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Lady at the Bar

Author: TC
Publish Date : Oct 9, 2008
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She was not at all bad looking but not one of those knock outs you see hanging out in the bars, but something about her made her seem a little starved for companionship. But she never played up to any one as far as I could see.

* * * * * * *

I was working in a local bar/restaurant that had been in the neighborhood for a long time and also a place that I felt comfortable about bringing my family for dinner and drinks. The whole place was geared towards an older more senior crowd. Each and every day was a new experience, the people who came day in and day out were local for the most part, with a few who just happened to be in the neighborhood and were welcome as long as they kept the peace. I was fairly new at 25 years old and the father of two girls. I thought that I was living a pretty complete life so far and was happy as most are with sex and all the things connected with it. It was on a typical day like most when it started. Every Saturday morning Betty, who must have been at least 56 years old would come in after her beauty appointment and sit at the bar and order a drink that was very strange to be sure. She would order a Nicholson 1843 bourbon and half & half coffee cream. The two would not blend together no matter how long you stirred it. So it was that she became a regular who razzed you once in a while and was razzed herself, to be expected. We knew little about her other than her husband passed away at a young age and she was a widow for many years. She was not at all bad looking but not one of those knock outs you see hanging out in the bars, but something about her made her seem a little starved for companionship. But she never played up to any one as far as I could see. This was Saturday 2 weeks before Christmas and closing quick on the holiday. I always grew a beard before the holiday and this year was no different. The guys were calling me Muff Diver and kidding me about my love for giving oral sex to a woman. To me it's the most important part of having sex , to please a woman and be satisfied. Well, Betty looked up and motioned for me to come and see her as if she didn't understand what the guys were teasing me about with this muff diver talk, and as a member of this group, she wanted to understand everything she could. So I went over to her and asked if I could help in any way and she said I would like to know what this is they are teasing you about being a muff diver. All of a sudden it dawned on me she probably never received it in all her life. I got very close and in a voice like I was telling a secret, I said that is when a man goes down and licks a woman's Hot Wet Pussy with great skill and passion until she explodes in many orgasms that can't be compared with any other sexual experience. She asked me if I liked to do this to a woman and I replied, "more than anything on the face of this earth." I asked if there was anything else that I could do and she said thanks and continued to drink her special drink, but you could tell there was a light turned on in her head. She was thinking and I could tell it was only a matter of time. In a 10 minute lapse of time she called me over and asked me in almost a whisper, if I would like to come to her Christmas Party. I said yes and asked who all was invited and she looked at me and said "just you." Christmas fell on a Sunday that year and her Party fell on the previous Friday night and I was at her door promptly at 7 p.m. She lived in a two family flat in south Saint Louis and she lived upstairs. When she opened the door, she motioned for me to go up first but I said "after you." I wanted to check out her large ass as she climbed the stairs, and it was indeed a treat to watch. She was wearing a 50's style nighty which revealed just enough for a glimpse of skin and it felt like silk. I didn't want to take too much time with foreplay as she really was hot and ready to go. I went to squeeze by her when she motioned for me to go into the bedroom to place my jacket and hat out of the way. When I squeezed by her, I let my hand go down to her crotch and I felt her tense but welcome my advances and her breath came hard and fast and she couldn't stop the fact that she was very WET and Ready. I lifted her into the bed and like a professional massage artist I went to work with my hands at first and when she was already arching and screaming, I went to her wet Pussy and dove in for what seemed like a few minutes but turned out to be at least 45 minutes, one explosion after the other rocked her so that she was extremely satisfied. I waited just a few moments before starting as though I had not done anything before, she jolted with each orgasm like an electric shock, screaming and falling back to earth again for what left her feeling weak. And although I was married at the time, I don't feel like I did anything wrong. It seemed so natural and it was a beginning of a romp that lasted at least 6 months. We became good friends and she finally married again, and she told me at the reception. "He does what you do." another true story TC

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