Losing My Virginity to Judith

Author: Greeny
Category: First Time Virgin Sex Stories
Published: Jun 16, 2008
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I had washed Judith's car and she repaid me by taking my virginity, but let's face it I wasn't going to complain.

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I had just literally turned sixteen, and to make some extra money I had turned to washing the neighbours' cars.

My favourite car to wash was Judith's my next door neighbour and this was for two reason's the first was she had a fantastic car a beautiful Audi and the second was that she was an extremely hot woman, to a man of my tender age she was the sexy older woman, she was in her late twenties and had split from her husband a few months earlier when he ran off with his secretary.

I had just finished the car and knocked on the door.

I heard Judith shout. "Come in." Well that's what I thought I heard.

I opened the door and entered. Judith was coming down the stairs with a towel wrapped around the front of her body. It was a very small towel. She was reaching for a larger towel off the banister.

"Sorry." I gasped. "I thought you had said 'Come in.'

"No I said coming." She explained. "Not to worry."

"The cars finished." I said.

"How much, will five do" She asked.

"That's fine." I replied.

Judith looked around and edged to the sofa where her bag was lying, she picked it up, she tried to hold the towel with one hand and open the bag with the other, and her grip on the towel gave way. She managed to catch it but not until it had slipped down to her waist.

I had just got an eyeful of her tits; they were magnificent how they just sat there.

Judith grabbed the towel and pulled it back over her chest. "Whoops. We'll call it three after the show eh. That's all I've got I think." She opened her bag reached inside and grabbed her purse as she attempted to undo the purse the towel went again, but this time she didn't catch it.

What a body, she was a perfect hourglass. Her tits were quite large, her waist was slim and toned and her hips matched her top in width.

"Sod it; well I'm sure you've seen it all before." She conceded and handed me the money.

"Eh no." I replied.

"I'll get the rest of the money tomorrow don't worry." She said quickly.

"No, not that," I said staring at her body. "I haven't seen it all before."

"Really" She questioned.

"Well in a book and on the TV." I replied.

"So what do you think" She asked coming closer.

"You're beautiful." I stammered.

"Thanks." She said now standing directly in front of me. I could feel the heat from her body.

Judith took my hands and placed them on her hips, the soft feel of her skin caused my pants to become extremely uncomfortable. Judith reached forward and pulled my belt open and then the buttons on my jeans. My jeans fell to the floor. My dick stood erect under my boxers which soon joined my jeans, Judith gently grabbed my dick, and I felt at that moment I was going to come.

"You're a big boy." She said smiling. "Let's take care of that."

I didn't argue with her as her soft hand gently stroked me. She pulled me to the floor. Once on the floor she moved down my body.

"I don't think this will take long." She stated.

"Wh..." Was all I could say.

I felt her kiss my dick and then felt a soft wet heat cover my dick as Judith took me into her mouth. What a feeling this was amazing, she paused and then started to suck gently on my dick, I could feel her tongue darting over my dick.

She was right however it wasn't going to take long within a couple of minutes my body tensed as I tried to hold on but being sixteen and this being my first time I couldn't hold out.

My dick twitched. Judith released me as I erupted. Her had continued however to milk me dry.

"How was that" She asked.

"Wow, that was." I gasped.

She lay next to me. I turned onto my side and gazed at her body. I just wanted to touch everything. I moved my mouth to hers and we started to kiss, my hand clumsily grabbed at her tits, the nearest I'd come to this was the rather unsuccessful attempts with my girlfriend, sticking my hand up her top.

"Slowly." Judith said grabbing my hand and guiding me.

We continued to kiss; she moved my hand down lower over her taught stomach and down further over her belly, still lower, the flat surface changed and my finger dropped into a small crevasse and into her wet pussy, I plunged my index finger into her, but Judith was in control, she moved my hand and guided my finger, I guessed that the hard nub of flesh I was being guided to was her clit, she gasped and moaned and she guided my hand, my dick was once more solid, but my mind was elsewhere as her breathing became shallow I watched her tits heaving up and down, Judith's legs clamped shut she pulled her knees up and my hand was trapped as I felt her pussy rhythmically pulsate against my fingers.

I had been watching her body and gazing at her beautiful face, her long brunette hair was now over her face as her head had now stopped moving. She pushed me onto my back.

"You thought what I did before was good" She asked.

"Yes." I replied.

"It gets better." She responded.

Judith straddled me, her hand grabbed my dick and she guided it to her pussy. She was right, as she slid down my dick my mind went blank as I tried to savour this feeling, Judith stopped only when I was buried deep inside her I could feel her backside resting on my balls, she now started to ride my dick slowly, I reached up and grabbed her tits and started to knead them gently, the pace started to quicken, she was grinding into me, and then she stopped, she shifted her weight and pulled each leg into a squatting position, she steadied herself by placing her hand on my hips and then started to ride up and down, with each rise and then sudden fall I felt myself approaching the end, her pace was now furious and with the last fall I grabbed her and forced her down as I came inside her, wave after wave, I had never came this intensely before.

"That was amazing." I screamed out.

"I needed that." She gasped. "After three months of celibacy I needed a good fuck. Same time tomorrow"

"Really." I gasped.

"I only ever slept with Ian." She said. "That was the best I've ever had. It's nice to take control, and have sex in more than one position, how about we learn together"

"I'm up for that." I concluded.

About: The author of "Losing My Virginity to Judith" is Greeny. You can print this erotic tale for your own personal pleasure, or read more naughty stories like this in our First Time Virgin Sex Stories section.

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