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The Words of a Secret Crush

Publish Date : Sep 21, 2008
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A story of a secret crush, slut-ish girls, and one summer Vernoica Hunter will never forget.

* * * * * * *

It was early July; the heat was terrible and humid. All the more reason to go to the beach, and maybe find my secret crush. My friend Sara and I traveled in her light blue BMW towards the sparkling waters of Miami Beach, Florida. My thoughts though were somewhere else, Shawn Lewis, the hottie that sat in front of me last year in 11th grade. I was picturing his sandy blonde hair and his forest green eyes, all this thinking was making my bite my lip slightly, but only because I was remembering the day he dropped his pencil and I leaned forward to get it and at the same time he did; our hands touched. I looked into those piercing forest green eyes a slowly got lost... I added on a part in my mind, using my creative imagination I leaned forward in my memory seemingly aiming for his luscious lips.

And, right at that moment when I pictured our lips inching closer together, Sara squeezed my arm. I jerked from her grasp, mostly surprised by the action. She looked at me blinking; a sly smirk appeared across her face. Uh-oh. I thought, I know that look. That was the looked that she was going to tease me about something, but what.. I haven't said anything to her since we left her house back. "Thinking about Shawn now are we" She gave an amused chuckle. I looked at her with a slight blush on my face; I turned my head slightly looking in her direction. "Uh, no, Sara I wasn't." Lying made me tensed, and knowing Sara she would probably notice this. And, of course she did. "Ooops, you tensed, Veronica. Meaning you are lying and also meaning YOU were thinking about SHAWN." I looked away knowing she had caught me in a lie yet again, I have always hated her observant side. Sighing, I said. "And so what if I was" She turned right, and behind the houses I could see the glistening ocean. "Oh, well... I might as well inform you that Shawn is suppose to be at the Beach Party tonight." When she said that my heart lurched in my chest.

"How do you know" I gulped looking at her. "Carly told me last week. She seemed excited that he was coming, too... She was all like... "Oh my God, Sara, guess who is going to the Beach Party next week!" She was all giggly and happy... I think she likes him, too, Sara. You might want to watch out about her, I heard she is a slut and likes to take girls guys. Even if she seems nice." I looked at Sara in shock. "Carly How do you know she is a slut" She simply smiled. "Because she seems to be after Shawn, duh. And, I heard she slept with guys at her other school." I did hear that rumor about Carly Samson sleeping with other guys at our other school, but I bit my lip in frustration at the thought that this secret slut was going to get my man. "Oh, well... I'll fix that." I said, with a devious tone. I want to see that little bitch touch Shawn. Sara just laugh which man the car jerk to the right, causing us to almost hit a stray dog.

She turned right parking behind dozens of other cars in the parking lot, the lot was reserved for the Beach Party, only those that had connections could get in. Thankfully, I had Sara who knew everyone of the "Hierarchy of Popularity". I stepped out the car, wearing my hot pink two-piece, the color bringing out my tanned complexion. I wasn't busty like some of the girls that just walked past us, which looked like they were a 34B or C something. I was a 32B, and of course being a blonde meant the Sara was a 36C. She stepped out the car slowly, making her perfect breasts jiggle every so slightly. In that split second her keys fell to the ground, causally she bent over to pick them. Letting anyone behind her get a nice glimpse of her round ass, which I was jealous of because it was so firm. Mine was firm, too... But, not as round, round enough I guess, but I still was jealous. Of course there were many guys walking by, they all stopped to check out the view. I already had gone around to her side to get the towels, I watched as they sized her up. Licking their lips, I shook my head and leaned over to grab the towels form the back seat, the towel that I placed around my hips moments before slipped off giving them a glimpse as well.

I gasped slightly as I hear they guys clap, I felt so embarrassed. Not use to the attention like Sara, I quickly grabbed the towel and wrapped it around me. One guy yelled. "Take the towel off, you got a lovely body, baby!" Sara already putting the keys in her beach bag turned to me and snatched the towel and gave my butt a slight spanking, laughing as she did so. Oh, how the guys loved that, and how I became more embarrassed, though I couldn't help to laugh. To get pay back, I turned around and grabbed Sara's boob giving it a rough squeeze. Thus, causing all the guys to scream..."OH YEAH!!!!" They were clapping and laughing... some were asking for us to do more. And that is when I saw him, in the front of all the other people that had gathered to see our little show. He stood there with his arms crossed, his tan, firm body glistening, hinting that he had been playing volley ball or something. He gave me the most beautiful smile, but what really threw me off was the hint of something else I couldn't quite grasp, but I was soon to find out. I looked around to see were exactly his eyes were looking, and as I thought they were looking at me. I blushed and looked away; the towels in my hands fell to the ground do to Sara's butt-grabbing-game. I picked them up and walked towards the beach, finding us a place to lay out before the sun set. Sara up to me, grabbing my shoulder and shook me lightly. "VERONICA, SHAWN WAS LOOKING AT YOU!!" I quickly covered her mouth, not wanting anyone epically Shawn to hear her."SHHHH!!!" I whispered. She pulled my hand away and whispered... "Sorry, he was looking at you!! Oh my God, you have to go talk to him!" My eyes widened, I know I couldn't do that, even if I really wanted to... "No, Sara... I can't." ..." WHAT!" She screeched. I covered her mouth... "Be quiet he might hear you!" ... "Oh, yeah sorry, Veronica."... She giggled, I watched her gaze pass me and land on the fire. A look of horror was on her face.

Around it were at least 20 people, might I add it was a huge fire. I turned to her puzzled, and followed her gaze one more time. They landed on two familiar figures, I couldn't see really 'because the sun had gone down. I stepped closer squinting, and that was when I saw... Carly lips touching Shawn's. I felt my stomach do like a million flips, I turned away from the fire and walked away to wards the water. Sara started screaming my name... "VERONICA, WAIT."... Sara was right that bitch was a slut, even what I said before... I can't be that mean, even though I wanted to walk over to the bitch and pull her off him and kicked the fuck out of her skinny ass. I sighed feeling stupid for even thinking that Shawn would ever like me, of course he would go for Carly even if she is a slut... She is pretty, probably prettier than me... I sat on the shore on top of my towel, feeling the waves lap at my feet, laying back; I closed my eyes, frowning... I kicked the sand a couple of times, before I felt a hand softly touch my leg. I kept my eye closed ignoring the touch... I thought it was Sara, trying to comfort me so I spoke slightly... "Sara I guess you were right, Carly is a slut... Kissing on Shawn... I should have never thought that it would be my lips he would be kissing."

"Oh, is that so" Wait, what That isn't Sara's voice. I thought, and right when I opened my eyes. I could make out the outline of broad shoulders and his hair... And before I knew it his lips were touching mine. My inner thoughts were going crazy... IS THIS SHAWN! OH MY FUCKING GOD, HIS LIPS ARE SO SOFT... Then, it hit me; these lips also kissed Carly... OH HELL NO!! I pushed him away, suddenly feeling hurt and angry... "Go back to your slut, Shawn." I couldn't even believe what I was saying. "... What You mean Carly" I stared at him, the fire making his body look like it was glowing, I blinked... "Yeah, you kissed her!"... "Correction, she kissed me... She just walked over to me and planted one on me... Look, Veronica... I didn't want her to kiss me, that bitch is a slut." He gave me that same smile he did earlier and that was I knew what it was; lust.

I looked at him blinking and right when I looked at him. His lips pressed back against mine, this time I kissed him back... Slightly nipping at his lips, just because I'm shy doesn't mean I don't know how to kiss. Next thing I knew, I was laying against the towel again... He pulled from me... "Veronica, I have always liked you... Ever since 9th, 10th, and 11th grade." I blushed, feeling hot all over. Apparently, he felt this to because he started kissing along my jaw line towards my neck... "I have always wanted you... too... Shawn."... His mouth started drifting down towards my neck, he took a playfully nip, causing shudders to race through out my body. I placed my hands on his shoulders, sliding my legs against his. I felt his hands softly push their way underneath my bathing-suit top. His finger tips dancing along my breasts, pinching my nipples. His other hand slid down my back finding the strap that held my bathing-suit together, quickly he untied it... My heart was racing, I never have been this far, not wanting to stop, I pressed my lower half into him. His response was a quick grope at my butt, his hand quickly moved back to my back sliding up behind my neck. He pressed his lips against mine; I playfully brushed my tongue over his luscious lips. Not believing the fact that I was actually going to give my virginity to Shawn... I felt my top slip off finally and his slowly groping hands work with each breast. I pressed my breast against his chest teasingly; I could feel how hard he was through his trunks. The hard-on was teasing my wet lips, his hands slid down to my hips. Groping at them slightly, his fingers slipped underneath the bottoms... I looked at him half naked and squirmed slightly, making it easier for him to remove the bottoms. I was thinking how glad I was that I brought a towel to lay on, snapping back to what was happening now... I watched him pulled off his trunks, returning to his previous position. I smiled while whispering into his ear... "I want you to be my first..." He leaned up and looked at me before giving me a warm smile... "I want to be your first, too."...

He pressed his firm cock against my already wet pussy; sensually he slid the tip of his cock along my lips. A sensation I never felt before rocked my body, instinctively I pressed against the head, making him slip inside me. I gasped at the slight pain, once he slid deeper inside of me... Moments later the painful pressure was gone. And that was when his lips clenched around my nipples, tugging on them harshly, making me moan loudly. His hands slid down my body landing onto my hips. Steadily his motioned in and out of my tight pussy. I bit my lips, rocking back against his hungry cock. He moved from one breasted to another, pumping into me. I arched my back slightly, parting my lips to let out a muffled moan, and that was when I screamed for him to fuck me harder. I gasped as he pounded into me roughly; his own head leaned back as he came closer to the point of no return. Fucking me harder I felt my whole body shake as my orgasmic liquid squirted all over his cock, soon after he exploded into my pussy... There was so much that it was seeping out of me, I felt it slid down my ass... He rested against me now, breathing heavily, as I.

I wrapped my arms around him, gasping... He looked at me with those forest green eyes and I almost melted. I closed my eyes for only a second, and once I opened them he was sliding down my form, heading towards my fucked pussy... I felt his tongue push his way into to me... His lips sucking on my moist pussy lips, I squirmed... What is he doing I thought and that was when I realized he was cleaning me out... I felt him suck all of our combined juices from my pussy... After that was done he sat up licking his lips... "Mmm... you fuck so well..." ... I looked at him surprised. "I do" ... "Yup, now come down her and clean me off."... I did as he asked, leaning forward and licking at his cummed stained cock, licking off all of our juices... I slowly sucked him, listening as he moaned and placed a hand on my head pushing me down harder on it.

Suddenly he was fucking my face; I moaned twirling my tongue faster around his cock... Sucking up everything. One more push and I felt his hot cum seep into my mouth... He tasted so good; I swallowed it hungrily, licking him down... I sat up and leaned against him, his arms wrapped around my body... We looked at the other people around the fire talking, laughing; even some were getting fucked... And that was when I knew... I wanted to keep him for myself...

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