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Corkys Success and Vel

Author: BobJJ123
Publish Date : Aug 31, 2008
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A boy grows up in a rural community with ambition to rise above his background and see the world; then succeed in the bigger world where his family expected him to fail. He meets a girl who has similar ambition and together they do succeed!

* * * * * * *

If you'd ever known Corwin Meister when he was growing up or in high school, you'd probably not recognize him today. Even his good old nick name, to those few who knew him well enough to use it, had changed. . . Corrie was a remnant of his past and today he was known as Corky. His family and most of his extended family lived within an hour's drive of his parents farm and had little desire to see or know the rest of the world! For generations, they had been born there, were raised there, married there, made a decent living there and eventually died there.

Corrie had been an exceptionally bright child and always excelled in his studies as well as in sports and he was easily the most popular person in his school during the high school years - a born leader. Although he never lacked for dates and girls for company, he conformed strictly to the morals of his community, While there were opportunities, he never engaged in sexual intercourse or even heavy petting during those years.

It wasn't for lack of the usual hormones and urges of teenagers; rather, a strict code that he set for himself. When his needs became unbearable, he relieved himself in the bathroom or with nocturnal emissions. Corrie had set some goals for his life and he worked continually through school to achieve them. Foremost of those goals was to get out of the community where he was related to most everyone and see the world. Also, he wanted to succeed and prove he didn't need to remain sequestered in his community for the security he needed. Then, the goals became less clear in his mind; excitement, travel, adventure, all had a place.

So, when Corrie was a Junior in High School, he received a call from representatives of the military academy at Annapolis with a request that he seek a congressional appointment. In due time he filed the application, was accepted and entered the US Naval Academy at Annapolis. In August, after graduation, his family gathered to see him off with the admonition that he could come back any time if things got too tough.

Four years later, in May, he graduated near the top of his class and his success was due in no small part to the admonition that he could always come 'home' if he failed and he was determined. He had changed. He was confident. The new man that he'd become was known to his classmates at Corky.

Then, after a leave and time with his family, he reported to the Navy's pre-flight school to begin aviation training! The fact that he had been chosen from the best of the best to participate in this training was received with little interest by his family who often asked him what he was going to do when he got out of the Navy.

No one of his family seemed to think he could succeed and would eventually fail and return to marry one of the local girls.

The highlight of his home visit was meeting Velma Richards. Velma, or Vel as she was known, was the daughter of the school superintendent and new to the community where she had a burning desire to get away. Vel was still only a sophomore in the State University, home for the summer with an abiding ambition to get away from the community as soon as possible..

Nothing about her was particularly eye catching. Tall at perhaps 5'8" or 5'-9", rather lean, with small breasts and shoulder length brown hair which framed her ruddy complection and brown eyes. She and Corky had become instant friends. . .

As Corky struggled with his studies in pre-flight school, he always found time to maintain contact with Vel by e-mail. Sometimes long letters, but usually just one or two sentences every day! Months passed and Corky moved on to basic flight training where he found that he had a natural aptitude for flying and his training became less stressful. . It was the following spring when he got leave before reporting to advanced flight school.

When he told Vel about his forthcoming leave, she was excited and immediately asked if he was coming to the university. He had replied that he was hoping to spend the whole time there, or at least as much as her studies would allow. The plans were made and Corky arrived at her apartment to be greeted by a passionate embrace and a kiss on the lips. His first!~

Vel's apartment mate would move in with Vel and Corky would have the use of her room during his visit. Unlike his home visit, he was greeted very warmly and with the respect due a Naval Aviator by all her friends and acquaintances. That first day in the apartment, was uneventful as Vel made him comfortable as she introduced him to friends and the university. It was then that Corky began to feel a special feeling, an emotion perhaps, or something sensual that bordered on lust. Had he perceived it as lust, he would have resisted; perhaps he realized, for the first time, just how beautiful Vel really was. . .

That evening, after a nice dinner at a local restaurant with Vel and her roommate, they returned to the apartment with a bottle of brandy and a warm feeling as the roommate made her departure for her room and studies. As she moved swiftly away, Corky found himself alone with this very desirable woman for the first time and he realized he was tense. He felt his body quicken as he looked at Vel. There was no mistaking his lust now and he did not resist.

Vel, was also having feelings. She very much wanted a relationship with Corky. He was the most man she had ever encountered. . . a man of the world, exciting, and masculine! . . .but there was more. He was so innocent and yet so worldly. He was sexy as hell!

Of course, there was a dearth of men who fit that description at the university and seldom a week passed that she wasn't provided the opportunity for a relationship. None had really interested her. Then, she met Corky; she had known shortly after she'd met him that he was the one she wanted to take her virginity and make her a woman. He was the one she wanted a relationship with. He was the one she was willing to wait for. Now, he was here, with her, and the time was ripe.

When Vel moved towards Corky, her intent was to kiss him. . .when Corky turned, their lips met and Corky, thinking it was a fortunate accident, kissed a girl for the first time. Then, as he felt Vel's lips part and her tongue in his mouth, he responded with all his innocent fervor could muster. This kiss was definitely a first, unmatched in power and intensity by any previous one. He felt a surge of lust as his arousal commenced. All his senses told him that he should be fighting this as he ignored them totally and proceeded to enjoy the pleasure he'd found in Vel's ministrations.

The evening continued as Vel and Corky continued to familiarize and enjoy each other. The tension that they'd both felt was overcome with three snifters of brandy scattered over the evening and they grew closer and more intimate. It was a good bonding between two worthy people. By 0100 hours, Corky's hands had roved freely over her clothed breasts and body and he had experienced a near orgasm when his hand had slipped under her sweater and on to her bra. Then, with the lateness of the hour, they separated, each to their separate bed for the night.

Next morning, Corky was up early, showered, shaved, dressed and ready to meet the day when the girls arose at 0700 hours and emerged from their room still drowsy with sleep. When Vel moved close to him, they touched and Corky knew that she wore nothing under her shorty nightgown. He was instantly aroused as he sat and watched the girls move with practiced speed and efficiency to be fed, dressed and out the door at 0750 in time for their 0800 classes. Then, he was alone until early afternoon.

As Corky waited, he recalled Vel and their recent experiences. He had felt her body beneath her shorty gown and it had affected him rather more than he cared to admit. He recalled her soft skin and fresh, outdoor radiance and the slender curves of her body. As he continued to recall her he reasoned that she was a perfect package for the woman it encased.

For the first time in his life, Corky began to plot the seduction of a girl. She was special and unlike any he'd known before. She was the one he wanted to initiate him into manhood and be his wife and raise his kids. Suddenly, he felt his lack of experience keenly as he had no idea how to proceed.

He, a Navy Aviator, a master of his world and all he surveyed, the best of the best, and totally awed with the task he had set for himself. He only knew he wanted Vel!

As Vel and her roommate had hurried to class that morning, out of earshot of Corky, they made some quick plans. The roommate was to be conveniently called home on some urgent errand and Vel and Corky would have the apartment to themselves for the next several days. The agreement between the girls would always be a secret. . . just between them.

At 1130, the roommate came into the apartment and announced she'd be returning on Monday as she packed her clothes for the trip. Her explanation for her sudden departure was vague - something about a family matter! Then, fifteen minutes later, Vel came into the apartment and after a quick greeting took her books to her room and quickly returned to greet Corky. As she returned to their living room, she went directly to Corky and embraced him. Then, as she kissed him, Corky felt her body pressed against his in the most intimate manner yet.

Again, Corky, perfectly alert in the cockpit of a high performance aircraft, was slow to comprehend what was happening and it was only as they were seated together on the sofa that it began to dawn on him. All the various aspects of their situation suddenly fell into place as he realized he was being seduced as well. Having finally come to the realization, he reasoned all was well in their world.

"How about we go to 'Hog Heaven' for lunch," Corky suddenly asked and Vel agreed as she moved closer and kissed him again. This time he returned the kiss with vigor before initiating his own moves. His hands roved freely over her clothed body as she moaned her consent.

Lunch was a little late as they sat in the 'Hog Heaven' and are their roast pork sandwiches with soda. They ate slowly as they flirted with their eyes and touched hands and exposed flesh in feather-light caresses. There was no hurry now as Vel had realized that Corky was aware of her planed seduction. Then, as they were about to leave the restaurant, Vel became serious as she said, "Please be understanding with me. This'll be my first time."

It was the first time she had directly alluded to their pending sexual intercourse and Corky was immediately aware of her openness for the first time. Then, safely out of earshot of the restaurant he replied, "Guess we'll just have to learn together. If I displease you in any way, please tell me. I want it to be good for you," he said.

Suddenly, as the couple walked back to the apartment, Vel realized that the pact had been made and all that remained was finding the time and place. Suddenly. she was in a hurry to get to the apartment.

Corky, who had been slow on the uptake, entered the apartment in a hurry and gathered Vel into a quick embrace before stepping back and lifting her heavy sweater over her head and off to expose her bra covered breasts. She did not resist; rather, her hands were busy unbuttoning his shirt. They kissed and their sense of urgency was clearly communicated to each other. "You're so beautiful," Corky said, "I want you!"

It was the words that Vel wanted to hear. . . the words that would cement their relationship. It didn't matter whether the words were true or not - what mattered was that he thought so! She felt her body quicken and her breasts grow more sensitive. Then, there were his hands fumbling with her bra hooks and unable to figure out the way they were operated. As he fumbled, she wondered. What would he think when he saw her small breasts How would he react

Then, suddenly he found the procedure for handling the clasps on her bra and it fell free, exposing her breasts to his view. She realized instantly that he was pleased with her breasts. . . it was written all over him and when he reached out with his hand to caress the soft flesh, she began to tremble - her throat became dry and she felt her lust building!

When Corky pulled her gently towards his bed, she moved willingly and as she moved, her skirt was loosened and fell to the floor. When she arrived at the bed, she wore only her panties and felt no shyness as she moved to remove Corky's shirt and trousers. Soon, clad only in his boxers, he was on the bed beside Vel and looking down into her eyes. As he saw the depth of her feelings and the passion, he was momentarily awed as he spoke of her eyes and hair and soft skin! He repeated over and over, "You're beautiful!"

As Corky delivered his praises, he did so with sincerity and his comments were from the heart. . .she really was beautiful in so many ways. He wanted to adore her and love her and give her the pleasure that she deserved. Even as the urgency of his appetites and needs grew, he wanted to enjoy every nuance of the preliminaries of their act and moved forward only slowly with is seduction. As he touched her breasts and body flesh, he was rewarded with pleasures he could only have dreamed of before. As he felt her response to each of his new moves, he was rewarded with heightened sensations of his own.

As his mouth moved over her breasts and suckled her nipples, Vel was also experiencing new and powerful sensations that brought her pleasure. Overcome briefly by those sensations she remained passive on her back and reveled in her feelings. Then, she felt the need to [provide pleasure to Corky. . .she must repay him for what he was giving her.

She moved and turned so that she was facing Corky's big prick, still encased in his boxers. With her hands, she moved inside the waistband of his boxers in an attempt to remove them and sensing her mission, raised his butt slightly so that the last article of clothing slipped easily down past his knees and on to the floor. In a moment, his hands had removed Vel's panties and they returned to their love making.

Vel, with her face only inches from Corky's sex organ, inspected it carefully. . .it was her first real view of a man's penis and much larger than she had anticipated. She reached out and touched it; then felt the involuntary jerk in the man-meat in response. She decided it was quite beautiful.

In this new position, Corky was also close to Vel's hairy pussy. He too was busy inspecting his first closeup of a woman's sex. He moved his fingers over her outer labia and heard her moan. . . He decided he must be doing something right! Soon, his fingers had found the soft inner folds of her vaginal opening and felt the smooth lubrication that flowed from her. Then, by instinct alone, he proceeded to caress her inner folds and quite by accident found her clit. He knew instantly from the loud moan that he'd hit the center of her pleasure. . .

Corky might be a virgin but he'd heard the locker room stories about pleasing a woman and he moved again. This time he moved over between her widely splayed legs and with is thumbs, parted her labia to allow his lips access to her vestibule. He kissed her nether regions and was rewarded by a series of tremors and a low moan. Then, he moved to familiarize himself with her parts as he kissed and tongued her. He moved slowly to her clit.

Perhaps Corky was a natural or he had good instincts or perhaps Vel was just overwhelmed with all the new sensations. She lay back unable to think rationally and reduced to low animal cries in response to a host of new pleasures. But, the time had come . . .

As Val gently massaged her clit, Vel reached down and grasped his head to draw him up over her. She spoke, "I want you to do it to me now. Do it to me!" Corky reacted with some urgency as he asked, "Are you sure" and she responded, Yes!"

The act itself was the awkward motions of inexperience as Corky positioned his cock into the entrance to her vagina. Then, as he shoved forward, he felt his crown enter her and had only a moment to revel in the new feelings before he felt the obstruction. He had expected something, after all, he had read about the hymen! This obstruction seemed much firmer in place than he had anticipated. He pushed and Vel cried out in pain.

Hearing her cry, Corky immediately backed his cock nearly out of her vagina ubtil he felt her restraining his withdrawal. "Again!" she said. For the second time, Corky's cock struck the obstruction and was barred further passage. He withdrew as before and this time he rammed his cock into the obstruction with considerable force. This time, as Vel cried out from the pain, Corky felt his cock slide easily into her depths.

Until that moment, he had been too preoccupied with penetrating her hymen to realize the intense pleasure that the soft, warm, velvety smooth friction between cock and pussy could generate. Now it was his turn to approach irrationality! His mind was in chaos as he felt the intense pleasure.

In seconds, he had penetrated her depths to his fullest extension and he rested. His mind cleared and he saw the tear stained eyes of the woman beneath him - smiling! "We did it," she said as Corky asked, "Does it still hurt much"

When she replied that it didn't hurt much now, Corky moved in response to some instinct and as he drew back slightly he saw her flinch and her eyes told him that it did. So, they lay quietly joined together, kissing and fondling and making lovers talk. Minutes passed and muscles grew strained in their lovers embrace.

When Corky moved in response to his needs, he moved carefully so as to not hurt Vel but to his surprise, she felt no pain. He moved again and thrust back into her only to be met by Vel's body rising up to meet his. He adored her. . . he loved her. . . he wanted to please her! And Vel knew it. . . .

Of course, they lacked experience and staying power so it was only a matter of a minute or two when Corky felt the buildup in his loins and started to cry out but it was too late as Vel felt the spurts of fluids into her belly. Then, as their peak passed they hugged and held each other in their lover's embrace as their ardor cooled.

The events that I have written about transpired twenty eight years ago. Since that time, wars have been fought, governments overthrown, families raised and life goes on. Vel and Corky were married the day after Vel graduated from her university and became a good Navy wife.

They survived good times and bad, long separations and glorious reunions, bad quarters in far away lands and luxury homes on the stateside stations. Their two sons had grown strong as they learned to cope with new conditions and new friends every few years. The youngest is at sea on his first duty assignment.

This day, Vel sits in the VIP chairs behind the speaker as one by one the Admirals get up to lay praise on Corky for his many years of service to his country. The men of his command, seated before them sit in respectful silence as the ceremony continues and Vel can only wonder why those men wouldn't rather be home with their families.

Then, the festivities ended and the party was over. Corky shook the last of his Petty Officers hands as he departed and he held his wife close as they walked to their car. As Vel felt the depth of feelings that she had seen in him that day she remained silent until they reached the car; then, asked quietly what he wanted to do next.

"After nearly 30 years of service to God and Country, I think we've served them well! We've stood shoulder to shoulder, together, in that service - I couldn't have done it without you. Now it's time for just you and me. You've held up well - more beautiful today than the day I first met you! You deserve the very best and I'd like to spend the rest of my life seeing you get it." he said.

Vel heard the words and felt the tingle of excitement that his words brought. She looked directly into Corky.s eyes as she spoke, " Take me home and fuck me good. With any luck we can still get a double header in today."

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