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3 Way

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Author: Secret
Published: 20-Jul-06 Revised/Updated 25-Jan-16
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I stood up and walked back into the bedroom Liz was laying there asleep so I got back into back in to bed my cock was hard again fresh from begin sucked, I lay there for a moment, then got up and sat on the end of the bed I turned round and I moved my hand up Liz leg to her pussy she moaned a bit when I touched her and opened her legs wider I moved my head between her legs and kiss her thigh then moved to her pussy she moaned a bit more then I began to lick and suck on her pussy.

* * * * * * *

By the time I left the club it was about 4 am on the way home I was wondering weather or not to go round to Liz's house as she told me earlier that she wanted me to fuck her. I walked to the end of my road I started to feel a little horny, I though sod it I want to have a fuck, so I went round there; she didn't live far from my place but she didn't know that.

It took me some time to find her house cause the street light wasn't working so I had to guess which one it was, I walked up to one house trying to see the number but couldn't so I knocked on the door and waited for a couple of minutes I wonder weather I had the right address and not waking someone else up at that time in the morning.

Then a light went on and the door opened, there stood Liz behind the door peering round.

" What took you so long, it's about time you showed up, I though you weren't going to come round", she said.

"Am sorry but I didn't get out of the club till late", I replied and walked in the house.

She walked in to the living room and sat down on the sofa, she was wearing knickers and a T-shirt her nipples where hard because it was a cold night.

I felt a tinge in my jeans as my cock started to wake up; I sat down in a chair in front of Liz

"So I didn't wake you did I" I asked.

Then Rich a gay friend we both know walked out of her bedroom in a T-shirt and boxers shorts

" Alright Rich how are you", I asked not knowing he was their.

"Fine a little bit pissed thou" he said.

We talked for a while had a spiff or two and a sniff of some poppers we got talking about sex, so I asked Liz what would she do if she got the chance to have a 3some just her and two hard cocks at her disposal

"Well I don't know, just too get hold of one will do me" she replied.

All this talk about sex got us a little bit horny I could see Liz was getting impatience and wanted to take me to bed and fuck me, she got up and walked into the bedroom and brought of some bedding for Rich to sleep on the sofa.

"Good night Rich", Liz said as she turned to me and gave me a look as if to say get in here and fuck me and walked back in to the bedroom. By that time I was a little bit wasted.

"So I said I'd better go in there and do it then" , I pulled myself up out of the chair and said night to Rich who was getting ready himself to go to sleep.

I walked in the bedroom and Liz was already in bed as I started to take off my jeans my cock began to get hard through the out line of my boxers, I looked over at Liz she saw this and smiled she reached under the bed sheet's and removed her knickers and threw them on the floor.

"Looks like someone's happy to see me,

"Why don't you take them off" so I did then not second later she grabbed hold of my cock and began to wank me.

I reached over and kissed her and with my right hand move it over her body and felt her tits she had a big pair of tits.

I told her to take off the T-shirt and she did I moved my head down and my mouth found her erect nipple I licked it and suck it, I moved my hand down between her legs softly touched her pussy it was warm down there so I warmed it up a little bit more I parted her lips with my fingers then rubbed her clit I let my fingers slide down to her pussy hole she was getting wetter.

I lay down as she kissed me and moved down and took my cock in her mouth she sucked like a lollipop licking my balls, she moved her leg over my head and sat on my face my tongue played with her clit, she was dripping with lust as she grad her pussy into my face.

"I want your cock inside me," she moaned.

With that she moved herself in to position I took hold of my hard cock slowly moved it closer to her hungry pussy she was breathing heavily, I moved the swollen head of my cock in teased her pussy by sliding up and down the lips of her pussy to get some of her juices on my cock.

Just before she could complain about me teasing her I slid in my cock further in with a slow stroke in and out to gather more of her juices, then with one push I plunge my cock deep in to her pussy making her take a deep breath and began to pump my cock in and out of her as my balls slapped her arse she started to moan and breathing quicker.

"Fuck me, fuck me" she said then she let out a scream that she was cummin.

I continued to pump my cock in and out of her harder and faster and she came again that's when she told me she couldn't take any more "but I hadn't cum yet" I told her and carried on fucking her.

As she was trying to tell me to stop she let out a louder scream and came again " that's it, I can't take anymore" she said so I stopped and took out my cock which had her juices all over it.

I lay at the side of her she was catching her breath back then we talked for a bit and I turned to her and said "bloody hell what if you had two cock's at your disposal you wouldn't last very long".

"I would," she said, " yeah right" I replied and left it like that.

I lay there for a while, still semi hard because I hadn't cum yet so I got up and walked into the living room I'd forgot that Rich was asleep on the sofa. Still feeling a little horny I walked over to the sofa lowered myself then tapped on Richs arm, he turned over and asked what's the matter, I knew that he wanted to suck on my cock, nothing I said I took his hand and placed it round my semi hard cock I think he was surprised by this and took a moment to think then began to wank me. I moved closer to his face, he didn't say a word he just opened his month and took my cock in his mouth and began to suck it still with Liz's juices on it. I started to fuck his mouth he slid his tongue up and down my shaft while with his hand fondled my balls. I moved my hand under the sheet and felt his hard cock getting harder and started to wank him he moaned and suck on me harder. I pulled my cock out of his month and whisper to him to come in the bedroom in 3 minutes if you want more then slid it back in his mouth then pulled it out and he agreed.

I stood up and walked back into the bedroom Liz was laying there asleep so I got back into back in to bed my cock was hard again fresh from begin sucked, I lay there for a moment, then got up and sat on the end of the bed I turned round and I moved my hand up Liz leg to her pussy she moaned a bit when I touched her and opened her legs wider I moved my head between her legs and kiss her thigh then moved to her pussy she moaned a bit more then I began to lick and suck on her pussy. I fingered her and slip my tongue between her hot wet pussy lips, parting them with my tongue all the way to her clit. She liked it as she began to run her hands over her tits and down her body, I was kneeling on the bed with my legs apart with my hand playing with my hanging cock and balls. I was deep in to licking and sucking Liz's pussy when I felt some one touch my arse and then stroke my balls and took hold of my cock.

He wrapped his hand round my cock and started to wank me, He'd lay on the bed and began to lick and suck my cock again. He lay on his back a pulled himself under my legs then he took hold of my cock with his mouth and began to suck it while played with my balls with one hand and with the other wanking himself. He moved his head up and down sliding my cock in and out of his mouth, Liz was awake and liked me fingering her as I licked and sucked on her clit her juices covered my mouth then she came again, she didn't know I was having my cock sucked at the same time. I lifted my head up and told her to keep her eyes closed. As I pushed my arse downwards so rich could deep throat me then pulled my cock out of his mouth. I got up and moved up the bed to Liz and signaled Rich to come up to top of the bed, with me on one side and Rich on the other. I said to Liz "well here's your chance", with that she opened her eyes to see two hard cock on each side of her face she was shocked and excited at the same time, she knew Rich was gay but it was a surprise to have his cock in front of her. She had a big smile on her face, she turned and took hold of my cock and put in her month and sucked on it like it was a lollipop and with her other hand took Richs cock and wanked him then she turned and suck on his cock.

I played with her tits while she was taking turns on swapping on sucking cocks. She then pulled us closer so our cocks touched together and laughed "now this is cock fighting" then licked both the heads of our cocks at the same time. Rich lent over and kissed me, Liz looked up and saw us and that turned her on more and put both cocks in her mouth and sucked on them. Rich moved back as Liz sucked on my cock, he lent down and he and Liz kissed there tongues played with each other, so I put my cock between there mouths and as they kiss they licked and sucked on it. Then Rich suck my cock while Liz licked my balls she reached down and wanked Richs cock, I fingering her pussy, he slipped his finger between my cheeks and played with my arse. We all lay down on the bed and I was licking Liz's pussy as Liz sucks Richs cock and Rich is sucking mine said "I want to see your cock in her pussy, Liz agreed so Rich lay down on his back then Liz got on top with her pussy above Richs face, she then started to suck his cock again. I went behind Liz and lowered myself down to insert my cock in to steaming wet pussy with Rich watching the whole thing. I pushed my cock into her and started sliding it in and out of her she lowered herself so Rich stuck out his tongue out and licked her clit then my balls.

As I fucked Liz I pulled my cock out and rubbed it over Liz's swollen clit as Richs took it in his mouth. He put his hand on her pussy to get her juice on his fingers then ran his finger over my balls and between my arse cheeks and stuck his finger up my arsehole Liz was loving sucking cock and being fucked at the same time as she moan with pleasure. I licked my finger and stuck it in her arse hole her body started to jerk as got more excited she scream she was cumming and with Richs finger in my arse I came aswell I pumped my cum deep into her pussy. After I'd cum Rich took my cock out of her dripping pussy then sucked the last drops of my cum from my cock. Liz then got up and looked at rich sucking my cock "how does he taste" with a smile on her face rich couldn't speak with his month full, I kissed Liz and played with her tits and moved my hand down to her pussy and inserted one finger, then two, then three.

Richs cock was still hard so Liz told him to kneel on the bed he did she bend down and started to suck his cock, she pulled me down and took his cock out of her mouth and pointed it to me. I Knelt down on the bed and I opened my mouth then Liz pulled Richs cock and I took it in my mouth and began to suck it Liz kissed Rich then helped me suck on his cock Rich began to moan with pleasure "am going to cum" he said I pulled away and Liz continued to suck him "don't my him cum yet" I said and got off the bed and walked round to the other side I got back on the bed behind Rich while Liz sucked away "widen your legs Rich" I told him so he did I knelt behind him and took hold of my hard cock pulled it downwards and held it I moved closer to Rich I told Liz to suck him harder when he started to moan more, I let go of my cock and it sprang up between his legs hitting arse which had him more excited. I put my hands on his arse cheeks and opened them wider and slide my cock passed his arsehole and hitting his balls with my cock, then reached round and took hold of his balls. Liz felt my cock between Rich's legs then Rich shouted, "am cumming" and shot his load all over Liz's face.

Liz sucked all the cum then licked her fingers "humm" she moaned "I want too have you both in me" she then said, with that Rich lay on his back then Liz got on top of him Rich had to get a hard on again so I helped him by sucking and licking and wanking him and his cock, he was soon hard again then I grabbed Liz's arse and lowered her pussy on to his cock, this was rich was not accustom to but he didn't mind so as Liz got her pussy filled by rich I stood above her with my hard cock in hand I lowered myself down and put my cock on her arse hole then slowly pushed it in she let out a scream as my cock filled her arse hole. We slowly start to fuck her each cock slid in and out of her pussy and arse. She screamed "Fuck me harder" I began to slap my thighs against your arse my cock fucking her arse I pushed down on her arse to take Richs cock deeper inside her. She screamed with pleasure "I'm cummmin" then she black out which is did when she came to much, Rich was cumming at the same time flopped his cock out and shoot his load all over my balls. She came round as I took my cocks out of her and shoot my load allover her arse, we collapsed on the bed as we where all fucked, We never got a second chance to carry it on again

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