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Fucking My First Fat Woman

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Author: Mike S.
Published: 12-Dec-08 Revised/Updated 21-Aug-17
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Her tongue and her jaw muscles were amazing I could feel her swallow my cock's head. She was fingering herself while sucking on me. This sensation was causing a loss of my poise, as my balls were about to erupt again. I swear Sally could suck ah baseball thru a soda straw. Her X husband did her a favor in teaching her to give head. Sally was a great student...

* * * * * * *

It is true. The women do get prettier at closing time! I have never gone to bed with an ugly woman in my life, but I have woke-up with a few.

Rob a high school friend of mine was in the US military and home on leave. He wanted to see the lights in our town at night. We drove the main cursing tour as the teenagers do and as I did when I was in high school. We got away from the teenyboppers and drove to the adult side of town. There were a few nightclubs along this strip. We stopped and went in and found the bar. Order some drinks Rodger I'll be right back. As he headed to the john the bartender came with our drinks, which I paid for. (I think he had this planned out) Rob returned in a few minutes. We talked a while, ordered more drinks and talked some more. There wasn't much happening in the bar we headed to another one down the street. We went in and it was a strip club. It wasn't long at all until we had dancers sitting next to us.

"Would you buy us a drink boy's" One of them said. Before I could say no thinks, Rob said "Sure, what-cha drinking' The cost was $15.50 for each of their drinks. I was born at night, but not last night. These drinks were straight coke or watered down to the point there was no taste of booze at all. "C' mon Rob let's go" As we left and on our way to the car Rob asked me if there was a country bar in town. I said, "Yeah it's way out of town. Is that where the women are he asked. "I don't know, I haven't been there in years" "Well damn it's about time you went again, Let's go"

That's right in hadn't been there. It was now a $15.oo cover charge for singles, $10.oo for couples. I thought to myself, (The nights about gone. I'm down over 75 bucks and I haven't even been laid yet. What's wrong with this fuckin' picture) We paid the cover charge and walked in the dancehall. The ratio was about 3 men to 1 woman. Not goods odds!

Rob hadda go piss again, "Rob I am not paying for your drinks again" He waved his arm as he continued to the john. I got my drink and walked around the dancehall looking for some women sitting alone. Nope, Not to be had, well except two fat women at the other of the bar. I thought to myself, Nah! I don't think so. Rob and I had been drinking about four hours and nothing to burn off the booze. I was getting shit-faced. Rob came back and he was worse than I was.

He soon passed out in a booth. I left him there. I ordered another drink as the band took a break. One of these fat women moved a bar stool closer to me and told the bartender that she would buy my drink. She spoke, "Looks like your friend is done for the night. I have never seen you in here before, you from out of town What's your name if I may ask" I said, (thinking fast) yeah we're not from around here. Oh yeah, Thanks for the drink"

"Sure" she said, I'm Sally. (I was thinking to myself, yeah Sally Thunder Thighs) She moved to another stool. "I didn't catch your name" (thinking fast) "Ah, ah Mike, that over there is Rob"

"Well Mike, You like to dance when the band starts up again" (thinking fast again) Nah, I gotta watch Rob over there. He's drunk" Sally reached over and laid her hand on my knee. "Oh Mike don't be an ol' mother hen, Rob is just fine!" She moved over another stool. There was only one stool between us now. Come on Rob wake up you SOB Wake up. The band started the midnight set. She asked again if I would dance with her. I was drunk. I didn't know anyone on the dance floor. I thought what the hell. There isn't anyone else, so. "Yeah lets go"

Wouldn't you know it, the band started with a slow song. Sally held me tight like I was trying to get away. I really wanted to. Her breasts were pressing against me and she was showing me a lot of skin. Like 10" of cleavage. I know those titties would hit the floor if not for her bra. "Oh Mike don't be so shy, hold me" She took my hand from her back and pushed it up between us where my palm was on her tits. She squeezed my hand, thus squeezing her huge breasts. "There now, ain't that better" she asked. As we danced she was moving those big hips in & out. I never thought I could get a woody, but I did. Sally dropped her hand down between us and searching for my zipper. I reacted and drew back a little. "Oh Fuck! Stop It Mike, Hold me" She demanded. Well I did. As we continued dancing she found the tab of my zipper and lowered it to the bottom. Sally reached in to find a large woody. "MY-My Did I do this" She started jerkin' my cock slowly. Her hand felt so warm on my cock. She managed to work my dick out of the binding of my jeans. She jacked me off til my balls felt like they were going to explode.

Finally the song was over. I headed back to my barstool. She wouldn't let go of my dick. She leaned up to my ear and whispered "Tell ya what Mike you dance with me the rest of the night I'll suck you off until I get all of that sticky goo outta those balls. Rob wasn't there to save me. The band was doing a medley, one slow song after another. Sally held me even closer. She could hardly move her had to jerk me off. No one could see what she was doing to me because of the second or third roll of fat. They could see anyway. Sally had increased her length and speed. I felt everything coming up from my balls to my dick and in her hand. She cupped her hand to catch as much as she could as I filled her hand with my first of many ejaculates. She quickly lifted her hand to her month and licked it dry.

We danced that entire set. I was ready for another drink. I headed to my barstool. Sally stopped me and said, "Let's sit here. This will give me more room and privacy. We sat down and she started to bring my cock to life. Her technique is like I never experienced. She was jerking me off slowly as she did before, but she was squeezing my cock at the same time and with only one hand. Her hand felt different though. She had lubed her hand with something. I asked her what it was. She said, "Here feel me" I felt of her large fat pussy, it was so wet. He panties were even soaked. She must have cum while we were dancing. She said, "I am using my woman cum to smooth off the rough edges from your dick. Do you like that " She never missed a stroke while she was telling me what she'd done.

We were sitting in the darkest portion of the bar. She was jerking me off at an incredible speed. Her soft warm hand had me cuming a second time. It went all over her hand, the table and me. Sally dabbed her fingers in my cum and down her fat gullet it went. "Have you done this before Sally" I kind of giggled. "Why Yes I have Mike" I am even better suckin' cock. I'll show you later" That is the only thing my X husband taught me, was how to give great head.

I had forgotten all about Rob, I could still see feet sticking out of the booth. Shit he's find she said. "Last Call For Alcohol" the bartender yelled. "Mike would you like to go to my place I can show you something"

"Yeah, but what about Rob" "If we can get him up we can put him in the bed of my truck" We ordered one last drink. And we danced some more. She was feeling, fondling and squeezing my dick as we danced. The last song for the night was "Lady" by Kenny Rodgers. I tried to reach her fat soaked hairy cunt. But her size and my arm weren't long enough to reach under that roll.

The band thanked everyone for coming out and soon the cocktail waitress's were picking up drinks. Sally excused herself to go pee. It didn't take her long. She said, "Let's get your friend loaded in my truck and I will suck off your cock like you have never had done. My dick sprang up to life with just the thought of what she said she would do to me.

"Come on Rob, Rob get up let's go" He came around ah little just enough to get him in her truck. What about my car I asked. "Follow me" she said. Here I was following this fat chick back to her place. What was I doing I asked myself. She pointed to a parking space. I parked my car and she pulled in next to me. She said, "Rob will be fine. Lets go. "My cunt is hungry" I just got in her house and she was on me like a bitch dog in heat. She pulled my jeans off along with my underwear. My socks and shirt, I was totally naked in front of this fat chick. She was looking better every moment.

She told me to set down. She had my cock down her throat in one gulp. I never had a woman deep throat me all at once. She began rotating her tongue around my cock while she was sucking me off. WoW! This bitch could suck dick. She striped down to her bra and her thong panties. (Did you ever see a fat chick in thong panties)

She continued to suck me while jerking me off. "Oh Gawd" Suck my cock, Sally, Suck me off". She removed her bra and thong. I was correct those titties fell out with ah thud. Her tits had to be 50 EE and she has the biggest pussy I had ever seen, what ah hair covered gash. Her clit was about 1/2" long and as big as the tip of my pinky finger. She began to get serous about sucking my cock down her throat. Starting at the tip, inch by inch she sucking real hard while rolling her tongue around my dick all the way to my balls. Her tongue and her jaw muscles were amazing I could feel her swallow my cock's head. She was fingering herself while sucking on me. This sensation was causing a loss of my poise, as my balls were about to erupt again. I swear Sally could suck ah baseball thru a soda straw. Her X husband did her a favor in teaching her to give head. Sally was a great student.

She reached up and grabbed my dick at the base holding it tight. She said, "I want this to unload its package deep in my pussy" She rolled over and spread her legs wide. Sally had a patch of pubic hair that wasn't covered by her thong. It looked like an overgrown jungle with a canyon right down the middle. I placed my dick at her pussy lips & she thrust her hips up to force my cock into her hole. She gasped and went into a fuck mode that I can't illustrate. She was wild with desire, screaming, "Oh Fuck my cunt. Do me like I've done for you. Get me off!" Her pussy was soaked. I started jamming my cock as hard as I could. She said, "Its been so long since I have has a man in there. I need you to cum with me" I started thrusting in deep and stopping at her womb just to feel her pc muscles milk my cock of its surprise package. I squirted cum a full minute. She said, "Oh Yeah" Just stay in there ah while"

This fat chick knows how to fuck and it is true, women do get prettier at closing time is true.

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