my face, her nails, diging deeper, hurting me, her pussy pounding my cock, her cunt releasing flows of juice running between my thighs, her breath now wild, uncontrollable, and now shes jerking, holding her cunt down on my cock tightly, her stomach muscles contract tight, her nipples huge and suddenly, she's wailing, crying out *I'm coming*, she stops moving, and sits still on my cick, nails dug into my shoulders, her cunt leaking fluid like a river, running netween my thighs, shes shuddering, breathing heavy, her breasts moving up and down with labored breathing.

She jumps off my cock, and stands at the front of the desk, and bends over, ensuring her breasts are touching the now warm wooden desk, covered in her cum. She puts her head down on the desk and I watch as her hand again comes round, searching for my cock, which it easily finds. She grips my cock and tells me to fuck her from behind. Again my eager virgin cock edges to the opening of her cunt, which is now gaping, and soaked in her cum. Again it nudges past her lips, the point of no return, and slides deep inside, much further than it has before do to her cunts wetness. My English teacher spread eagles her hands to each side of the table, and I watch her fingers grab each end of the desk and hold on tightly.

I look down and start moving, watching as her hips move back as I enter her, forcing my eager cock deeper into her wet cunt. I notice her brown hole, open and close as my cock fucks her. My cock is getting tight, my balls are tight, ive experienced this sensation before when I have been wanking, only this time I an fucking. Miss, Miss, I am going to cum. Cum over my ass, spray your cum over my ass, or come round the front and put it in my mouth. Her hips keep fucking me, my balls keep slapping against her ass. Shes moaning again, and I look down and I see one hand is playing with her wet cunt again, rubbing furiously. Jean, jean, where do you want me to cum. She doesn't reply, only moaning, telling me to cum wherever I want. Miss what about your husbandi said fucking away at her cunt, watching her wetness. At the mention of her husband, she moaned out loud, pushed back on my cock, and shuddered, and shuddered again. Her cunt was pushed tight against my cock, and I could feel the end of her cunt for the first time since we had been fucking. She started wailing, she was cumming, I could feel her explode again on my cock, hes ass pushing back on me time and time again, forcing me deeper and deeper inside her. I felt my cock twitch, so did my teacher, she raised her hips up, arched her back and pushed her hips back on mine, holding them steady and not moving. Fuck me, finish it.. jean cried. I thrust again, felt my cock twitch once more, pulled back, and thrust in again to the hilt of her cunt, when finally, I felt my sperm release, shooting from my balls, all the way up my stem, out through my cock, and deep deep inside my English teachers cum hole. I held my cock still, at the hilt of her cunt, my arms around her waist, and felt it shoot deep inside her, and so did she. She came again, and her sudden movement helped ooze more cum from my cock into her.

We lay there for 2 minutes, and she turned over, and we kissed gently, and caressed each other.

This is a true story, and an ongoing story, of forbidden love at first, and now and ongoing affair. Jean is now in her 50's, and living as always, in Scotland. She is married, hence the use of her maiden name here, and we have made love over the years probably about 400 times since the first time she took me.

If anyone wants the next chapter, please post and let me know. This is just a true story, that has been ongoing since 1982 till now.

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