The Office Slut

Author: linsay makey
Published: Aug 19, 2008
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I was a twenty year old virgin but i played around with men all the time and of course everyone thought i was a slut but as the years went on i yearned for the right man but i never found him.

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i was a twenty year old virgin but i played around with men all the time and of course everyone thought i was a slut but as the years went on i yearned for the right man but i never found him.

he came out of the bathroom dripping wet with only a towel covering his body, i was paralyzed as he came within centermeters of me he wispered "joanne get the phone" "what" "get the phone!!" i blinked open my eyes got out of my lonly bed and walked down the hallway to get the phone, as i picked it up all i could hear was screaming. "mr gregson wants you in his office." "now! its 5am in the morning" "NOW" so i put on my sweats as it was saturday and i wasnt even supposed to be in work today (how did his secretary cope) but as i got to the building all the lights were off apart from the top floor.

as i got to his office his secretary was as white as anything " are you ok samantha" "no hes gone mental in there, hes only asked for you though" i saw her eyebrow raise as she in.

i stopped i'd never seen mr Gregson before but he was the mean in my dream... my dream man. i just stood there opened mouthed he beckoned me over to himand started yeling at me for no reason but i wast listening i was just staring at his lips, i didnt even notice when he walked over to me and started shaking me. then he did something i didnt see coming he picked me up and powerfully kissed me i could feel his powerfull mouth pushing my lips open and then i could feel his tongue exploring my mouth it seemed to last forever nd i was running out of breath. when he did finially release me he went over and turned off the lights i was way ahead of him, as he turned around id already stripped off he just stared at my size ten figure he walked over and stared kissing all of my exposed body them he slowly pulled off my bra and sucked on my right nipple squeezing my left boob as he did so. i couldnt help myself i grabbed his crotch to feel his already hard crotch.

when hed finished caressing me i dropped to my knees unzipped his pants and i gasped as i saw his eight inch cock pop out, but i licked it anyway i strocked it so slowly it made him squirm as i grabbed his ballsi could feel them getting bigger but when he picked me up and laid me down on the desk i had to stop him. "wait, i cant do this i work for you!" "hmmm...." he just kept kissing my thighs "got it. your fired" "wait how will i buy food and pay rent!" "you will come and live with me" he said sliding off my g-string. then i saw him position his cock and in it went oh my god it felt so good i gasped out in pain and in pleasure at the same time as he went in and out we snogged sharing our emotionsthen i felt it this feirce emotion coming along then i did it i had my first orgasm i just kept moaning as i jumped up and down on his lap feeling every movement sending pleasures i had never imagined before throught my body.

we just kissed and now im expecting a baby

About: The author of "The Office Slut" is linsay makey. You can print this erotic tale for your own personal pleasure, or read more naughty stories like this in our First Time Virgin Sex Stories section.

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