Two Virgins One Sticky Night

Author: Danny
Published: Jan 4, 2009
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It's been almost a year since we started dating, she was pretty much living with me and things were awesome. The only downer was we didn't have sex and we were both still virgins, we kissed and sometimes touched. She wasn't ready for sex and I respected that..

It's been almost a year since we started dating, she was pretty much living with me and things were awesome. The only downer was we didn't have sex and we were both still virgins, we kissed and sometimes touched. She wasn't ready for sex and I respected that. One night we were sitting on the couch cuddling like we always do, watching a movie. The weather outside was horrible. She was scared of thunderstorms so likely she got closer to me. The power went out, the whole house was dark, she moved in closer to me and I wrapped my arms around her, being protective as always. Her body being pressed against mine and our hands entangled together, sent this vibe through my body. I started to kiss down her neck, lightly sucking and biting, I knew that got her in the mood. She let out a little moan and I knew I had her, she bent her head back and backed further on me. The moment was ruined, the lights came back on and I stopped. She turned around, startled her legs across my waist, and took off her shirt. She wasn't wearing a bra, her b cup breasts fell out of the shirt. I grabbed her hips and pulled her closer on me. Her hand went between my legs, she started jacking me off through my sweats. I give out a little pant, I put her breast in my mouth sucking on it, my tongue ring bouncing off her nipple, I give a little bite and she moans. She stopped and got off my lap, she pulled down her pants and tossed her panties off to the side. She spread her long, sexy legs, I could see her hot wet pussy cum running down her leg, I started to get hard. She was fingering herself, she noticed my dick was hard and told me to take off of my pants. With no hesitation I jumped up off the couch and pulled down my pants, revealing my ten-inch hard dick, she giggled and told me to sit back down. She looks down at my dick and her eyes get big, she fingers herself harder, her right hand moves over my shaft and she strokes hard. She tightens her grip, at the same time she places her mouth at the top of my hard dick, licking all over, she starts to suck, and i tilt my head back, using one of my free hands i force her mouth down further onto my dick, she takes her hand off, sucking better than any other time before. She massages my balls while deep throating all ten inches, i tell her i'm going to cum and she takes her mouth off my thick meat, she lays back, i move up, and she takes her hands and beats me off until i cum, it didn't take much, after a few seconds i shot my load all over her luscious breasts. I took my hand and massaged the cum into her breasts, she gave a moan, she was getting wet and damn it I was thirsty. I kissed down her hot curvy body, I spread those legs wide open, I put my lips on her pussy and stuck my tongue in, playing with her clit like it was a toy. I bit on it a little gently, she moaned in pleasure, she put her hands in my hair and pulled my face in closer, I licked that tight wet pussy clean, she came and I swallowed it all. My dick was hard as rock and it wanted in that tight pussy. I pulled her to the floor, kept her legs spread and leaned over her holding her down by her wrists, I took my free hand, wrapped it around my shaft and pushed my dick into that tight pussy. She let out a scream but I couldn't stop I was only half way in, the blood and cum on my bare dick felt so good, all 10 inches were in her pussy. I started fucking her harder and faster, I let go of her wrists, she grabs on to my back, digging her nails into my skin. I stop, leaving all 10 hard inches in deep in her tight pussy. I flip her on top of me and grab hard on to her hips, swaying them back and forth on my dick. as she screamed in pleasure she started to bounce up and down onto of my dick, i could feel her sweet warm bloody juices hitting my balls, she went harder and faster, moaning my name louder everytime, i was about to cum, she slammed forcefully down onto my dick, i felt her tight pussy contract around my dick, i watched her small body quiver, i knew she felt my load explode inside, she got off me and giggled, then she jogged over to the kitchen, and sat ontop of the counter, signaling for me to come over, she spread her sexy legs and winked seductively at me, i couldn't resist. I already felt my dick getting hard again. She was biting her lip and making this innocent little girl face. I got up and walked over to her and put our lips together our tongues wrestling, my hands grabbing her ass, pulling her in closer to me. I wrap her sexy long legs around my waist, slipping my dick in her pussy. I pull her off the counter pressing her hard against the fridge, my dick goin in and out of her pussy, her hands entangled in my hair pulling, shes nibbling on my earlobe she knows how I love that. I carry her to the room lay her in the bed my dick still in her. She orgasms when I lay her down feeling her cum on my dick makes me climax inside her, I pull out and lay beside her, give her a kiss wrap her naked sweaty body in my arms and fall asleep.

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