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Author: Bobjj123
Published: 02-Sep-08 Revised/Updated 03-Sep-08
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Coming of age in a changing culture and the complications when hormones become involved. 1st, MF, Rom

* * * * * * *

Tula was born in a Tlingit village in a small seacoast village in Alaska. It was a village of fishermen, hunters and people who lived close to the earth. Though thoroughly modern now, electricity and running water had only come to their village a scant five years before Tula was born. Before that, life had been primitive and their culture had changed little for hundreds of years.

Tula had been an accident of birth between her mother of the Tlingit tribe and an itinerant school teacher who had arrived to teach in the new village school. The unplanned pregnancy had been in many ways related to the changing culture and the turning from the old ways to the new in the village. It was accepted by the villagers as quite in accordance with the natural way of things and Tula and her mother were part of the community as the school teacher moved on.

As she grew, it was apparent that Tula had inherited the best genes from both sides of her parents. She grew tall and slender, unlike the Tlingit women who tended to be shorter and heavy. She showed a penchant for learning about the world which was uncommon in the village where people tended to confine their interests to village affairs. She was quiet and a 'loner' where most in the village were more gregarious.

Even as she learned to gather and preserve food, fish, hunt and get along in their culture, she was also reading and thinking about the bigger world and how she might fit into it. Knowing that education was the key to getting away, she excelled in everything academic in high school and, on graduation with honors, won scholarships to a number of colleges and universities.

There were those in the village who felt she should stay in the village and marry in accordance with their custom. Others applauded her decision to go on to a college as a way to greater success.

As Tula went off to the big university, she found disappointment at first. The university was big and people were not friendly as they had been in her village. Her village school had ill prepared her for matriculation at the university and she had to study harder than she'd ever studied before. Dormitory life left her little privacy. The guys she'd met were rather officious and she found their indecent proposals offensive.

She persevered for a school year and finished the year with good grades. Since money was a problem, she spent her summer vacation working and again found little pleasure in the people around her. At the end of her sophomore year she found herself with renewed vigor and the necessary stamina to continue only from some strong inner source. She was determined that she would not fail.

For the next two years, she persevered by sheer grit and determination alone as she grew to hate the urban life and the lack of privacy and the life she lived within the close confines of the university. Then, she began to look to the future as graduation in a few months would mean a new life.

As she searched, she found little to interest her until, quite by accident, she stumbled across an article in the university paper, "Wanted: Wildlife Biologist -Apply Tlingit National Forest . . . ." She applied and was granted an interview.

When she'd arrived at the Sitka office, she found the District Ranger to b e more than a little inquisitive about her desire to work in his forest. He pointed out that she'd be working alone in a distant station for weeks at a time. There were plenty of bears to study but she'd have to constantly on the alert. She'd have to be completely self-sufficient! When she replied that she was a Tlingit herself and knew well the dangers of the back country, the position was hers.

After a short home visit, Tula took up residence in her station on the west shore of Chicago Island where she found a good, sound house with a solar generator and a wind generator to make life comfortable with hot, running water and electricity. In one bedroom, she found an office with a desk, computer, two-way radio and cellular telephone along with a number of books and reference material. There was a smokehouse nearby to preserve meat for winter and plenty of canning equipment to can the wild fruits and berries that grew in abundance nearby.

Her first week in her new position went smoothly and comfortably as she set about developing her observation points and familiarization for her work. As she arose each morning at 0530 hours, she felt the freedom and the privacy for which she longed and prepared her breakfast as a feast. Then, as she moved about in the back country, she felt the old thrill of being there. When it rained, she was prepared with rain sits and umbrellas but usually chose to simply walk in the rain. She had never been happier.

A week turned into two; then four and Tula pursued her job with vigor. She began to preserve berries and fruit and settle in as another disturbing matter began to arise. It was a vague sort of feeling - one that seemed unfamiliar to her. Something was missing in her life. It was as she slept the night after the helicopter came and dropped supplies and the young pilot had flirted with her that realization came. - She was horny!

Always before, when the matter of hormones had affected her life, she'd been busy . . .her mind had been fully occupied with her goals. Now, in her nearly perfect life, with time to think and consider, she had felt a surge of lust! Not only that, but once recognized her appetitres began to grow and her needs more urgent.

It was almost the first of September when Tula had returned early from her trek to her study sites and was busy preparing some fish she had caught earlier for dinner. As she worked, outdoors, she noticed a small fishing boat a mile or so off shore. It was unusual as the fishing boas seldom came this far north. She casually observed the fisherman straining as he worked the nets in a manner she had seen many times before. Then, having cleaned her fish, she went indoors to prepare to cook her dinner.

It was perhaps an hour later when she heard a voice. . . a man's voice! "Hello, Anybody here" it called as she went out of her cabin to see who was calling. First, she saw the fishing boat tied up top the pier; then, Charlie Tanbor, from her old village, coming up towards the cabin. As they met, he spoke, "Heard you were up here and since I was close, I thought I'd drop in and say hello." They greeted each other with the common hellos that was their custom.

Tula had never considered Charlie a friend. . . more of an acquaintance really! In the village he had been the young stud - all the girls were after him! He had been a year older than her and they had little in common. She hadn't disliked Charlie, on the other hand, she hadn't liked him either! Then, as he had approached her, she had decided that she liked him. She saw his muscles and his manly figure and felt a tremor pass through her as she felt her body quicken.

As they greeted and walked back to the cabin, they talked. Charlie reported that he'd been out fishing a week and hadn't made expenses. He'd tried all his usual spots but to no avail and had ventured further north which was why he was there. He explained that after a week on the boat, he'd hoped he might get an invite to dinner. Tula smiled as she recognized his old audacity! "Charlie, I was about to prepare dinner. How'd you like a fish dinner on land tonight"

Then, as they talked and jointly prepared dinner, Tula caught up on her old village gossip and learned that Charlie wasn't married. He'd simply said that he hadn't found the right girl yet - pickings were kind of slim in the village. As they worked together, Tula went to her supply and chose a good bottle of white wine to accompany dinner.

Tula was extremely tense as they finished dinner and commenced the cleanup. She was excited - almost giddy! Nothing seemed to calm her as she worked close by Charlie at the sink. Of course, by this time, she'd come to recognize her own lust. . . She simply had to control it!

Charlie, on the other hand, was also beginning to feel his arousal. He had originally intended to mooch a meal from Tula who he remembered as being somewhat cold and aloof and now found warm and sexy as hell! He was not usually affected by women. . .most women were simply not up to his standards, As they seated themselves on her sofa, Charlie asked, "Are you an Eagle or a Bear" which would tell him whether custom would allow them to Consort - It was a complicate tribal custom meant to prevent inbreeding. He could never consort with a bear. She replied simply, "I'm an Eagle." and he knew he was free to pursue her.

Tula, of course, immediately realized, with his question, that he was interested in her as a woman. With this realization, she tried desperately to contain her excitement! She suggested a walk. . . anything to relieve her anxiety!

Soon, they were walking - together in the moonlight. As they moved away from the station and the hum of the wind charger and the lights in the cabin, there seemed to be just the two of them, together, seeking intimacy even as they denied it. Half a mile up the mountain, they sat on a log and talked. Charlie was strangely serious as he spoke, "I'm in a bit of a flurry here with you. Girls don't usually affect me this way but you're special. Somehow I want to be with you. . .and adore you. I'm also a bit scared!"

Tula felt exhilaration as she realized his condition. . .he was as scared as she was. Suddenly, she knew what she wanted. . .she wanted to be adored by him. She wanted to love him in return. It seemed so wrong; yet, it felt so right! She moved closer to Charlie on the log and took his hand with hers. Then, they walked slowly back to the cabin.

As they returned to the cabin a rain had commenced and Tula suggested that there was an extra bunk in the office and Charlie was free to use it. Then, she set a small fire in the fireplace as the September chill set in. Charlie quickly accepted the invitation before he sat down next to Tula, before the fire and turned to face her.

It seemed so natural as their lips met and they kissed. Then, it seemed so awkward as they seemed to perform so inadequately. Tula turned and filled their wine glasses before sipping some of the red fluid and turning to kiss again. This time their lips met more smoothly and they exchanged intimate feelings. An hour later, their tongues were exploring each others oral caverns, getting familiar.

When Tula felt Charlie's hand over her flannel shirt, caressing her breast, she panicked and tensed; then, forced herself to relax as his hand began to deliver pleasant sensations. Then, they quickly began to remove each other's clothing. Although Charlie's familiar odor of a week at sea on a fishing boat was familiar to her, Tula suggested, "Charlie, there's a shower in there and lots of hot water. Why don't we take a shower"

It was a good shower as they washed each other and soaped each other and became thoroughly familiar with each other's bodies. Then, having washed each other clean, they exited the shower, dried and Tula sat at her dresser to dry her long, black hair while Charlie borrowed her razor and shaved. It was a simple friendly time as they felt perfectly at ease with one another.

Charlie faced the mirror as he shaved and thought his own thoughts. They were confused thoughts. He might have had any of several girls from the village and had, in fact, pushed them away. He had been saving himself - for something or somebody! Tula was probably the only girl in the village that had ignored him; yet, here he was about to commit to something he had avoided for 23 years with her. Surely there was an explanation!

Then, having shaved Charlie and Tula, whose hair was now dry, went hand in hand to her bed. Nothing was said as Tula lay back on the coverlet and moved to accommodate Charlie beside her. Suddenly, they were both very shy. . . Charlie moved to kiss her again and with the familiarity of their kiss, they were into the seduction again.

As they grew intimate again, Charlie's hands began to rove freely over her breasts and her naked body. The sensations were stronger now and the feelings more urgent! Then, it was instinct that urged him to move downward and kiss her breasts; then, finding a nice reaction began to suckle her nipples and lave her soft titty flesh.

Tula, overcome with the stronger sensations, lay quietly accepting his ministrations to her tits and enjoyed his quiet adoration. She suddenly knew for certain that she wanted him. Together, they played; not quite knowing what to do next and familiarizing themselves as they explored each new move.

Soon, Charlie was lapping her soft inner thighs, moving upwards. Although he'd never done it, he'd heard stories enough to know what he must do next. Slowly, as he moved upwards, he reached upwards and with his thumbs, spread the outer folds of her labia to expose her soft inner folds to his tongue. As his tongue made it's first swipe up the length of her slit he felt her tremor and heard her cry. He was doing something right!

Then, after three or four good licks and some suckling of her exposed clit he felt her hands pulling him over her. It was time. He was unprepared and spoke, "I don't have a condom. Didn't expect to need one on the boat." Tula replied quickly, "You'll just have to take it out before you come." and Charlie, in no mood to argue, moved on over her.

As he moved into the position, Charlie looked into her eyes for approval and asked, "Are you sure" His answer came through her eyes. . . she was ready.

Again, instinct and common sense directed his next move as he placed his cock into the vestibule of her vagina and looked into her eyes one more time. "Do it to me now!" Tula said. Charlie slid his cock slowly into her waiting belly. As his tool entered her he felt only the warm, soft, oily smooth friction between his cock and her pussy. It was the most extreme sensation of his life. Then, he felt his himself fully embedded in her and stopped. He raised himself slightly to look into Tula's eyes where he found something akin to pleasure. She moved under him and imparted her urgency as Charlie began to thrust into her. They moved together in perfect coordination, impelled by instinct alone.

Tula had felt Charlie enter her and realized, for the first time that her hymen was completely gone . . .taken by some past event which she didn't recall. It had been only pleasure and the pleasure was being compounded by each thrust of Charlie's massive cock. It was like no other sensation!

Suddenly, Charlie felt his ejaculation starting. He started to withdraw but felt Tula's hands holding him in place. With his mind confused, his instinct took over and he rammed his cock as deep as it would go, up against her cervix, and placed his load into her.

Then, they lay together under the cloak of peace and serenity that follows good sex as they cuddled and smooched and caressed and adored each other. It came as a sudden shock. . .he might have just impregnated her! He had intended to withdraw! It was all his fault! He began to panic. . .

Tula, more resigned to the situation, said simply, "Don't worry, we'll cross that bridge if we come to it. Now come and cuddle with me."

Later, as they cuddled together, Charlie though about the situation. She was an Eagle. She was by far the most educated and intelligent girl from the village. She had a good job and a future. She was beautiful. Perhaps this was meant to be. . .

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