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Published: Dec 6, 2013
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I was changing from a heterosexual to a bisexual even though I was still technically a virgin and the closest I had ever come to sex was an inordinate amount of masturbation.

I was always an excellent student and took an accelerated curriculum and graduated high school in three years rather than the normal four years, and I went to State University on a full academic scholarship. I was thought to be the perfect young man, but underneath my exterior beat the heart of a horny bisexual young man that craved older women and big cocks.

My sexual wants and desires had gone mostly masked as I continued to date my high school sweetheart who insisted on remaining a virgin till marriage. You can only imagine my pent up sexual frustration, as I was about to enter my second year of college.

I had turned more and more to internet porn for relief of my frustrations.

I had run the gambit of porn and had pretty much settled on hung young studs fucking MILFs. That is probably where I first developed a thirst for cock. I would sometimes be mesmerized by the sight of the huge gorgeous cocks and lose sight of the women involved. Without even realizing it I was changing from a complete heterosexual to a bisexual, even though I was still technically a virgin. The closest I had ever come to sex was an inordinate amount of masturbation.

Watching gorgeous mature women suck cock and eating cum peaked my interest in tasting cum so I decided to taste mine. At first I would taste my precum, which was actually very sweet. Finally I took the plunge and took a handful of cum and put it in my mouth. The taste was very much different form the precum. It was very pungent, bitter, and somewhat salty. I began to gag and choke. My first attempt at eating cum was less than I had hope for. In the porn, the women always smiled and seemed to enjoy cum so much. I finally came to the conclusion that for some people the taste of cum must be an acquired taste. And I continued to experiment by eating small amounts of cum when I masturbated rather than take the whole load, as I had done the first time. After a while I would increase the amount of cum until I could eat my entire load without gagging and choking. And I was right, eating cum for me was an acquired taste and now I had it.

As I watched porn, not only big cocks got my attention. I was especially turned on by gorgeous MILFs and that described my girlfriend's mother to a tee. Frieda Kunstler had been the object of many of my fantasies helping me to awesome climaxes.

I did not know how to approach her or even if I would ever get the chance. Frieda was divorced but had a live in boyfriend who my girlfriend detested. His name was Alan and he drove a truck and would be gone on long trips. Something I hoped to be able to use to my advantage.

Besides being a complete chickenshit, I was always with my girlfriend when I was around Frieda. This offered me no opportunities at all. Then my girlfriend surprised me by telling me she was going away for five days to visit a cousin who was going to Europe on an exchange student program.

Damn I was hoping Alan would be on a road trip. The stars must have been aligned for me because the day my girlfriend left so did Alan.

I showed up at Frieda's front door and was blown away when she answered the door wearing only a tiny string bikini. "Arthur you know Shelly is not home, don't' you," she said.

I stammered and replied "yes but I left a Movie DVD here that I need to return to Blockbusters." "Come in and let me find it for you, its probably in Shelly's room," she said.

I followed her in and watched her almost bare ass wiggle as she walked toward Shelly's room. My cock was rising in my jeans and I was starting to perspire watching those gorgeous orbs in front of me. Somehow I knew she was aware of the affect she was having on me. Call it instinct. I don't know how. I just knew she knew.

Thoughts were racing through my mind bringing back visions of my fantasies and I did not how, but I had to have her, this hot MILF that I had so often dreamed about.

She quickly found the DVD and turned to hand it to me, and my gaze seem to freeze on her big barely covered breasts. She followed my gaze and then softly said, "Arthur I was just going for a swim in the pool would you like to join me"

I could hardly speak but said, " I would love to, but I don't have any trunks." She replied, "that's okay you are wearing underwear, aren't you"

"Yes" I replied.

"Then get those jeans and shirt off and follow me." I did as she said, but was nervous, as hell. It was obvious I was trying to cover and erection.

She slowly walked down the steps of the shallow end of the pool and I jumped into the deep end. As I came up I saw that her top has miraculously disappeared and for the first time I gazed upon the finest set of tits I had ever seen. Was this real or was I dreaming I blinked several time and realized I was not dreaming and felt my hard cock begin to throb. I had only had my cock throb like this once before when Shelly gave me a serious case of blue balls as we were making out in my Dad's car.

Frieda began moving in my direction, and I in hers. We met near the middle of the pool and she reached behind my head and pulled me down toward those awesome tits. As her nipple brushed my lips I opened and took it in my mouth and began to suckle. As she moaned I felt her grab my cock and begin to stroke it through my Calvin Klein's. "Off with shorts sweeties," she said and pulled them down.

Frieda began moving us back toward the pool steps and she sat down on the top step all the time pulling my head down. When my head reached her crotch, she simply said, "eat."

Although I had never eaten pussy before I instinctively knew what to do. My tongue snaked out and licked the folds of her pussy. I licked and then stuck my tongue through the lips and began tongue fucking her as she moaned. I felt a nub and knew that must be her clit and I took it between my lips and sucked it like a little cock. When I did that, Frieda fucked up into my mouth like she was face fucking me with her clit and she shuddered and shook and began to orgasm letting loose copious amounts of her sweet nectar in my mouth.

Damn it tasted so sweet. If pussy cum was this good, how good would cum from a cock possibly be, I wondered

"Time for you to fuck me Arthur," I heard her say.

Without delay, I moved up her body until my raging hard cock met the entrance of her pussy and I thrust forward gaining easy access to her extremely lubricated cunt. I started pounding hard and harder enjoying my first pussy untill I heard a man's voice say, "open that mouth boy." In a moment of fear I looked up to see Frieda's boyfriend.

I gulped and said, "I thought you were gone."

"That's what we wanted you to think, now open your mouth," Alan replied.

I opened my mouth and he pushed his big hard cock in till it hit the back of my throat. He then began fucking in and out of my mouth. I was sucking my first cock. I momentarily forget Frieda until I felt her fuck up hard against my cock. My thoughts were ping ponging back and forth from the cock in my mouth and Frieda's pussy. I thought I had died and gone to heaven. Never had I experienced anything close to this.

Then I heard Frieda say, "damn I'm cumming again and she thrust her pussy hard up on my cock and held it there as she came all over my cock.

Then I heard Alan say, I'm cumming too." As his cum shot into my mouth, I felt my cock explode in Frieda's hot pussy.

Wow Alan had cum in my mouth as I came in Frieda's pussy. Then I realized cum from Alan's cock was nothing like cum from Frieda's pussy. It was thick, gooey, pungent, a little bitter and salty like mine, but not at all that unpleasant. I savored it as he withdrew his cock and I swallowed it all down.

After we had all come down from the high of our orgasms. Alan said, "Frieda was sure that I lusted for her pussy, but he was just as sure that I was a cocksucker wannabe and they had wanted for sometime to see who was right, but had needed the right time to find out." It turned out they were both right.

Later that night as I lie in bed thinking of all that had happened, it came to me that I had not got my cock sucked. But after all I did have my first pussy and sucked my first cock. A guy can't be too greedy, can he

Thinking about the gorgeous Frieda sucking my cock had me all hard and excited. A cold chill ran through my entire body when I thought, oh my, what if Alan sucked me The possibilities were endless.

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