The Special Two

Author: Tabitha H.
Published: Sep 6, 2008
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Two teenagers find their way to se one another but see more skin than imagined. She grabbed his hard cock, held it tight and began slowly pushing it up and down, he sucked in a long ragged breathe and stoped her.

They loved one another. It was a true and pure love, the love of a lifetime. Harley was a young girl who was years older then her actual age, she was a ballerina, beautiful, smart, funny, sweet. Kyle was a 'skater' kid with a bad reputation for being a hard-ass trouble maker. Everyone in her town knew his name and cringed at the sound of it. Where ever he went, trouble followed. They came across one another at the local block party held annually. She steped out of the car with her best friend and immediatly knew who she was about to be dealing with. Kyle. shed never met him, or even crossed his path, but she knew of him. and he of her. but instead of being replused by being around him, they took to oneanother and they exchanged numbers and talked for hours that night, to her, he was a misunderstood, intellegent, and sweet boy. To him she was the most beautiful girl hed ever set eyes on. They spent an amazing summer together until her parents found out they were together, they were banned from seeing one another. but they didnt let that stop them. They snuck around as muc as they could just to be in the others arms. to feel their embrace, their sweet kiss, or touches that screamed "i love you". A year later, at the next block party. They went to Kyles friend's shed, it was aquipt with an upstairs with chairs, tables, and a matress, for hanging out and messing around. The usual teen-thing. They walked up stairs and sat in a chair. They held one another and drunk one another in until they couldnt bear it anymore. Their kisses getting hot and heavy, he slid his hands up her shirt and underneath her bra and let his thumb roll over her nipples. As soon as he realized what he was doing he stopped and began profusely apologizing. In return she kissed his lips softly and pulled her shirt off over her head, and smiled at him weakly. He let out a soft groan and kissed her neck whipsering in her ear "Sweetheart, I need you. Please let me have you. Let me make love to you." Harley just smiled, kissed him sweetly and ppulled herself off his lap taking his hand and leading them to the matress without a word uttered from her beautifully shapen slightly swollen lips. She layed down and brought him with her kissing his lips, neck, and chest. He stopped her and looked deeply into her eyes and asked, "Harley, are you sure this is what you want you know id never make you do anything you didnt wanna do, your my world and i dont need you sexually to love you dont do it cause its what you think i want, please." she replied with a kiss then a softly spoken "i know. i love you Kyle, but this is honestly what i want. i promise." So they continued by taking eachothers clothes off and exploring every inch of the others skin. He got enough nerve to slide his hand down her body, gently massage her clit and try to apply two fingers into her smooth virgin pussy. She yelped in pain and he knew he was going to hurt her. After he stopped touching her she run her fingers through the tuft of hair surrounding his sex. SHe grabbed his hard cock, held it tight and began slowly pushing it up and down, he sucked in a long ragged breathe and stoped her. Stretched himself out on top of her and asked once more if she was sure, after he got his answer he positioned himself above her, held himself at the entrance of her body and pushed in quickly but gently moaning in pleasure, biting his lip and looking at her to aks if she was okay. She wasnt. as soon as he pushed himself inside of her body she felt a stabbing pain between her thighs when he broke her hymen and tears threatened to flood her eyes. He kissed each eyelid and whispered "im sorry i hurt you darling. just relax." and she did. He slowly began moving inside her super tight body trying to control himself from completly letting go. He pushed in and out getting faster and harder with each thrust her body instinctivly squirming under him pushing her hips up to meet him. He trapped her nipple in his hot mouth and began sucking and lapping at them each. Their moans and groans and professions of love getting louder and lounder until finally the ppressure in her body clmaxed and she came on him at the exact moment he ppushed himself in and exploded within her spilling all of himself into her body while buring his face in her neck and moaning her name. Afterwards they laid with one another basking in thier nakedness and making love over and over again that night.

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