Virgins of Persia

Author: Persianboy2963
Published: Sep 2, 2008
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Living in a traditional country gives you the chance of meeting a lot of virgins and moving from traditional to modern world gives you the chance to sleep with lots of virgins. As a young religionless horny boy who badly needs sex, I have enjoyed living in Tehran. Persian girls are really beautiful.

Living in a traditional country gives you the chance of meeting a lot of virgins and moving from traditional to modern world gives you the chance to sleep with lots of virgins. As a young religionless horny boy who badly needs sex, I have enjoyed living in Tehran. Persian girls are really beautiful. The good thing about Persian girls is that you can find any type or style between them. Asian, blond, Latin or anything you may think. But pure Persian girls have pure black eyes and hair. But I had my first love with a Persian girl of hazel eyes and blonde hair. We met on plane and talked via Bluetooth because she was with her mother and I just couldn't initiate any talking. On our first date I found that she is really beautiful and sweet. It took 2 month till we finally talked about sex I you know what She was so horny! She needed sex more than I did and was so hot whenever talking about sex. I could make her wet by talking about how we would have sex on phone. I will never forget our first kiss which made him moan sexily and everyone in the restaurant turned to look what the hell is going on in an Islamic country. She finally came to my place- I had a cozy one bedroom house and live by myself- on a winter day. After two cup of coffee we were looking in each other's eyes and know what we wanted. We were sitting on the bed and holding hand. I got closer and kissed her passionately and she responded with her now familiar moaning. Her voice turned me on so much more and I put my right hand on her right breast while my left hand was in her hair. She put both hands on my face and played with my tongue by hers. I then started rubbing her both melons and could see how much it meant to her! The more I rubbed the more she moaned, the more her eyes told me that she needed my cock right in her. We stopped and smiled at each other. Then I went for her blouse and tried to have it off! She resisted a little but was so hot to stay in that. Wow! She was wearing gorgeous white bra with a great brand. That cute white thing was so erotic and I couldn't wait to see the other part of the set! I put my hand on the buttons of her pants and she just gave me the sexiest smile I had ever seen. Well well! She was now just wearing her bra and pants. She was so hot with that white set. I kissed her lips again and tongues came to help. It was so hot now and we were both enjoying so much. I touched her very good sized boobs and held the nipples with my fingers. Again those sexy moans that I now loved more than anything in this world. And you cannot imagine how sexy she was when I touched her pussy lips from top of that bothering cloth. I saw she was breathing faster and faster and a little while later I felt the wetness on my fingers. Now she decided to make a move and when saw the erection on my pants she knew what she wanted and started to rub my fully hard cock. Then in a second I was wearing nothing but my boxers with her help. Oh! It was the best day of my life. I couldn't resist kissing her again. Her lips were the sweetest thing I had ever tasted. While kissing her I was playing with her white set on both parts and she was playing with mine. I now wanted to go as far as we could and made her completely naked in a minute. Oh she was beautiful! Now it was time for my big 7.5 inches cock to show up. And it just sprang out when she did what she had to do and I'm sure she fell in love with my wild organ that very first moment. And . . . I heard the best question ever asked: do you want me to eat that Nodding was enough. And I got my best blowjob. She sucked as if she had done that a thousand times before. My big cock disappeared in her warm wet mouth and reappeared again. I was going crazy on her actions. Her hands came to help sometimes and made me fell in heaven. She pulled my cock out and held it in her hand and began striking and her tongue went for my balls. It felt great. I wanted this to last forever. I could fell that I'm close to cumming so I put it back on her mouth and fucked her mouth as fast as I could. Suddenly loads of my hot cum were in her mouth and it was quite a lot. To my surprise she laughed and ate it all up. Oh this girl was the one I always needed. Then I could see what she wanted. I laid her on the bed and began playing with her tits. I licked all of the both most beautiful spheres I had ever seen and bit her nipples. Her breathing was the best response I could get. Then her belly and finally I was facing her pretty well shaved pussy. I put my hand on that and it was so wet. I had the lips in my fingers and the moment I licked her clit she moaned so loudly and I licked harder and harder. I think it took half an hour to lick and eat her pussy and I can say she had 4-5 orgasms. She was so wet now and penetrating would be so easy in that slippery cunt. To my surprise she held my cock and rubbed it on her pussy and then put it in front of her vagina and I was the luckiest man on earth. I told her that this might not go on but she kept doing what she was doing. My cock was rock hard again and I really wanted to fuck her. I said: if you do that again I will fuck you. And well! She said: ok! Do whatever you want. I couldn't wait and with one thrust I entered her completely and she and cried the sexiest cry. You all know how you feel the first time and it was something I will never forget. I began moving and fucked her as hard and as fast as I could and she never said a word. In just 1 minute I came in her and it felt great too. She said: I felt your cock pulsating in me and I liked it very much. We were locked for 10 minutes and then kissed each other. That day I came for 3 more times and she had at least 30 orgasms. I fucked her in any position you can imagine and she liked the doggy style more than all. After 4 hours of sex, she hardly could walk. Anyway it was her first time. It was one year ago and we have had great sex till now that I will tell you about later in other chapters. We also have had some fetish and BDSM experiences I would love to share. So just wait for my stories of fucking virgins in my traditional beloved country.

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