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Him and I


Author: Alieca Bertyon
Published: 11-Oct-08 Revised/Updated 12-Oct-08

He takes off his pants and sticks all 9inches deep inside my pussy makin me scream he starts goin hard and fast. I resist and scream no he ignores me and goes harder then before I keep screaming stop and no everytime he goes harder in Me.

* * * * * * *

Now, i'm not one to complain, i have brown hair, long curly/wavy, a curvy tanned body, round firm ass, though i dont have the biggest boobs in the world. 34 A, i have long legs, i'm 5'5" 126.4lbs. I live in a small suburban area and my life is just great, i have a boyfriend, well fiancee, who's about 4 years older than me and is very handsome, muscular, strong enough to pin my weak body down.

Him and i have been dating for about 2 years or so now, and we're both virgins. All though i know he would like it much better if we didn't wait till we got married. I sometimes find him jacking off to magazines or pictures that i sent him when we first started dating. Which, turns me on of course. And everynight i fantasize about pleasuring him, though he works nights and i work days so there is hardly any time for us to pleasure ourselves. He's pretty big for his age, 9in. He's italian, which makes me one lucky girl!

Anyway we use to exchange our wildest fantasies and all the things we've wanted to do to each other for a long while. We never took action to any; though we have always wanted to. We vowed to wait. And that is what we will do. One night i was lying in bed and he had the night off, so we could spend time together, we were lying in bed watching a movie just cuddling.

I feel a warm hand start moving along my curves, it feels so nice, he notices that i like it. He starts breathing down my neck and i start panting a little, my breathin gets harder, he moves his big hand up my curves and starts caressing my right breast. i give a little moan as he fondles my nipple. i try and ask him to stop, but i couldn't find the words. He has started kissing down my neck, still squeezing my right breast, making me moan and tilt my head back. He bites my neck, he knows i love it when he does that, his other hand starts to move down my body, my pussy is aching for him.

His hand moves down my stomach reaching my hips, i mumble the word stop, but he does not. I say it a little louder, still he keeps going. He starts running his finger across the rim of my panties, turning me on. My panties, now, totally soaked, were starting to be slowly pulled down, i tried to move my hand to push him away but he is stronger than me and resists. I'm still moaning to the feeling of his hand grasping and massaging my breast.

He flips me over, pins me down to the bed using little of his muscle to keep me still. he kisses me aggresively, saying he's not waiting any longer. As he is still biting my neck moving down my body, he starts to suck my left breast. I can't help but to moan to this, it feels amazing. Without hesitation he bites my nipple, sending ripples of pain and pleasure through my body. Causing me to squirm, he gets angry, he uses more strength and pins me down harder, i cant even move.

I try to fight back with the little room i have, he laughs at my weak attempt. He brings his mouth up to my hear and whispers, "You know the more you do that the more i get turned on and the more it's going to be painful for you." i stop. He smiles at me and trusts me enough to let go for a second to undo his pants. Once he's gotten his, now erect, dick out, he pins me down once more. He doesn't hesitate, he pushes all 9in into my tight clit and moans, it is so painful for me, i scream. This just turns him on more.

After 3 minutes of this horrible pain, i start to moan, instead of scream. It sends this amazing feeling through my body; i realize i have just had my first orgasim. He felt it too, he moans as he climaxes too. I started feeling every little inch go in and out forcefully. I scream "no!" and "stop!" over and over but he refuses, he just ignores me and goes harder and faster. I must admit that this did send sensation through my body.

About 45 minutes had passed, he stopped, he gets off me right as another earth-clenching orgasim errupts through my body. He pulls me up and tells me to get on my knees, i do what i'm asked. He doesn't even have to tell me what to do, my mouth was already over his dick, sucking every last bit of that sweet cum i had been desperately wishing to taste for years. He came a whole lot into my mouth, i swallowed it all wanted more. I finish after about 3 more times of this. He is exhausted, as am i.

We had fallen asleep on the bed after about an hour and a half of pure love making, i was strangley smug in the morning, with a big grin stretched across my face, little did i know, we would be doing this quite often.

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