Taking Advantage of my Teenage Babysitter

Author: Devon Blake
Published: Jul 25, 2008
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My teenage neighbour babysits and offers more after getting help with homework.

I had just finished work and was travelling back home after a long day. My wife was out so the children were being looked after by Samantha our local babysitter. Samantha lives next door and is the eldest of four daughters. She is 18 years old. My wife had been very upset with me being late home from work tonight of all nights, when I know it's the evening she goes out to the gym and then dines with her friends. Fortunately Samantha was home from school and was able to come round to take over at 6pm. She had put the children to bed and was sitting in the lounge watching television, curled up on the sofa when I arrived home.

As I entered the lounge she sat up, attentive and well-mannered, innocent really. Homework books sat on the other sofa and so did a few screwed up pieces of paper. Sam saw me looking at them and said "oh, sorry Mr Blake. I was going to throw those in the bin. I had some trouble with my homework and got a little frustrated". "What was the problem Sam" I asked. "Oh, it's an exam tomorrow and I just do not understand the subject. It's complicated maths and the teacher has not explained it properly. I'm going to fail it and my parents will be quite upset". I looked back to Sam and saw that she was upset now but holding it in. I told her that I could help her if she wanted to stay a little longer.

I glanced down and took in the sight of her plaid skirt sitting neatly on her thighs, but high enough to give me a horny feeling. Sam is quite a gorgeous little teenager. Long blond hair, curled up and held by a clip at the back of her head, in a sort of whimsical manner. Deep brown eyes, with long eyelashes and a cuteness to them that you wished you could stare down to as you reached orgasm. A button nose and beautiful light red lips that were forever formed into the start of a flirty smile, although I don't think Sam had any appreciation of this, or what it did to men who saw her. A tight and fit teenage body to die for, with the flattest and tightest tummy and just the perfect amount of flesh. When she wore tight low slung jeans or skirts you could make out the pelvis bone and then the flatness in between leading down to what must no doubt be the sweetest little virgin pussy. Always with just a hint of the waistband of a tiny pair of panties visible and tempting. I assumed Sam was still a virgin, but one thing was for certain, she would not make it to her twenties without having the opportunity to be fucked left, right and centre, and some spotty teenage boys were going to be very fucking lucky indeed to nail this beautiful teenage angel. Tonight she was wearing the blue plaid skirt and white blouse school uniform, and little yellow sports socks that covered the foot but not the ankle. God knows what amazing things she was wearing underneath the blouse and skirt, but I could make out the bra straps and she had some very nice pear-shaped breasts to put into them. Unfortunately my vision of her breasts was just that, a vision. I'd never had the good fortunate to catch a look at them in the flesh. I knew they would look fabulous though because god would have finished the job properly here. For panties I always like to fantasise that they were little tiny white cotton panties, and I've cum on them so many times in my dreams, with Sam's slightly shocked expression looking back at me, wide eyed as the spunk shoots all over her panty covered mound and belly button. I'm making myself so horny that it takes me a moment to realise that Sam has eagerly accepted my offer to help and is bending over the other sofa picking up her handbag from behind it, and I get to see that in fact today she is wearing light pink panties, and unbelieveably they are a little damp on her pussy lips. I swallow hard. I've got to get into those panties tonight. I'm reaching bursting point.

Just as quickly she turns around and picks up the school books. Sam sits down at the dining room table and we begin to work on the example exam papers. We spend about 20 minutes working through the questions and all the time she is turning to look back up at me standing next to her in the manner of a tutor. Her eyes widen as she does and the flirtatious smile is just killing me. She wriggles in her seat and every now and then the angle of her body allows me to see the top of her breasts in their bra cups. My cock is straining at my pants and I'm having to turn slightly so that Sam can't easily see it, but to be honest I'm not trying that hard to conceal it because I'm daring myself to let her see my hard-on. I'm desperate for her to see it a way but I need to play this very carefully.

It becomes clear that Sam is now getting tired and we decide to stop working. I move behind her a little and put my tutoring hand on her shoulder and offer her a comforting word. "You've worked hard Sam. You'll be fine tomorrow". "Thank you Mr Blake" she says and pushes her head back on her shoulders and tilts it slightly. Christ, that was a bloody come-on I think. My cock virtually jumped out of my trousers at the thought and then I try to think it through more clearly. My hands are way ahead of my brain though. They are now both on her shoulders and neck and giving a light massage. "I really appreciate your help Mr Blake. I knew you were a kind person." Sam says. She moans and tilts her head a little more. I massage her for a couple of minutes. Sam is softly moaning and wriggling in a way that suggests she'd like more. I push my right hand down towards her breast and get no resistance. I'm cupping her breast now and fondling. My other hand comes around to help unbutton the blouse. The bra is pushed down off the breasts and Sam is tilting her head back watching my eyes as I fondle her breasts. She reaches round to my trousers and runs her hand softly up and down my leg. She can't reach my cock easily from her position but she twists until she can. My left hand has moved down to her waist and I virtually crouch behind her. My left hand is pushing into the waistband of her skirt, but it's too tight. She opens her legs and pulls the skirt up - offering me access. At the same time she shifts her weight in the chair and sits lower so that he pussy is pushed to the front of the chair. What the hell is going on here She is inviting me to take her. My hand is inside her blouse and bra and is grabbing at the gorgeous tit. My left is working its way up her soft thighs and circling her pussy mound. I run it up and down between the lips over the pink panties and I can start to feel my wetness and warm coming through.

We carry on with this for about 30 second and Sam is moaning and I'm working really hard to stop myself coming right here. This is an incredible moment. Sexy and intoxicating. I'm now pushing my fingers into the side of her panties and penetrating her.

"No Mr Blake" she says. What! You've got to be kidding I think. This is not all one sided. She was offering me her pussy. She has started to move now. Standing up, pushing my hand off her thighs. She's got cold feet. What the fuck Prick tease. I react. I grab her. I hold her tight around her tiny waist and move forward, pushing the chair against her and pushing her over the table. "No, please. Get off me. I'm sorry." Sam shouts. I ignore her. The chair is moved and I'm now right behind her. She can feel my cock in my pants pushing into her back. She is struggling but I'm in command. She is pushed down onto the table and the skirt is lifted at the back, then pulled off when I find the clasp. The pink panties are ripped down a little and a finger goes in to open up the pussy lips. My hand then comes back to release my cock and within a split second I've pushed it into Sam's cunt. She is really upset now. Screaming and bucking, but I can hold her down easily. She's very tight but I've penetrated her and every stroke pushes me further inside. She is getting the full 8 inches and it must be hurting her but on each stroke the pussy is opening up, flooding with juices and becoming more and more inviting. The little girl is enjoying herself even if she won't admit it.

I don't need to hold her quite so hard now, so I let go a little and move my other hand round to her clitoris. I touch her button and massage it between my fingers while fucking her. She's building to an orgasm and now there is no more intent to stop this happening from her side. A minute more and now the orgasm is nearly here. She's moaning and pushing back against my cock, inviting me to drive it deeper into her. The cunt is tightening, it's pushing my cock out with the force of the orgasm. I push harding into her and hold my cock in there as she cums. She starts to spurt her cum against my fingers and down her legs. She's sweating and moaning loudly with pleasure. As the orgasm subsides her body goes limp. She lies her head down on the table.

She's not participating now that she's cum but I'm ready to explode. I pull out and turn her around so she's looking at me. Her face is a picture. It's the picture of a teenager who's experienced their first full force orgasm. I push her down to her knees but she goes very willingly. The cock is taken into a soft, warm and very inviting mouth. As she expertly teases me, licks me, fondles my balls and sucks my cock, she is looking up and telling me with her brown eyes that she is ready for a big explosion. She also telling me without needing to say anything that she is quite expert at this.

She is willing me with her eyes and with her mouth and her hands to spray my spunk into her tiny little mouth. I know she will swallow. I don't need to ask. Her is a 18 year old teenager, blond hair now messy and half hanging down from the clip, kneeling in front of me, with tiny little yellow socks and a pair of soaking wet pink panties pulled down from her shaven and luscious pussy. Tits hanging out of the bra cups and the blouse all dishevelled. Her big brown soft eyes are willing me to spunk, and her mouth is the warmest and softest place in the world.

The build-up begins and my balls harden. Sam feels it and her eyes open wider as she pulls the cock to the tip of the tongue, opens her mouth and says to me in the softest and most innocent way "Yes Mr Blake, fill my mouth. Cum for me. Cum for Samantha". My cock twitches and starts to orgasm. Thick jets of spunk fly into her mouth and across her pink tongue. She loves this. Spurt after spurt. It's a huge orgasm. You can see in her eyes that she is proud of making me cum this much. I'm still spunking. More and more come hitting her cheeks, her chin, and falling onto her tits. At last my cock feels empty and I look down to watch Samantha close her mouth and eagerly swallow my cum. She lets go of my balls. I lean down and kiss her. She kisses me back.

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