The Candle

Author: mousey
Published: Feb 6, 2006
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As she ran her fingers along her pussy, she noticed that it became wetter and wetter and the strange feelings inside grew stronger. She pushed her index finger into her hole and encountered the obstacle that she had found before.

It was a dark and stormy night as Chrissy stood in her room. In a way, she was grateful for the storm because it had given her the reason to take the candles to her room. With the thunder crashing, lightning flashing and the wind howling, the lights could go out at any moment. She had a reputation of being afraid of dark and stormy nights. She had been told that her room had to be straightened out today, and she had made her parents think that she had waited to the last minute because she wanted to.

At the moment, she was standing nude in front of the full length mirror mounted on her closet door. The candles, she had four of them so that there would be enough even if she had to use some to light the room, were laid out on the bedside stand in easy reach from where she was standing.

Chrissy was admiring her figure in the mirror. She was sixteen and her breasts were the largest in her class at school. Her hips had filled out but were not as full as her breasts. Even her mother had commented that she had a better figure now than her mother did at that age. She had been getting these strange feelings and desires in the past few months and now she wanted to satisfy those desires.

She ran her fingers gently over her nipples and they popped to life. She put her fingers in her mouth to wet them and again touched her nipples. She had seen her sisters breasts just the other day and knew that her nipples poked out farther than her sister's. What she had seen her sister doing had inspired her plans for tonight. As her nipples became rigid, she felt a tickle between her legs. In the past, she had touched herself there and made herself feel better than she had ever felt before. But after she had seen her sister doing something she would never have thought of and the way she was reacting while doing it, she knew there was something better than just fingering herself there.

The day before yesterday, as she had come home from school early, she had found that her sister had done the same. Her sister was in her room with her door ajar and she had been making strange sounds, almost as if she were in pain. Chrissy had come into the house quietly, as was her custom, even though she had thought that there would be nobody home.

When she heard the noises, she crept up to the door and saw her sister lying naked on her bed with her legs apart and her hands between her raised thighs. At first Chrissy though Janine was fingering herself as she had done herself in the past. As she watched, she saw her sister pull a large carrot out from inside of herself. Chrissy hadn't spoken to anyone about sex yet and had thought that the hole was strictly for peeing with. Now, she knew differently. Janine hadn't completely removed the carrot and was now pushing it back into herself.

As Chrissy watched, Janine started pumping faster and faster as she was breathing heavier and moaning. Chrissy had unzipped her jeans and was holding a hand between her legs and was fingering her hole. She couldn't believe that something as big as the carrot that Janine was using could fit into her hole. Just as she was starting to feel really good, Janine turned her head and buried her face in a pillow to muffle a scream of ecstasy. She had gradually stopped pumping the carrot into herself and Chrissy decided to get out of there. She ran quietly down stairs and to the front door which she opened and closed more loudly than was her custom. When she got upstairs and passed her sisters room, she saw that the door was closed so she went to her room.

Chrissy was thinking of the scene she had witnessed and was pinching her nipples with more pressure now. She felt very itchy and wet in her pussy. She dropped one hand down slowly across her flat tummy to the light thin growth of hair just above her pussy. She watched in the mirror as she ran her fingers gently through the hair and to the top of the cleft. She brought her fingers up to her mouth to wet it and then started brushing the fingers gently along her slit. She wanted to play with her magic button as she had come to call her clitoris, but realized if she caused herself to feel good from that, she might not want to try the other way.

She spread her feet apart on the carpet and reached further back between her legs to find the hole. She could only get her finger in about a quarter of an inch and then it got very tight. Yesterday, she had gone into the adult section of the library when nobody was looking and done a little research on sex. She had learned a lot in a short time and realized that Janine had done something to herself that was normally done by boys with their penis.

She didn't know how big a penis was, but she figured it must be almost as thick as the carrot that Janine had been using. The only ones she had seen so far were those on babies that had had their diapers changed in front of her. They were tiny. She reasoned that if her tits could grow as much as they had, maybe a boy's penis would grow too. In any case, she wanted to be ready. She knew how impatient boys could be and she wanted to loosen herself with as little pain as possible.

As she ran her fingers along her pussy, she noticed that it became wetter and wetter and the strange feelings inside grew stronger. She pushed her index finger into her hole and encountered the obstacle that she had found before. Now, she removed her left hand from her tit where it was still pinching a nipple and picked up a candle. It wasn't as thick as the carrot that Janine had used, but it was thicker than her finger at the base and tapered to a little thinner than her finger at the top.

She thought the size and shape were just perfect for opening herself. The candle felt slippery in her hand and she thought that would be helpful also. She used the fingers of her right hand to try to spread the area around the hole so that the candle would get a good start. As she placed the top of the candle into the opening, she let out a gasp as the feeling of something other than her hand touching her pussy startled her.

She pushed gently as she watched in the mirror to see the tip of the candle disappear into herself. It was at the obstacle and Chrissy used a little more pressure. At first, there was a pain as the candle suddenly seemed to slip past what she read the day before was her hymen. As the candle went deeper, there was a little feeling of tearing, but there was also the feeling of fullness that felt wonderful. Even as the pain appeared, she felt the pleasure overwhelming it.

She had about two inches of candle in herself and she wanted more. She had three inches and it felt too good to stop. She had four inches. Could a boy be that big She kept going and was fascinated to watch the fifth and sixth inch disappear into herself in the mirror. She was starting to feel so good that she took a few steps back and fell back on her bed so that she wouldn't have to concentrate on keeping her balance. She wanted to devote one hundred percent of her mind to enjoying the feelings that were coming from her pussy.

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