My Buddy and His Mom

Author: UR Null
Published: Nov 4, 2008
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A young man had an affair with his friend's Mom but then his friend finds about it.

Hello, my name is Samuel (not real) and I live in a relatively small city of India called Coimbatore (or whatever). I am 20 years of age with 5'8" well built body and I am a B.Com student (hee ... hee). I would like to narrate a real sex story of mine. It is really worth reading (perhaps). It wasn't until I went to the high school I realized that my cock was bigger than other guys (be serious now). Everybody wanted to see it. They used to ask me to lower my pants to see how big it was.

When I was 18 and studying in the first year of the college, I met a boy named Arun Kumar (first name that came to mind). His family was staying in street next to ours. We became close to each other quickly. One day he asked me to show my cock to him (no kidding now). You know guys asked me to show my man-meat so many times that I got used to it and had no problems showing anybody. When he saw it he asked me if he could wank me off. I just said OK.

He gave me a good time and I enjoyed it a lot. When I was ready to cum he went down and took all my cum in his mouth. It was a double pleasure for me: a hand job and my first oral contact. At this point of time I didn't know my friend was practicing hand and blow job on other guys (it was a regular thing for him).

One afternoon I went to his place but he wasn't home (luckily). At college he told me he would be home when I arrive, and promised we could have some fun. His mother whom I called Rasna Auntie was there. Do you know the Indian film actress Kirron Kher (or Hema Malini or Sri Devi) Well, this woman reminded me of her: sexy curves, big ass, and a face similar to a goddess!

She told me that her son had not been home since long (that day). I was surprised because Arun had said he would be home. She then asked to stay and wait for him. She offered me some coffee and I thanked her. Rasna Auntie was wearing a red sari with matching blouse. We sat for some chat on her settee, with coffee of course. With no caution she began coming on to me.

I was an inexperienced teenager and she was an experienced 40 year old mom of a teenage son. I had no clue what to make of her intrusion at first. We were sitting close in the sofa, and she started making cracks and started slapping my thigh (I didn't find anything funny though), with each fond slap her hands were approaching a danger zone in my body (my Cock). She was laughing and her big breasts were heaving.

I knew it was forbidden, but couldn't resist peeping down her cleavage. Without any intention I was having a hard on for my buddy's mom, and as soon as she saw that she asked me to show it to her. I refused, but she insisted constantly (Only once please). On top of that the mature bitch said she might let my parents know I did oral sex with her son and forced him to masturbate me. I had no idea how she found out but I knew my father will kill me if he finds out. She began to get impatient and very persistent. Frankly, she maybe was 40 but she had a great figure. Moreover that day she was wearing a blouse that hardly covered her boobs. (I think the Devil seduced Adam by presenting him with houris' curves!)

My friend's mom was a little plump on her stomach, but she had beautiful breasts with blood filled nipples jutting out. She went on to convince me I should show her my penis. Her voice was so nice, she kept getting closer to me, she smelled wonderful and her tits were right in front of my face.

She put her hand on my fly and said it was massive. Before I realized it she opened my fly and let my cock out, then she touched it with her warm palm, feeling and stroking it. The mature slut said she admired it very much. Her eyes were hazy with lust, I guess.

Without warning she knelt on the floor and kissed hard on my penis upon which my dick started throbbing. She felt it pulsating with her mature palms wrapped around my shaft. She parted her luscious lips and took me in up till the tip. Then she started sucking me hard, her head bobbing between my wobbly knees.

My eyes began to blur with ecstasy. I couldn't think clearly. My best friend's mom was sucking my cock like an expert cocksucker. She lifted her chin to look at me. There was a grin on her face with my penis wedged between her sexy lips. She started slurping hard, and then she licked me and held me like a lollipop inside her mouth. It was too much and I came inside her mature mouth. My buddy's mom didn't even blink, not to say about hesitation. It seems she knew perfectly my timing, being an experienced slut. I shook my head to clear my thoughts, suddenly I was feeling hot and shaky (guilt or drain, I don't know exactly) she was blushing after fully swallowing my cum and she grinned showing her teeth biting my deflating penis between her teeth.

Then she ordered me to take my fly off and she started removing her sari. She flung it aside, and then she did a mild striptease with her blouse hooks. I was straining with my eyes hungry for her next move (my guilt was replaced by lust) finally her blouse came off. She had a white brassiere on but she bent her elbows behind and unhooked it. When she undid her petticoat she had no underwear below, and she had her cunt shaved neatly so that I could see her pussy slit. I stood and stared at her while my cock jumped up, saluting her with excitement.

She took my hand and led me into her bedroom. There she told me to lie on the bed, then kneeling between my legs she played with my shaft, kissing and stroking it very carefully. Finally, she asked me if I ever fucked a girl. I said 'No'. She said she believes me as no girl my age would take this monster inside; she also said she hadn't had anything like that in her, so she wanted to try it. I also wanted to know what it felt like, so I nodded my head.

She got up on the bed over me. It looked very strange to me; I was a bit confused because I only knew one way of sexual intercourse, when a man was on top of woman. But from her actions it appeared that she was going to sit on my cock. I asked her if she was doing everything right. She said she will show me another way of having intimacy as my cock was very big and she needed to control it all the way. I was surprised as her cunt looked bigger than any of the photos that I had seen. I was laying there and she squatted over my cock taking it in her hand, then she slowly lowered herself down onto it until my wang started disappearing into her warm and wet cunt. It felt wonderful when she slowly lowered herself down, so I could see my cock head opening her cunt lips and slowly sliding into her. As it went in she made some enjoying noises continuing impaling herself onto my rod. Further and further, as my cock slowly disappeared into her cunt, it was feeling better and better every second. Finally she was virtually sitting on me, and my entire shaft was inside of her. She moved about a bit and I could feel her cunt tight around my dick. My eyes fixed on her shapely tits. She said:

"This is the most amazing sensation I've ever had! I have never had anything bigger in me before and I have never enjoyed anything like it."

She saw me looking at her firm tits. She made me pinch her erect nipples with my fingers (she instructed me to use forefinger and middle finger like scissors, and wedge her nipples between them). After that I sucked her nipples and she told me to do it with my lips, tongue and teeth. She liked me biting her nipples softly with my teeth, sucking and pulling on them with my lips. I was having a whale of time. Then she said she wanted to get fucked and started lifting and lowering her cunt up and down on my cock.

I always loved having my cock sucked but this was much better, she was all warm and tight and every time she moved I could feel her insides rubbing up and down my cock, it was fantastic! After a few minutes she changed her position a couple of times, but stayed on top of me.

I was guilty towards my friend as well as his dad. But who cared then. I don't think I could've stopped fucking his mom, even if he were there yelling at me. Anyway I established a rhythm inside my buddy's mom's womb. She was my first woman and best till date for sure.

The words she used bluntly were unbelievable and they drove me on if anything. It wasn't dawning on me that I was fucking my best friend's mom on her own marital bed. Suddenly she screamed in her orgasm, and then fell forward her breasts heaving from labored breathing, leaning their soft pillory weight on my young bare chest.

I stopped plunging and reminded her of 'not wearing a condom'. She said coolly. 'Ti's okay one doesn't need to wear condoms with his friend's mom as she was no stranger.' I wasn't sure; I believed her or rather understood her. But instinctively I continued fucking her. I was calling 'Rasna Auntie, Rasna Auntie,' (but my voice was muffled by her breast which filled my mouth). I came big inside Rasna auntie, right into the womb of my best friend's mummy.

Later she said that my coming inside her was no problem as she has stopped her pregnancy clinically. I said, "I must confess, I've never thought of having sex before, but now I feel very horny and you are so beautiful. Even the fact that you are Arun's mom makes me feel even hotter!"

She replied: "My husband didn't do it any more, and so I don't do this very often now, I hope you and I can have some fun from time to time..."

I asked her what happens if her son finds out I fucked his mom. Her response surprised me a lot: "Although he understands me better than his Dad, I want you to make sure he never finds out anything about you and me. I hope you will keep it a secret as well." I assured her it will be only between me and her.

She was not satisfied completely so she said that since that was my first time I came quickly and surely will hang up more in future. Then she said it was my turn to please her, and then she got off me, slid on the bed. She leaned back at the edge of the bed, putting her feet on the carpet, with legs wide spread. "Eat my pussy! Now"

I kneeled between her legs. Her pussy was totally bare. Her cuntal lips were big, well contoured and spreading them with my fingers, I saw a huge clit. Cupping her ass in my hands I started to lap at her slowly, running my tongue up and down her cunt. Under my tongue she got wetter and wetter. I took her sacred lips in my mouth and kept sucking and pulling, and then I licked her clit, tasting it. Her hips pushed hard into my face and she began to scream, "Fill up my pussy with your cock!" With one quick motion I buried my cock in her hairless pussy to the balls and held it there.

She gasped and a spasmodic tremor wracked her cunt. She put her legs around my waist with her ankles locked behind my back, holding me firmly in her. I fucked her large fuckhole hard and fast and she moaned and screamed. Her cunt began to gush out around my cock. The hot, wet grasp of her cunt soon pushed me beyond the point of no return "Please don't cum I want more" she cried. But I exploded.

Everything comes to an end. As well she said I would have to go because Arun would be home soon. She took me into her bathroom and we had a shower together. We had to walk naked together back to our clothes and we got dressed together and she kissed me really hard and slipped her tongue into my mouth. I had never kissed like that but it was nice. After we pulled apart she said, "There is something else I can teach you How to kiss"


One day we both went out together to a shop to buy her son a birthday gift. She wore a lovely yellow colored salwar, which was really tight. As we were sorting different things I really had the feeling that she was my wife. We were getting really comfortable with each other.

As soon as we reached her home I undressed her. I turned her around and she asked what I was doing. I said I want to fuck her in her ass. She started protesting and said she has never tried it that way (lei). I told her not to worry and trust me on that one. On my command she climbed up on the bed and got on all fours. She had a round, tight, firm ass. I had never seen such a beautiful butt. Though it was quite big, it had a perfect shape. Her ass sweated and still fresh, reminded me of a juicy apple! I was totally excited while my hands explored this masterpiece. It felt warm and smooth like silk. I took a lubricant and slowly started pushing in. She said it hurts and I told her that it does only in the beginning and afterwards she would feel a lot of pleasure.

Slowly but surely I went all the way inside her anal channel. I could feel how my cock sank into her ass with a smacking sound like a man sinking into a deep sticky swamp. The walls of her bum hole (or bung hole) were warm and smooth. I started pumping very hard, driving my cock in and out of her torrid ass. My lover was shaking and curving like a snake and that was when I started cumin. Cumin right in my friend's mother's sweet ass!

Somehow my friend Arun found out that I was fucking his mom. He even watched us a few times, peeking into the room. We even wandered around totally naked on weekends and I'm sure he saw us as well.

One day we were so engulfed in fucking that we did notice Arun's arrival. While we were busy in the act..., we heard him saying,

"Oh! That's what you two do in my absence."

We were shocked to the core. We looked at Arun. He was standing at the door, naked. His cock was dangling. Rasna Auntie suddenly got up. She was afraid now. She asked Arun, "You were supposed to come later. How come you came so early"

Arun was furious. He said, "You have no right to ask me anything. You acted as a whore. You did not even think about dad".

Rasna Auntie started crying. She said, "For God's sake, don't ever tell this to your dad. He will kill me. Please try to understand. Your dad is away for months. Where do I get this body needs This requirement has also to be satisfied".

Arun was silent for a few moments. Then he said, "Ok, mom. I will keep this only to me. I will not inform dad". Her face was relaxed now. She picked up her petticoat and started putting it on. I also stood up to get dressed.

Arun said, "No, mom, don't dress. I am not yet finished. I will keep this secret, if you...." He left the sentence half way. Auntie was shocked.

She said, "Arun, do you mean to say that I should......" Arun nodded and said. "Yes, you got it mom. Let me also enjoy with you."

Rasna Auntie was left without choice. After a few moments of silence, she said, "Ok, Arun, so be it. You shall have it. When"

Arun replied, "Here and now." Looking at his dangling cock she said, "But you are not prepared".

Arun said, "You prepare me the way you prepared Sam". He turned to me and said, "Thanks Sam. Because of you I am getting a chance. Don't leave."

By this time, my dick was also gone limp. But Rasna auntie solved the problem. She made us sit on the bed and started sucking our cocks. We both pressed her boobs and kneaded her nipples. I was erect in a moment - rock hard. I asked, "Auntie, please. Let us go on with it" and lay on bed. She asked me to put my cock inside her ass, this time keeping her back toward my face.

She then called Arun near. When Arun reached, she took Arun's cock in her mouth and started sucking, making the same slurping sounds. Within seconds, Arun grew in her mouth. He was now mouth fucking his own mother.

I said, "Auntie, I am still not coming." Before she could reply Arun said, "Mom, I want to fuck you, not in mouth but down there" pointing towards her cunt.

She had no choice but to agree. She sighed and said, "Ok. But remember, not a word to your dad".

Arun said, "It's a promise. Now please don't waste time. Let me get inside you. I am dying to fuck you". She lied on bed and spread her legs. Arun moved closer and raised her legs. His mom guided him inside her pussy.

I asked, "What about me" Auntie said, "You wanted to come in my mouth. You can do it now. I stood near the bed. Rasna Auntie turned her towards me and took my shaft in her mouth. She was holding the base of my dick.

I said, "Remove your hand, auntie". She released the base and took hold of my balls. I stared mouth fucking her, hard and fast. My cock was ramming her mouth wildly, while Arun was banging her in her cunt. I harshly took her boobs in my hands and squeezed them. I then held her nipples in my fingers and pulled them up. Auntie shouted, "Don't be so harsh, Samuel". Without paying any attention to her, I continued squeezing her breasts and pulling her nipples. Arun was getting more and more heated watching this. He started fucking her faster.

I declared, "Auntie, I am through" and discharged a heavy load of my semen in her mouth. She wrapped my dick in her mouth tightly till every drop of semen was out. She urged Arun, "Please don't come inside me. When you are ready, tell me. I will suck you too". Arun said, "Mom, I am almost through and there is no time to shift anything from anywhere". Without warning Arun then unloaded himself in his mom's womb.

After this incidence, Arun and I decided not to repeat it any more. But without Arun's knowledge, I continued fucking his mom for many more months.

About: The author of "My Buddy and His Mom" is UR Null. You can print this erotic tale for your own personal pleasure, or read more naughty stories like this in our First Time Virgin Sex Stories section.

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