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How I Lost My Virginity

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Author: Anon
Published: 17-Mar-05 Revised/Updated 25-Jan-16
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Her little nipples was getting hard and her fanny was wet also her body was relaxed as though she was enjoying it I removed my mouth from hers and asked if she liked what I was doing with a nod of her head yes. My rock hard cock was poking out over the top of my shorts as I reached down to remove them .

* * * * * * *

I was brought up in a foster home as my mum died when I was young because of moving from one home to another I was behind in my school work. At the foster home was couple of other boys and two sisters the eldest was Julie who was 4 years older than me and Hazel who was 1 year younger. It took me three years to settle in to the foster home and that is where this story begins Julie and me had become close friends like she would teach me to read and also read me stories. Every night when it was bedtime Julie would go upstairs and put her nightie on and come down to my bedroom (mine was the only bedroom downstairs) and help me read and then read me a story. On this particular night as usual Julie had helped me read a 2 pages from my book. Then she would sit at the head of my bed and i would lay on my side between her legs with my head on her tummy and as she read I would caress her thighs and sometimes my fingers would touch her fanny through her nightie and panties. Although at my age I never really understood the effect it was having on both of us. All I knew was girls had fannies and boys had cocks. But on this one particular night there seemed to be something different, it was a musky aroma that crept up my nose and making me feel exited and my cock would twitch. My nose sort of traced the aroma to be coming from in between Julies legs. So being at bit curious I slide my hand up inside her nightie to I reached her panties to find out what made this aroma. When my fingers reached her fanny her panties had a damp patch as though she had wet herself. As she never stopped me curiosity got the better of me and my fingers caressed her through her panties. The more I caressed her the wetter they got and the aroma got stronger. At this time she had stopped reading and just little murmurs came from her lips. I got more curious by the minute and slipped my fingers inside her panties to find a slit with a hole that was sopping wet. Which I found out was her fanny After a little more caressing I pushed my fingers inside her fanny and with my thumb I rubbed up and down her slit. I had no idea what i was doing but my cock was getting harder at the same time Then that was it for that night as it was time for sleep and Julie had to go to her own room. Sex was a taboo subject the only thing I knew was what my mates had told me. At my age I was very curious

That night about midnight when everyone else was in bed my bedroom door opened and Julie came and got into bed with me. She cuddled up to me and the warmth from her body was making my cock hard In dim light I could just see Julie's face I stretched my neck up and kissed her on the lips more like a good night kiss at first. the kiss's got longer and more passionate, my hands was roaming all over her body which she like by the little moans she was making I wanted to see her titties so with her help I pulled Up her nightie so I could them and she had no panties on. Our kiss's got more and more passionate more and I could smell that musky aroma again and it was having the same effect on me. With one hand Teased her nipples and the while my other hand was teasing her wet slit. She pushed my head down to her nipples instinct told me to lick and suck each nipple in turn As I slid under the covers I could smell more of the aroma, Kissing and licking her body as my head moved down towards her fanny. I wanted to taste her fanny juices. When my mouth reached her fanny my tongue found her slit I lapped and sucked at the little tiny cock piece that stuck out. The harder I licked the more exited she became So I licked her harder and harder Until her whole body shook As she orgasmed. My cock was aching where it was so hard, with that she pulled me up the bed until I was on top of her and my cock was pressing into her fanny she then turned me onto my back and knelt astride me and guided my cock into her fanny Wow what a feeling It was having my cock inside a girl like this. My cock was large for a boy of my age it when fully hard it was nearly 2 inches round and about 10 inches long. As she sank her body downwards my huge cock was stretching her fanny muscles to accommodate this intrusion into her then it came to a halt with still 2 inches outside and I wanted to get deeper inside her so with a forceful push upwards with my hips it went all the way Julie flinched as I drove my cock into her wanting fanny. I could feel the tension building up in her fanny and my cock head was beginning to get even bigger. Her fanny seem to explode all over my cock just as my cock exploded deep into her fanny all the time this was going on I had been playing with her tits. My cock stayed hard and as she collapsed on top of me and my cock slid out of her with a plop as she rolled me over so I was on top and I could feel my cock at the entrance to her fanny my instincts told me to push my cock in an out of her fanny after about ten minutes she exploded again inside then with an almighty shove upwards my cock went so far up her that she gave a little scream as I must have hurt her. My cock was locked inside her as I spurted another lot of cum up into her fanny. I must have fallen asleep as I dont remember her going out of my room. I thought was this a dream but no it was not as in morning Julie told me not to tell anyone what happen as we would get in trouble she said she would come down again tonight. Well, this carried on most weekend nights but I was curious why she wouldn't let me touch her for one week of the month. then I found out about her periods and this also go me thinking do all girls like cock up there fannies. I turned my attentions to hazel her sister but never had a chance until one Saturday afternoon

Hazel used to go to gymnastics and I played football for the school and we used to walk to and from school together. Then one Saturday when we got home no one was in except for the foster dad and we couldn't disturb him as he was watching horse racing so hazel and I decided to go up to the play shed at top of garden she had her gym skirt, knickers, blouse and plimsolls and i had on my football shorts, shirt and plimsolls. as we was chasing around hazel got onto the top of pile of old clothing was there and as I grabbed at her and I pulled her knickers down I got a good view of her fanny before she covered herself with her hands it looked just like Julies. As i climbed on top of her she tried to get away from me I had her pinned down with my weight and my hands was trying to feel her fanny and tits eventually I managed to get one finger inside her she started screaming so I clamped my mouth over hers to keep her quiet . Her little nipples was getting hard and her fanny was wet also her body was relaxed as though she was enjoying it I removed my mouth from hers and asked if she liked what I was doing with a nod of her head yes. My rock hard cock was poking out over the top of my shorts as I reached down to remove them . Hazel by this time was so exited I showed her how to rub my cock up and down It was awkward as I was still laying on top of her I told her to put my cock into the entrance of her wet fanny as she got the head just inside I pushed up into her hard she screamed out in pain as my cock went in as far as it would go I slid it out of her and i saw traces of blood on my cock, All hazel said was for me to push it back in as she like it. I did'nt need telling twice I pumped my cock in an out of her like there was no tomorrow She entwined her legs round mine as she organised and i was'nt far behind her for about ten minutes we lay there puffing and panting. I rolled off her and she started kissing me and playing with my cock again . When my cock was hard she pulled me on top of her and guided my cock into her fanny This time I fucked her slowly I was learning fast about this fucking a girl lark. I soon made her body shudder and shake as she orgasmed again and again and kept control of myself. Just as i pumped another load into her fanny we heard our names being called so quickly got our clothes on and went in for tea Hazel had to walk funny as my cock had made her sore , she blamed it on gymnastics. After that Saturday I was fucking both girls on regular basis . They never knew that I was fucking both of them. Until I met my first girl friend Sally although we had been walking to school together we were just friends until I realised how found felt towards her after we had left school. I had a job as a trainee engineer and sally was working in a shop just up the road from where I worked. We spent our dinner times together. Then sally's mum invited round to meet her As her dad had left them when she was 1 year old . We were both the same age of 18 at the time .when I went into her house her mum was standing in the sitting room , My first impression was that they could have been twins as they were the same height same hair colour even the same size. Sally was 5ft 3inchs tall 26 24 26 figure with blue eyes and ash blonde hair her mum was the same size except that she had brown eyes. she was dressed in a pale blue shortish skirt with a thin white blouse and black bra underneath. I use to football Saturdays for the local youth club even though I hardly ever went there. After that I use to go round every Saturday afternoon after my football match if we had one. As I use to leave a change of clothing there and stay for the rest of day and night up till 11 pm and sometimes I would sleep over on the settee .Most Saturday nights if we wernt going out we would go up to her bedroom to listen to music and And being the randy boy I was I would try to get my hands on her tits and on her pussy As she use to call it but it was a no go area until one Saturday afternoon when her mum said she was going out and would not be back until late. She asked us do few jobs in the garden for her. So after lunch we set about tidy up outside we had great fun messing around the I soaked her with a bucket of water that I was using to clean patio table. Let me tell you what sally was wearing , She had on an old white blouse that was tied around her waist with pink bra, very thin tight fitting pale pink shorts that showed her little sex mound lovely. looking very sexy as well I was certain she had no panties on . and a old pair of shoes. After the soaking she got her blouse stuck to her body and I could see her nipples sticking out and her shorts stuck to her that showed she defiantly had no panties on and I could just see the outline of her slit which was making my cock hard. She rushed indoors calling me all names she could think of in between her fits of laughter. I let her calm done for minute or so and walked into the kitchen to be greeted with a glass of cold water all over me . She ran upstairs and I gave chase I caught up with her in her bedroom as I caught hold her from the back she wriggled and her blouse came off as she tried to get away I grabbed pulled her close to me and as she turned we kissed. I could feel her hard nipples poking into my chest through her wet bra I ran my hand over her naked back that made her shiver. I undone her bra and removed it from her gorgeous boobs another one her pet names for her body. our kiss's was getting more intense and the effect it was having on me was for my cock to get hard. She could feel my cock pressing into her crutch I slid my hands down her shorts and slid them over her hips to my surprise she never stopped me. she removed my damp shirt and start teasing my nipples. As I only had my football shorts on still she soon had them of me pants as well. with our lips locked in a passionate kiss we slowly moved over to her bed and we laid down all the time we was kissing. my Kiss's moved over her neck and down to her nipples that was as erect as my cock. Slowly I caressed her down over her flat tummy with kiss's that followed my hand . I gently prised her legs apart so I could get to her pussy. She parted her legs to reveal her pussy to me my tongue soon found its way into her slit I licked sucked and kissed her pussy By now her hand had been playing with my hard cock until I rolled on top of her. She was breathing for heavy and panting. My cock was pressing into the entrance to her pussy all by its self and was spreading her tight hole little at time as i slowly entered into her love tunnel When I reached into her virginity cord I pulled out and worked my way down kissing her body until my tongue was lapping her swollen clitty I engulfed my mouth over her sex mound and licked her with my tongue with in minutes she was spurting her tasty cum into my mouth with that she was pleading for me to take her completely . I worked my way back up her body with my mouth then concentrating on her nipples I felt her pussy entrance getting wetter all the time my rock solid cock was slipping its way back inside her wet pussy reaching that spot. I told her it might hurt as I pushed hard cock up into her break through her virginity cord, as I pushed up hard she lifted her hips to match my thrust upwards and as i broke through all she did was to say don't stop im cuming again with that I pumped my cock up into her for fifteen minutes with her cuming twice more I told her I could not hold out any longer my cock head was swelling up like a balloon. I was

just about to shoot my load when she pushed her hips up and my cock spread her cerfix wide as I pumped my cum up into her womb

As we lay in each others arms kissing and caressing each other she made her way down to my half hard cock and started licking my bell end and balls before long she had my cock in her mouth and was sucking me off I turned around and knelt over her in 69 style so I could suck her pussy. She soon had me on the brink of shooting my load down her throat my fingers was fucking her pussy like mad and with my tongue licking her clitty She started cuming again and again until I shot my load down her throat. after laying there for what seem like ages we realised it was dark out . we got up looked at time and it was 7.30 pm . We got into a nice warm bath together. we had just out the bath and dressed and was downstairs when her mum came home. Sally she said you like shattered . she said "I am mum" (if only she knew why I thought)

At tea time she asked us how we got on out in the garden. when we told her we done most of it she just said ok After tea Sally and I had been cuddling up on the settee while her mum sat in one of the chairs Every time I looked towards her mum I could see her panties and it was making my cock hard

Sally said she was going to bed . We went out into the hall to have our goodnight kiss and a cuddle as we normally do I slipped my hand up her skirt to find no panties as it was dark I pulled out my cock from my shorts and slipped it into her dripping wet pussy with only a few strokes she was soon cunning and making a bit of noise with it another 3 or 4 strokes and I was filling her pussy again with my cum. We heard her mum move so she went up to bed.

After Sally had gone to bed I went back into lounge and sat on settee. I thought nothing of it when sally's mum left the room as I sat watching tele waiting for football highlights to come on. On her mums return she had changed from her skirt and blouse into a short nightie and i could see that she had no panties or bra on. She sat in the chair opposite to where I was sitting she started making a lot of small talk and every time I looked over at her I could see her well rounded mound of her pussy and it was making my cock hard and as I only had my shorts on it was beginning to show. She came and sat beside me and started rubbing my growing cock through my shorts as she had seen it growing. I did'nt know what to do at first but soon thought what the hell and I was playing with her nipples with one hand and my other was teasing her clitty. I was too eager she told me, Asked me to take my time as she had'nt been shagged since her husband had left her. By the feeling of how wet her fanny was getting with my two fingers inside her she was telling the truth as her juices was running out of her slit like a river.

After about 10 minutes of this she removed her nightie to reveal her body to me. In comparison to Sally her sex mound was a bit bigger than sally's but her nipples where the same size I was pumping my fingers into her pussy and she soon had an orgasam she had to kiss me to stop herself from crying out with pleasure we moved onto the floor she knelt up and told me to enter her from behind. When I was behind her I inched my large cock into her. She was'nt quite as tight as Sally so I was soon sliding my cock all the way into her pussy and pulling it all the way out this was driving her crazy with lust. She told me I had the bigger cock than her ex-husband I could feel her Pussy muscles stretching to my size. At the same time I was teasing her bum hole with my finger> As my finger went into her bum My cock was on the outward journey of her pussy which was making her pussy more tighter and wetter I could feel she was about to cum again so I slowed down. She was enjoying this so much it was bringing tears to her eyes with pleasure then I felt ready to cum I Pumped my cock in and out of her pussy so hard and fast our orgasms was so forceful that her pussy griped onto my cock like a vice as my cock spewed cum into her. I was getting very tired at this time of night and I laid on the floor>she wanted more of my cock she turned her self round and sucked my cock into her mouth "oh my god what a feeling" and played with my balls with her hand. When I was hard she sat on my cock with her back towards me. Reaching round her body I teased her nipples. She was bouncing up and down on my cock I just closed my eyes and laid back and enjoyed it. I sensed that a shadow had fallen over my, as I opened my eyes Sally had come down and was kneeling over my face with her pussy in line with my mouth, I pulled her down from her hips so my eager lips and tongue could reach her already wet pussy As I was drinking i presumed that sally was playing with her mums tits as I heard her mum say "pinch my nipples hard ". With my cock up inside sally,s mum's pussy and my tongue teasing sally's pussy what more could a boy ask for. With my tongue flicking across sally's clit i knew she was about to cum in my mouth and her mum was about to cum. Sally started to rock herself harder onto my mouth as her my did the same on my cock they exploded with a orgasam's together. I had cum yet so sallys mum got my cock and lifted sally up as she had sort of collapsed onto me with the force of her orgasam. And she sat sally onto my rigid cock facing me legs spread wide open as i lifted my head i could see my cock sliding in an out of sally as her mum was lifting her up and down onto my solid cock. After a few minutes of this she let sally get up and kneel so she could control her movements on my cock Sally's mum sat astride my face so i could give her a good tongue lashing as I fucked her daughter. They were kissing each other and teasing each others nipples her mum slid her fingers down to the base of my cock and rubbing sally's clit at the same time. My cock was opening sally,s cervix that allowed me full penetration into her. Just as sally was about to come cum again she pushed down so hard onto my cock and as she came I did . After as she tried to get off me we could'nt move as my cock was locked into her tight pussy. Her pussy muscles was squeezing my cock with out even hardly moving she made me cum agin as for her mum she was still cuming bucket loads into my mouth. Our bodies was locked together for at least ten minutes. It was a miracle that sally never got pregnant that night or mum as we never used a condom not any form of contraceptive. Sally and I carried on going with each other for next three months but it got to a point where sex was the main interest between us

My next sexual experience will be in the next chapter

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