My First Fuck - How I Lost My Virginity

Author: Dawn Roberts
Published: Jun 26, 2008
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Zack taught me alot about sex that summer, and still continues to do so today

Ever since I was old enough to realize what sex was, I had thought about what my first time would be like. I fantasized about it being with someone famous like my favourite rock star. I was masturbating since I was about eleven. I don't really think I even knew what it really was, but I knew it felt good, and that I liked it.

I was an attractive fourteen year old. I had a slim figure, and was only about 5'2, so I was considered petite. I had long auburn hair, and piercing green eyes. I knew all the boys were noticing me, and I liked the attention.

It was a beautiful hot summer day. I was wearing a bathing suit that revealed just enough without letting everything I had be on display. I had developed a crush on this one particular boy in school that didn't seem to be going anywhere, so I decided that it was time that I set my sights on someone older. I can still remember the first time I saw Zack. He was tall, about 5'10. This is tall to me as I am only 5'2. He had blondish brown hair, a beautiful smile, and the most gorgeous blue eyes that I ahd ever seen. He had a bit of a New York accent, and I fell in love with him right there. Zack, however didn't think I was old enough, and he decided that we should just be friends. I knew that I had to think up a plan fast, or my dream lover would be walking out the door.

One night my Mon and Dad were going out to our cabin at a nearby lake and I knew that this was my chance. I faked sick and told Mom that I wanted to stay home. she trusted me so there was no problem. I promised to call her and she accepted it and headed off with my Dad to the lake. I had already called Zack and asked him if he wanted to come over for a barbeque. He agreed. What happened that night will always remain as one of the best nights of my life.

It was a little after 7. I was dressed in a bikini top and shorts that left nothing to the imagination. I had left off any form of underwear. I didn't want anything slowing up our night of seduction. I knew something was different the minute I opened the door. His eyes roamed my body, and I knew my paln was working. We went out by the pool, and I gave him a beer. I didn't drink. I still don't to this day. He finished that beer and after about three more I suggested we go in and watch a movie. He agreed.

I had taken one of my older brother's porn movies and put it in the player. As the girl on tv started to give the man a blowjob, I noticed Zack starting to move around in his seat. The next thing I knew his arm came around me and he leaned in to kiss my neck. His other hand had found the clip in my top and unfastened it. My top came loose and his hand was on my breast. I felt the nipple harden as he rolled it between his thumb and forefinger. At this point we were falling back on the couch. As he leaned into me, I could feel his erection on my stomach. It was then that I got my hand down to the button on his pants and undid it. I slowly began to release the zipper. Once this was released, Zack stood up. He pulled down his pants and boxers in one move to display the biggest dick I have ever encountered to this day. I am sure it was a good 12" in size.

"Have you ever sucked a dick" he asked

I shook my head no. "I'm a virgin in every sense of the word" I said.

He took my head and guided it to his dick. "Take it in a little at a time" he said.

I did this. It took me awhile, but I figured out that if I rolled my tongue around the tip and sucked on it, and run my hand up and down the shaft that it drove him wild. I was taking a bit more in my mouth each time and then before I knew what was happening I heard him groan and say he was going to cum.

I had never tasted cum before, so when he started to release it into my mouth I was gagging. It went in my mouth, on my face and down the front of me. When he was finally done, he leaned down, licked me off and then said,"Now, it's your turn".

Ie tokd me to sit in the chair. He removed my shorts, and then told me to spread my legs and put one on each arm. I did this. The next thing I felt was his finger touching my clit. It felt amazing. He then took his head and lowered it between my legs. He took his tongue and started to suck on my clit. I was squirming at this point. He then lifted his head and took his finger and started easing it into my hole. It was a shock at first, but as he kept it up, it started feeling better and better. He continued doing this until he had three fingers in all the way. I felt myself start to tense up. He said "you're gonna cum baby, do it for me" As I started to convulse, he put his mouth back in my pussy and started to lick and suck. My body was convulsing, and I was squirming and moaning. It seemed like forever until my body stopped. It was then that Zack carried me over to the couch and spread my legs. He looked down at me and said "I am going to be gentle. He started rubbing my clit again and I felt a rush of pleasure start to engulf me once again. He then put his finger in me again. It was after he removed his finger that I felt the head of his penis at the entrance of my vagina. He eased it in a bit and then eased it out. He kept this up until I didn't think I could stand it. It was then that he said that He was going to go in farther. He told me there would be some pain but to just lie still and it would go away. As he plunged deeper, he met with a blockage. He began to push, and it hurt. He would move back, and plunge a little further each time. finally he said he was going to go all the way this time. He took the final plunge, and I felt a shapr pain, and then I felt something wet. It was blood. The pain was excrutiating, but it left almost instantly. It was then that pleasure took over. He moved inside of me, slowly at first, and then faster. Each time he put a little more of his 12" into me. I could feel the pleasureable pressure start to build, I started to moan, and he was doing the same. All at once, I felt a huge release, and at the same time he tensed up on me. I felt his cum engulf me. It felt like gallons of the warm liquid was being shot inside me. Once it was over, he laid on top of me, and just held me. He asked me if it was good, and I told him it was the best I had ever had.

Zack taught me alot about sex that summer, and still continues to do so today. We still meet once a year to relive the memories.

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