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Virgins of Persia - Chapter 2

Author: Persianboy2963
Publish Date : Sep 21, 2008
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I couldn't believe that my lovely girlfriend has given me a virgin to fuck as her goodbye gift. I rubbed the head of my cock on her clit. Then on her pussy lips. Then I put it between the lips and tried to lubricate it with her wetness.

* * * * * * *

If you have read the first chapter, you know that I had my first sex with a beautiful virgin named Sarah! I never betrayed her because we had the best fucking possible. But suddenly things changed when she told me that she's going to London. Damn! Even if I did not miss her kindness-that I sure did- I would absolutely miss her hot hot body. The last month was a mess. Unhappy and disappointed is the least to say. And then it was time. She had the ticket for Sunday. We met on Friday and we both cried and cried. She told me that she loves me so much but has to go. Then she said: "May I ask you something" I doubtlessly said: "Anything"!" -"I'd like to have my last sex with you on Sunday and I will stay the night. I also wanna bring you something by which you will remember me" -"whatever you say" was the last thing to be said before she left.

All day long I was wondering about the gift I was going to get. Finally the doorbell rang at 8 and I was so nervous to open the door to her for the last time. To my surprise there was a very beautiful girl with her. She was about 6 feet tall and had a real curved sexy body with black eyes and hair. I said: "hey honey, I see we have a guest" -"hi, I thought that being alone tonight will have no result but crying. So I figured out that Parmida can stay with us." I said with a big smile:" sure, that would be great. Hey come on in girls." Parmida said:"hi, well you are as gorgeous as she had told me." They came in and we talked so much about anything. After dinner we were watching TV that I saw something. My girlfriend was sitting beside me and her head on my shoulder and Parmida was sitting beside her. I turned to see my girlfriend but my eyes locked on Parmida's nipples. I debt they were so hard and had stood up. She was wearing a bra under her top but her nipples could be seen. She must have been turned on. But with what We were not doing anything. And TV was showing some ordinary serial. I decided to test her so I put my hand on Sarah's shoulder and began to kiss her very passionately. She used her tongue to play with mine. I thought that Parmida will pretend nothing is going on but she looked at us with the biggest smile on her face. As our kisses gone harder and wilder she was looking more eagerly. I was wondering why Sarah does not care about being watched. While kissing, Sarah sat on my lap and continued bathing my mouth with hers. Oh my cock was so hard. Now, it was time to see the result of the test. Wow! What I saw was like a bulge on pant! She was for sure burning inside. I put my hands on Sarah's well-formed breasts and rubbed them as hard as I could. Sarah began her great great moans that could make any man cum in 10 seconds. Suddenly Sarah stopped and looked into my eyes, then looked at Parmida and then at me again and said:"honey! Tomorrow will be the worst day of my life. But we cannot do anything about that. I'm so happy that you took my virginity." l took a look at Parmida and then at my hot girlfriend. She continued:"so I have brought you the promised gift. Actually I have brought you a beautiful virgin!" "what Oh my . . . Come on!"- Sarah smiled to Parmida and said:"Parmida is 21 but she's a virgin. I hope you will remember me when you see her blood on your cock. I didn't know what to say. I couldn't even look at Parmida. Sarah got that and told Parmida to come closer and sit beside us. Now I could feel the warm from both girls. Sarah said:"Parmida! I let you kiss my boyfriend." To my surprise she came closer to kiss me. I pulled my head back saying "what are you two doing" They both laughed. Sarah stood up and said:"maybe I should leave you two alone. I go to bedroom maybe I will see you two there." she then looked at me and continued:"but I suggest to save her virginity till I'm gone. Anyway I want you to remember our first time when I'm far far away." And now we were alone. Me and a real beautiful virgin that was to lose her virginity with me as spoken to her friend. She took my hand and said:" I wanted you from the very first time I saw your picture. I have heard that you are perfect at sex. That's why I wanna have my first real sex with you." She put her other hand on my lap and kissed my lips. It was great! I couldn't resist and responded with wild kisses. Her hands went loose and I knew she was not in this world. Then our tongues met and began playing together. She took my hand and put it on her breast. I liked the touch. I could feel her hard nipples and now I knew why they were like that all the time. It was all planned and now I had a virgin pussy to fuck. She was like Sarah. Sexy moans that I liked so much. She sat on me just like Sarah and we did the same things. But it didn't stop at there and gone much further. She was licking my lips as if they were the most delicious thing she has ever eaten. She moaned so sexy as I was rubbing her tits. She said:"oh it's so hot! We don't need any clothes. Do we" I just smiled and she got rid of my t-shirt and trousers and I helped her get rid of anything but her pink bra and panties. She was really hot. My penis was bursting in my boxers. She put her hand on my cock and said:"I have heard it's big. Sarah has told me that you are the best fucker of the world. She says she enjoys your cock very much and that you give her lots of pleasure because you know everything about sex. I can't wait to feel you inside myself. But we have to convince Sarah because she wants it to happen later." I didn't know what to say. I told her that we are to have our last sex and maybe she will lose her virginity sometime later. She said ok but asked me something:"may I see your hard cock" Before the answer she put her hand in my boxers and I felt her girly hand on my cock and balls. It got bigger and bigger. And before I could do anything I found her licking the tip of my cock while her left hand was playing with my balls and her right hand was around the shaft of my dick. It felt great. She was such an expert. In just a minute my whole cock was down her throat. She ate it all up! Oh after playing with both girls I was getting to the boiling point. She saw me breathing faster and she sucked her beloved cock as fast as she could. I grabbed her hair and started to fuck her mouth. Without warning her I shot 4-5 loads of my cum into her delicate mouth. She ate it all. And stood up and smiled at me and said: now you owe me something. I have also heard that you are great at pussy licking and I really need some relief now." I said:"sure! Horny lady!" I made her completely naked and laid her on the floor. And laid on her. Her body was burning. I kissed her on the lips and played with her tongue. Then with her tits. She had big hard breasts with pinkish nipples that were begging to be sucked. As I sucked her left nipple I played with the right one and she was almost screaming of the joy. Then I licked her belly and now it was time for the most important part. Her pussy was adorable. No hairs at all and pink. It was like a 12 years old girl's cunt. The moment she felt my breath on her burning wet pussy she arched her back and said lustfully: come on! Please! I can't wait." I found her clitoris and began licking that. In 5 seconds she had her first orgasm and moaned so loudly. I licked her clit and labia for about half an hour and she experienced so many orgasms. My cock was now fully hard again. She saw that and said:"are you ready to fuck me I don't need this damn hymen anymore." I said:"But Sarah wants it later and she is waiting for me to fuck her for the last time." -"so can I come to the bedroom I'd like to see you two fucking and maybe she will let me fuck too." I nodded yes and we went to Sarah. She was completely naked on the bed and was playing with her nipples when we got there. She laughed loudly when she saw us both naked and said:"I heard some noises bad girl! You are not a virgin anymore, are you" Parmida looked at me and said:"I am. He prefers to fuck you first and then would be my turn if you allow that." Sarah teasingly said:"I will decide later." She pointed at my hard big cock and said :"I need that honey!" Without a word I got on top of her and put my cock in her and started to fuck so wildly. She was so wet. I cupped both breasts and continued fucking. Parmida sat beside her and watched her friend being fucked. Sarah was moaning so hard. They took each others hands. Parmida asked Sarah:"How does that feel Tell me!" Sarah was in heaven and all she could say was "oh . . . oh . . . you cannot imagine!" I fucked her harder and felt that I will cum very soon. At this moment I found Parmida's free hand on her clit. She was playing with herself as she saw her best friend being fucked so hard. Seeing this I orgasmed and emptied myself again in Sarah's pussy. Feeling me pumping into her she came too. We both freezed but Parmida was still trying. She tapped my back and said:"can you do that again" Sarah interrupted her :"you should wait little girl. I still wanna be fucked. This is our last time anyway." Sarah began kissing me. She put Parmida's hand on her breast and Parmida put her other hand on my balls. I felt that my cock is growing inside her and started moving slowly. In a few minutes my cock reached its full length and I could fuck again. I asked Sarah for a doggy style. And when I was fucking my horny girlfriend doggy style, Parmida was again playing with herself. I grabbed Sarah's hair and pulled her head back and asked her:"you will miss my cock, won't you" Between her moans she said:"oh, I will miss every inch of that. I will miss every drop of your hot cum. I will miss your whole body." These words were too much for Parmida and she came trembling so hard. I was close to the third orgasm of the night when Parmida came to me and began licking my moving balls. It was enough and I filled her pussy with more of my seed. We both laid on the bed but Parmida was sitting trying to say something:"Sarah! I know your boyfriend is so strong at sex but I'm afraid he cannot fuck me if he fucks you one more time." Sarah said angrily:"my last time, remember If you need to be fucked tonight you should be a patient girl." For about an our we talked. Parmida still had that begging manner on her face. I told Sarah:"I can fuck you again if you don't mind" Sarah began rubbing my cock and it didn't take too long to get ready. She smiled at Parmida and got on top of me and started riding me so fast. And again Parmida started playing with herself. She couldn't wait anymore and begged Sarah as watching her enjoying so much:" Sarah, please there's no way that I will stay a virgin till you are in London. You give me your boyfriend's dick or I will use my fingers for defloration!" Sarah said breathlessly as riding on my cock:"ok horny girl! You can have his cock after I get his cum one more time." Parmida jumped and said to me:"are you gonna fuck me Can you get hard again" I said:"oh, I'm cumming again. Oh that's great. So the fifth time will be yours." Parmida smiled with pleasure and kissed me. She then turned to Sarah and said:"come on girl! Can't you make a man cum. Faster amateur! Faster! We have got a lot to do." Sarah was enjoying my cock so much. Suddenly I felt my balls tighten and I came for the forth time. Sarah fell on me breathing so fast. Parmida looked so happy. She kissed Sarah on the cheek and said:"good girl! You are both strong. Two people like you can have sex for 24 hours. But it's my time now." My now soft cock was still in Sarah. Parmida knew that she has to wait. I had had four powerful orgasms and needed some time. We all fell sleep and you cannot guess how I woke up. I heard some moans. I didn't open my eyes. I figured out it was both of them. I opened my eyes and saw both horny girls making love. They were kissing each other and playing with each other's pussies. They were both going crazy. Parmida stopped and asked:"can he fuck me now" Sarah answered in a sexy manner:"he always can. But anyway it's been about 4-5 hours ago. Sure he can. Are you sure you're ready for this" -"does it hurt" -"a little at first. But you start liking that and then you will beg for more." Sarah saw that I'm awake. She smiled and said:"hey! As promised I have brought you a virgin. Why don't you tear her pussy apart She's begging like a bitch for that." I felt my cock starting to get hard. Sarah continued:"don't go easy with her. It's her first time but you can fuck her like a paid bitch. She's a bitch anyway. Don't you remember how she begged for your cock when we were fucking It's up to you. I'm going to take a shower and when I'm back I wanna see the blood on the bed!" My cock was semi hard hearing those dirty words. Sarah left the room and I found Parmida biting her lip while playing with her clit. She came closer and took my cock in her hand and said:"may I" I said:"make it as hard as possible so that I can tear your pussy apart. This would be the first and last time bitch." She put both her hands around my shaft and started striking. My cock was getting harder and bigger. I told her:"come on bitch. Suck my cock. I wanna throat fuck you. You were great last time." And she was really great. Her tongue around the tip of my cock made me feel so good. She sucked like a real bitch. My cock was now so big that she couldn't take it all. I stopped her and told her to lay down. Her pussy was so wet that there were some drops running down her hips. It made penetration easier. I rubbed her inner thigh and asked her:"so it's time now. Ready to get out of the virgins world" -"I cannot wait a second. You don't know how I feel inside. All my body is on fire. The only thing that can make me feel better is a giant cock in my body." I couldn't wait either. I couldn't wait to fuck another virgin. I couldn't believe that my lovely girlfriend has given me a virgin to fuck as her goodbye gift. I rubbed the head of my cock on her clit. Then on her pussy lips. Then I put it between the lips and tried to lubricate it with her wetness. All the time she was rubbing her breasts. I then pushed my cock slowly a little more and then a little more. Then took it out and again inner and inner. My cock was lubricated and I pushed all of it inside her. She cried out in pain and pleasure. I started to fuck her. I could see the blood on my cock and on her pussy lips. I fucked her faster and faster until I got to the maximum speed. She was really tight. My cock felt great in there. She was moving her head from side to side. Poor girl had to take a long fuck for her first time because I had already came for four times. She said:"ooooh . . . ooooooooh . . . It's great. Oh! Fuck me! Tear my pussy apart. Rip it. Wow! Fuck me! Fuck me as hard as you can . . . Faster . . . Harder." . . . Sarah entered the room naked and wet to see her friend talking like that. By her face I could see that she liked it so much. I blew her a kiss and continued fucking Parmida. I held both her legs and put them on my shoulders and bent on her to reach her breasts. I cupped both her gorgeous breasts and penetrated as far as my cock would go. My balls were now the only part of my manhood left outside. It took another 2-3 minutes till I got to the point that there was no turning back. I shot my cum inside Parmida that was no longer a virgin. We rested about a minute. When I pulled my cock out a lot of thick blood came out and made the bed bloody red. Sarah said:" wow" Parmida said:"Oh Sarah! It was as great as you had promised. I love this cock." Sarah looked at me and said:"well honey, believe it or not I still need to be fucked. I'm going to bring you a lot of beer and nuts to have so that you can fuck me again. And by the way. I have another virgin for you to fuck. Parmida's asshole is still virgin!!!"

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