First time Mark Second time Dad

Author: Kate
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Published: Apr 13, 2009
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I bent down and unzipped his pants. His dick was pointed to the middle of the steering wheel. Wow. I looked at him, and bent down. I licked the top of it, and then I started to suck it gently, all the time rubbing his balls.

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I went out with this guy. His name was Mark. He was well built, with broad shoulders. He was muscular, and his cock was 9.5 inches long. And the unbelievable part- he was a VIRGIN! I'd think he would have had sex at least a 100 times. Anyways, THIS is my story...

One day we went out to dinner. We went to Zachary's, like always. But I had a feeling that this time would be different- special... and it was. I was a virgin. I was 18. He was 19.

After dinner we got into the car, and he asked me if I wanted to go home. I gave him this naughty look, and said "Where else would I go" He looked at me skeptically, which threw me off, and I said "Yeah, just drive me home." I still lived with my parents in a small apartment. Mark looked at me, though. Something was gleaming in his eyes. When I asked him what was wrong, he asked me if I was ready, that we have been holding it off for months, now. I asked him if he was a virgin, and he told me he was. And I said, that I would just call my parents, and tell them that I was hanging out with Mark. When they asked me where, I just said that I would be at Mark's place, watching a movie... while I was calling, he went out to the gas station, and bought a condom. He was being really respectful, and that got me. He knew I didn't want to be pregnant, and I didn't even tell him to get a condom, he went alone, not wanting to ruin my life. That was the first thing that turned me on that night.

He came back into the car, and I was already ready. I kissed him, and told him to just sit back and relax, and he told me he wanted it in his bed. I said fine. But it was a 20 minute drive, and so I had to wait. I told him I was turned on. I couldn't help it, it just burst out of me. He gave me a wicked grin and nodded toward his pants. I gave him a questioning look and understood. Okay, this should be good. I bent down and unzipped his pants. His dick was pointed to the middle of the steering wheel. Wow. I looked at him, and bent down. I licked the top of it, and then I started to suck it gently, all the time rubbing his balls. His dick was large. He moaned in pleasure. Then I was sticking the whole thing in my throat. It made me feel good, like a woman. Then the car next to us honked, and I got up and liked my finger. Then I sucked on it. I was feeling strong, and I was trying to make him jealous. I'm so stupid, I thought, and went back to sucking. But there was something at the back of my mind. Whatever. But it was this old guy, and that turned me on even more.Gross, I thought.

In front of his house, in the driveway, we made out. He was rich, and so his walls were sound-proof. Good. I made out with him, and I rubbed his dick. Then he said he really needed it, and he opened the door. We both ran to the house, holding hands. I giggled, and I rubbed his dick while he was unlocking the door. It was hard, and so I pressed up against him, kissing him, and his dick shot up, toward the sky. He unlocked the door, and closed it behind us. Yep, I was ready. He told me to go upstairs into the bedroom to get ready. I slid into his bathrobe, and lay on the bed. He came up, and we put on the condom. Then he lay on top of me, and his hands were all over me. He kissed me EVERYWHERE. It felt good. Then I rolled over and slid down. I gave him a second blowjob that day. Whoa, I was getting better at this. Then he rolled back, and slid down. He spread my legs apart, and started gently licking all around. It felt so good. And then he slid one finger in, and another in, and I knew that he was fingering me. He asked me if I was ready, and I said- "YES! I want more! I want you in me deep!" With that, I went on top, and I spread my legs apart. I took his dick in my hands, and I sat down, slowly. I screamed with the pain, but soon it was over. The blood was all over the place, but all I felt was the pleasure that came with it. Mark was gasping, but I knew he felt good. Then I showed that I was strong, and so I rid him like a horse. Up and down, up and down, up and down. He started moving his hips, because he knew I felt exhausted. He then stayed all the way inside me, really deep, his balls touching my butt. It felt awesome. Then this wave swept through me. An orgasm, I read about those. it did feel good. I moaned and dug my nails into his back. "I love sex!" I yelled. "Me too!" he yelled, and he went in deeper, and then he made contact with my g-spot. "Aaaaaaaaaaaa!" This was the biggest pleasure of all. He knew it. And then we were laughing very hard, and as he was laughing his cock massaged my g-spot... and he fell off of me. I gave him another blowjob, we went another round, and then I fell asleep. My dad came to pick me up in the middle of the night, though. And so I told him what had happened. He told me that my mom was asleep at home. And so was Mark. I told him that I was sore, that i would have sex with him another time. Normally I would have felt like a perv, since I always had a "crush" on MY OWN DAD! But that day, I felt like a woman, finally. And I felt sore. But my dad was very young and handsome, and so I admitted that I always liked him. That time my Mark woke up, and he told me that I was a pervert and to leave his house. My dad made a little point. "Why don't all of us have sex together" And that night I had another round with Mark, and two more rounds with my dad before I left his house. When I was leaving I thanked Mark and told him that that was the best night I ever had, thanks to him.

And then at home, I had another round with my dad. I know that some of you don't believe me, but it is true. And then my dad told me to break up with Mark, that he wanted me just to himself. And so I did, but I told him that I still loved him, and that I would go out to dinner. But if he could just pretend that we are broken up in front of my dad. He sighed, but agreed. That was over the phone. And after that, I fell asleep. I woke up at 10 am the next day, and I panicked, knowing I had missed some of school. My dad was at my bed, actually, IN my bed, looking at me with those dreamy eyes. He immediatley explained that he told my mom that last night he went to pick me up, and that I was sick, that I should stay home. And what a coincidence He had a day off that day....

That day I had A LOT of sex with my dad, and I was moaning all the time. And my dad reassured me, that he would always be there for me..... whenever I needed to have sex. :)

Well, that is my story, and weird enough, my dad divorced my mom, and I live with him. And I sleep in the same bed as him, it just seems natural. I feel like a "wife" to him. But I still have to have a room, just in case mom comes, or my friends or something. And I have sex with Mark a lot, too. Okay, I know what you are thinking, and yes. I am a pervert that is addicted to everyday sex with her father, and about once a week sex with her boyfriend that she has been with for 3 years now. He plans on marrying me. I am just 20 though, right now. Yes, it's been 2 years...

Thank you for reading my story! And please believe every word written here... :)

About: The author of "First time Mark Second time Dad" is Kate. You can print this erotic tale for your own personal pleasure, or read more naughty stories like this in our First Time Virgin Sex Stories section.

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