The Belle

Author: Bobjj123
Published: Aug 2, 2008
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A couple meet in College. She has a low opinion of herself and he's a farm boy with little experience with the social graces.

TIM'S MEL, THE BELLE - - - by Bobjj123

Melanie Tormanni had always considered herself losing in the game of life; never beautiful enough, smart enough, clever enough or sensitive enough. She had felt that way from her earliest recollections and the feelings she had developed in those early years were still with her. It wasn't that she didn't try to measure up but rather, she failed to meet the goals she set for herself. Others were always better or quicker or better coordinated or seemed to excel in ways she couldn't complete. In Junior High School, she began her growth spurt and while other girls were sprouting breasts, she simply grew tall and skinny and came to loath her personal appearance.

In school, she always made the Dean's list and the honor roll but even when she ranked first in academic excellence in the school, she was sure that other schools had higher standards therefore she wasn't really the best. In sports, she was always first to every practice and the last to leave which resulted in her playing several sports and lettering but; again, there were always better players.

Socially, might have been popular but she chose instead a kind of social isolation. While other girls her age were getting experience in social situations, she remained aloof and apart from her peers.

By the time she'd reached the University on a full scholarship, she had never been on a real boy/girl date. It wasn't that she didn't want to; rather, it was because of her attitude of remaining apart and aloof. Of course, to her the problem was simply that she was a loser in life's game.

It was in her sophomore year that Mel made the decision to find out more about boy/girl relations and what all the talk about sex that seemed to pervade every conversation in the dormitory was all about. Then, having made the decision, she set about a plan to meet and seduce a man.

Of course, by this time, Mel had changed. Her awkward, gangly body had developed a certain grace and her dirty blonde hair, blue eyes and clear complection fairly cried out for sex - a situation that several of the older Senior men were quick to notice. One, in particular, was quick to avail himself .

This Senior football player was sidelined for the year with a leg injury and Mel found herself seated next to him at one of the football games. She was very amenable to his line of chat and it was late that night, as they returned to Mel's dorm room with every intention of getting it on.

The seduction had been closer to a rape than a love affair as the guy gave no thought to her virgin status, preferring instead to simply get it on. As he moved on her, Mel had no experience or understanding of what should be expected of her and simply bowed to the big lugs vast experience. His kisses had been neither pleasant nor passion filled and as his hands began to explore her breasts, she had sensed that he was simply there to use her. . . to take all she had to give!

Again, Mel was facing a problem as the loser she perceived herself to be. She simply perceived the whole matter as a guy, lowering himself to give her the sex she had set as her goal. She could expect no more! She must grit her teeth and submit to the advances of the guy who she'd only met the afternoon before.

As she considered her plight, the big guy had been steadily undressing her and mauling her breasts. She offered a steady stream of , "No! Please. . ." or ,"Stop, " or, "That hurts. . ." in low tones so as not to alert the rest of the dormitory to what was happening. Only once did she cry out loudly, when the big cock had entered her unprepared vagina for the first time and tore away any remnants of her hymen. The, "UUNNN GGGGHHHhhhh. . . ." that signaled the loss of her maidenhood was easily hear in the halls of the dorm.

The rest of the act was simply the big guy ramming his cock into her newly opened pussy without mercy as her pleas to stop or slow down continued. Then, as she felt the spurts of hot semen splash into her belly, it was over. The big guy, having deposited his load, simply moved off from her, dressed, offered a quick "thank you" and departed oblivious to Mel's sobbing.

As she lay, collecting her thoughts, Mel knew she had made a made a big mistake and in her usual fashion, held herself entirely to blame. It had been just another in a long list of mistakes that she held herself personally accountable. After a time, she arose from the bed, changed the sheets and picked up the clothes that had been scattered about before taking a long, hot shower.

Meanwhile, as Mel was being so rudely used, Tim Rocci lay in his bed, a few scant inches from the action and separated by the only thin wall that divided their rooms. He had heard the couple come in and gave them little thought until he heard them on the bed, close to the wall. Mel's cries had been plainly audible and the sound of their sexual intercourse were unmistakable.

At first , Tim had mistaken Mel's pleas to stop as part of their play and gave them no thought. It wasn't until the action was over and he heard her sobbing that he realized that it hadn't been a pleasant experience for her.

Then, as Tim considered his neighbor, he realized that he really didn't know her. They had passed frequently in the halls and around campus but they had never really chatted or befriended each other. She was really quite beautiful and he wondered why such a girl seemed to be a "loner" without close friends. As he drifted off to sleep, he thought, "Oh well, She's outta' my league."

Next morning, as Tim left his room to go to breakfast, he bumped into Mel quite by accident as she returned to her room with a load of clean washing. As he sought to apologize, he noted her eyes, red and deep sunk into their darkened sockets and felt a surge of sympathy for this girl he had never really befriended before. Suddenly, he spoke, "I was about to go get some breakfast and could use some company. Are you up for Sunday brunch"

Mel offered a quick, "No!" and Tim felt a challenge as he responded, "Ah, come on. You look like you could use some food and a friend." Thirty minutes later they were in the dining room, getting big plates of food and moving together in silence.

As they ate, Mel was cold and unfriendly. Somewhat frustrated by her icy attitude, trying to start a conversation, Tim, made several attempts but was met with no success as Mel seemed preoccupied. Finally, he said, "The walls in our dorm are thin and I heard you in your room last night." With that revelation, Mel was completely stunned. She sat trying to come up with the right words to respond as the horror of the knowledge that Tim knew her secret settled into her thinking. . . Then, getting no response, he continued, "I wasn't spying on you nor did I intentionally listen but it's hard to not hear when the walls are so thin. Don't worry, your secret's safe with me."

Then, as Mel's anger arose, she spoke again, "So you decided to invite me here to what. . . . I suppose you had something in mind."

As Tim heard the words, he felt his own anger rise. He responded, "Well, actually, you sounded like you needed a friend, someone to talk to. . ." And his words were cut off by Mel saying, "So you thought you'd be my friend . . Why"

Tim had enough. He reasoned it had been a mistake to get involved and arose to extricate himself from further embarrassment by leaving. Then, as he turned to go, he spoke, "Sorry to have interfered in your business. It won't happen again."

Back in her room, Mel's anger soon abated and she thought about the unanticipated turn of events. Tim knew her secret. He could expose her to embarrassment and ridicule at any time simply by talking. On the other hand, he had said that her secret was safe. Monday came and went and the events of Saturday night were soon relegated to history. It was Monday night that Mel lay awake in her bed, still pondering her situation when she heard a sharp rap on the wall as if someone had struck it. She listened but heard nothing save for some usual bedroom noises.

Then, on an impulse, she knocked on the wall, three distinct knocks, and waited. In a moment, she hear three knocks in reply. With that Tim heard Mel's voice ask, "Is that you Tim. He answered, "Actually, I'm exotica, a male stripper in disguise. " he replied. Her response was in low tones as she said, "Cut that out Tim. Can we talk Can I come over and talk to you Nothing'll happen." "Nothing, are you sure Come on over.!"

A minute later, Mel appeared at his door and Tim admitted her.

As she entered, Mel had never looked more beautiful. The few added pounds since arriving at the university had set well on her. Of course, her beauty had not gone un-noticed by Tim and he felt the faint tinge of lust as she entered. Of course, he reasoned, she was out of his league.

Mel spoke first, "I'm sorry about the way I treated you in the dining room. It was stupid and hurtful of me and you deserve better. I feel bad about it." Tim, accepted the apology lightly and suggested that Mel sit and talk for a bit. . . get acquainted!

It was nearly 0100 hours when Mel left Tim's room. Her mind was awash in conflicting thoughts. Tim was surely a nice guy but he seemed such a wimp - he was hardly taller than she was and a real weakling. He had no interest in sports and performed only the minimum physical education requirements to stay in the university. She sensed that he had treated her like a friend and that was a rare experience for her. He just didn't seem sexy. . . She needed a friend!

As the weeks passed, Tim and Mel found themselves together often. Both were excellent students and on the Dean's List. Both were enrolled in difficult academic majors. More importantly, he had quickly learned how Mel perceived herself and set himself to helping her regain confidence and faith in herself. He spoke often of her good features and adored her with his eyes and mind at every opportunity. Of course, even as he paid court to her, Tim realized that he was only a farm boy, the son of sharecroppers and not in her social class. Mel, on the other hand, was developing new respect for Tim. He was a true gentleman in the finest sense, sensitive to others, responsible and very intelligent. Each day, she sensed his masculinity more and more.

It was on the first day of their sophomore second term that they met after returning from Christmas holiday that Mel made the decision. Tim was the only guy to ever display any real interest in her and he was a prize she might never get close to again. Her plan was simple - she'd seduce him and he'd make her a woman. . . unlike that past event that she'd decided didn't really count!

Having made the decision, she realized, that having no experience in these matters, she hadn't the faintest idea how to proceed. Then, using some female logic, she went to Tim and said simply, "I want to go to bed with you. I want you to show me what it's like to be a woman." and Tim, stunned by the suddenness of her proposal, stalled for time even as he was agreeing with all his heart and mind and body. He said simply, "I'd like that but you should know that I've got no experience in those matters either. Perhaps we could learn together."

It was at that precise moment that their bonding began. Mel walked to him, kissed him on the lips and embraced him as Tim responded with some moves of his own. No matter that it was an awkward embrace and a sloppy kiss that offered nothing - they would improve as they gained experience together.

That evening, Tim and Mel walked to the dining hall together , holding hands and feeling their togetherness. After dinner, back in Mel's room, Tim seated himself beside her on her bed and kissed Mel squarely on the lips and lingered as they felt the felt their first rush of lust rise up. They kissed again and again. . .perhaps a dozen times with each experience providing more pleasure than the previous.

When they seemed to have developed their proficiency at kissing on the lips, Tim had felt Mel's tongue pressing for entrance into his mouth. His lips parted and their tongues met in a wild dance. By midnight they seemed to have developed their art of kissing to that of experts and it was Tim who said that he had a big day coming and needed to get some sleep before departing for his room.

Next day, Mel and Tim hurried back to their room after classes to complete their homework. It was nearly 1900 hours when Tim knocked on Mel's door and was admitted. They were together in an embrace even as the door closed. Then, together they kissed, a deep soul kiss, and pressed their bodies together in the embrace. Again they felt awkward as they strove to feel as much of their bodies pressing together as possible. . . practice would improve that condition.

They kissed as old and experienced lovers and felt their bodies quicken in respone to the sensual feelings that their kisses aroused. They looked into each other's eyes; only a glance at first as neither was experienced in eye contact; then, with real effort, they met and maintained the eye contact and slowly learned to communicate from their very soul. An hour passed as they worked on communicating their feelings through the eyes. Then, as they sat on her bed, Mel suddenly turned and pushed Tim on to his back on the bed; then proceeded to remove his polo shirt. It was done half in fun and half in earnest as she sought to look at his bared body. Then, done, she saw the taut muscles and well toned flesh and wondered how she's ever thought of him as a wimp. As she considered him, she felt her own blouse fall from her shoulders and with a single motion deposited in on the floor.

On seeing her still straddling him and much bare flesh showing, Tim stopped what ever he was doing and proceeded to adore her with his eyes. Nothing was said. Nothing need be said! Mel was well aware of his thoughts and suddenly, for possibly the first time in her life, she felt adequate - she held him in her power! Giddy with the knowledge, she reached behind her and loosed the clasp on her bra.

As Tim lay quietly adoring Mel with his mind and body, he was pleaqsantly aware when she had reached behind her - His eyes were ready for their feast as the bra fell clear and her breasts stood out before him. Not big, but perfectly formed, they were more exciting than anything Tim had ever witnessed before. He reached out to touch them. . .

As she saw Tim's hands reach for her breasts, Mel reacted instinctively and backed away only to realize that it was what she wanted more than anything. On reconsideration, she moved closer and allowed his hands to touch the warm, soft, firm flesh of her globes. "I'm sorry they're not bigger," she said and Tim immediately responded, "On you, they're juswt right. They're beautiful!

As his hands tenderly explored her breast, she sat over his groin as before, only now she began to feel something stirring beneath her. With the sudden realization that it was Tim's cock that she felt and realized that Tim was becoming aroused she felt her own arousal beginning to develop. It was all new to her and Mel soon felt both eager and fearful of the unknown which lay ahead. She moved from astraddle Tim to his side in a move to temper the excited state they were approaching - she needed time to think.

Whatever her plan, it was not to be as Tim rolled over her and, from his position on top, proceeded to plant a series of exciting deep soul kisses on her as his hands made feather light caresses of her breasts and nipples. Mel had responded both biologically and emotionally as her mind and body forgot their concerns and met him wholeheartedly. She was hotter than she'd ever been! Her nipples had grown and hardened and become more sensitive than she could ever remember and her panties were soon wet with her vaginal fluids.

Then, as he moved to suckle and lave her erect nipples, Tim sensed that Mel was not entirely at ease with the situation; rather, she seemed troubled and he slowed his action. Then as he looked into her eyes, he realized that something was amiss. He stopped!

As he lay, hesitating, Mel cried out, "Don't stop! Keep doing it!" and Tim, still uncertain of her feelings asked, "A penny for your thoughts" Mel, recognizing his extreme sensitivity to her needs and desires, said, "It's all so new and I guess I'm a little afraid. I really want you though!"

When Tim returned his attentions to her nipples and breasts, he found all her constraints gone and she participated completely with him but he did not press her further; instead, they covered their old familiar routines and adored each other with their eyes and hands and bodies.

At midnight Tim went to his room, with one stop at the bathroom to relieve his aching balls, before retiring.

Thursday night, Tim had a school function that kept him away for the evening and he did not see Mel but sometime after midnight, he heard a knocking on the wall and he answered with a responding knock. He heard Mel say softly, "I love you ," and without really thinking responded in kind. It was only a little later as he lay awake in his bed that he realized the enormity of what he had said.

Classes ended at noon for both of them on Friday. Homework was quickly assembled and completed in the shortest possible time. Both seemed to sense that tonight they would joint together in sexual intercourse. They both wanted it; more than they'd ever wanted anything; yet, they both approached the evening with a certain trepidation. By this time, they had strong feelings for each other and failure could only damage their otherwise perfect relationship.

When Tim had suggested they go off-campus for dinner and drinks, Mel was glad. The free bus trip was made in haste and when they arrived at the brew pub, they found the food to their liking and the drinks perfect for relieving their tension.

Then, as they were returning to their dorm, Tim stopped briefly at the pharmacy to purchase condoms and not knowing anything about them, simply purchased the most expensive. Then, with the purchase in his pocket, they stopped at the package store to buy a bottle of champagne and a dozen tea roses.

Knowing the preparations that Tim was making excited Mel. He was doing them for her. He wanted her and all her life she had needed to be wanted. As they rode on the bus, Mel felt her determination to please Tim growing. . . she simply had to be good and to his liking for the next few hours! Her only concern was failure but this time there was no resignation to such a fate.

Back in Mel's room, with the door locked and bolted, they placed the champagne on ice in the sink, set two glasses on the counter, placed the roses in a vase and placed the package of sheepskins on the night stand. All was done in silent cooperation; then, with preparations completed, they met and embraced. They kissed and with each continuing kiss, their excitement grew.

In minutes, they were bared to the waist and moved to her bed for comfort in their play. As he caressed and suckled her breasts in what was now a familiar pattern, Mel sensed that she was pleasing Tim. It was what she wanted and she pursued that end with her entire being. She sought only to please and in doing so brought her own passions to new heights. When she felt the zipper open her form fitting jeans, she rose off the bed and wormed the trousers and panties over her hips and of to stand totally exposed to Tim's gaze.

Seeing Tim's adoring looks, she was suddenly she was proud of her body. . .a first! She moved back to allow him a better view. She turned and posed her body for his pleasure in a manner that denied all her previous feelings about her body and brought further increases in the heights of her passions.

Tim stood and in a single motion dropped his trousers and shorts to stand equally bared before her. He stood uncertain and tentative as he contemplated the picture he presented to Mel, being was aware of her first experience with a 6' -3", 250 lb. football lineman and knew his body no way compared, with his.

Had he known what Mel was thinking, he'd felt no concern. She hadn't really looked at her former lover. . .he had been big and furry and smelled of sweat and she had been in fear of him. She had avoided looking at her former lover's cock but as she saw Tim's she was pretty sure Tim was bigger. In fact, she felt a rising concern that he was too big for her! Then, she steeled her mind and resolved to take him even if it meant injury to herself. . .

As they returned to the bed and pressed their bodies together, both felt an urgency that had never been so compelling before. It was Mel who spoke first, "I can't wait any longer. Do it to me now!" she said.

Tim, acted immediately and spoke as he moved, "Are you sure Is this what you want No reservations" and a simple look into her eyes gave him positive responses to all his question. He moved over Mel by instinct alone and settled into the classic missionary position where he fumbled with his cock, trying to find Mel's vestibule. Then, with his fingers to guide him, he failed to make the connection again and it was on the fourth try that he felt his cock slide into the soft, warm, wet, smooth folds of her vagina and her ass rise off the bed in an instinctive move to meet him.

It was like no other joining, before or since, and Mel lay, her body steeled against the pain that she had felt in her previous experience. Then, as the giant man-meat slid into the entrance of her vagina, she felt only the extreme pleasure which continued to mount rapidly as it penetrated deeper. There was no pain. In her excitement, Mel raised her ass off the bed to meet his invading tool and put her arms around his to hold him in a deep soul kiss as Mel's cock slid to it's fullest penetration. Only then did she feel a slight pain as his crown pushed against her cervix.

With the pain came the realization that she had taken Tim completely into her and she felt exaltation - joy such as she had never felt before! She kissed him again and again as he lay fully embedded in her. She had succeeded in her quest to make it good for Tim.

When their eyes finally met, Mel saw adoration like she had never seen before. She saw love such as she never knew existed. She saw excitement and passion and lust. For the first time in her life, she felt confident and fully in control. . .she was a winner!

Over her, Tim had also read much from Mel's eyes. First, he saw passion and a complete woman - a very beautiful one that was completely his! He saw love and gratitude and caring and most of all, a compelling need which he was prepared to fulfill.

It had been very good sex right from the first entry of Tim's cock into Mel's pussy. There was no need for familiarization or experience as they seemed to know instinctively what to do - each worked to bring pleasure to the other guided by some deep animal instinct within them! Each was putting forth their maximum effort. With every new move came a new sensation and increased pleasure as it demanded another move that brought another round of sensation and pleasure. .

Three or four minutes later, Tim cried out top Mel that he was about to cum and she shuddered as her orgasm overtook her. It was at the height of her peak that she felt Tim's first spurt of semen into her body.

Several minutes later, as they enjoyed the intimate, peaceful afterglow that Tim remembered, "Oh My God! I forgot about the condom." And Mel said simply, "We'll go to the medical center and get a "Morning-after" pill. I wanted to feel you this first time."

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

So it began, nearly 20 years ago now, and fate has brought may changes. On graduation, the couple were separated as they took job s two thousand miles apart. They had e-mailed and instant messaged each other several times a day at first; then, with time the messages diminished and stopped all together.

Some 15 years ago, Tim received word that Mel was marrying a fellow she had met at her new location and was happy for her. Then, he had gone overseas on a tough job assignment and there he met a woman who was good in bed and married. The marriage had been a disaster and after a year and a huge financial settlement, they were divorced.

Then, four years ago, Mel was back in her old haunts with her husband and two kids and Tim saw her occasionally in passing. It was shortly after their return that Tim picked up the morning papers to read that Mel's husband had been convicted and sentenced to prison for a giant stock swindle and the next day another headline that the husband had committed suicide in shame.

As he still had feelings for Mel, Tim had gone to her to offer his sympathy and found her quite unshaken. They talked and as they spoke, Mel made it clear that the marriage was a sham and had been for nearly two years. When she had discovered his criminal dealings, she had begged him to quit and he had not listened. She had lost her confidence and her old feelings of inadequacy had returned. The love she had felt for him was soon diverted to her kids; Andy, age 13 and Ella, age 11.

Today Mel and Tim are married. Still enamored from college days, they have undertaken to rebuild Mel's shattered life with a very active sex life and succeed a bit more each day. Tim has chosen to adopt Andy and Ella. Mel has lost none of her beauty but has regained some of her confidence; in fact, she's grown even more desirable to Tim with age. Today, one of Tim's greatest pleasures is having her dressed in a sexy outfit and coiffed to the nines as they walk in public places and men turn to observe her long legs and shapely body.

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