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Author: Lucy
Publish Date : Nov 29, 2006
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How I lost my virginity, many years ago - I was slippery and so excited that I couldn't think straight, I knew I was going to be fucked and that was what I wanted, I couldn't think of anything else.

* * * * * * *

I have a cunt between my legs, in other words I am a woman, in fact I am a woman who is a sex addict and this is how it started.

I was thirteen at the time, I was a very well developed girl for my age at a time when many girls had not even started to develop. I had small, nicely shaped, stiff breasts, a plump mound divided by the long lips of my vulva and long, beautiful legs. I was quite used already to men looking at my body, I knew what they were looking at and why. I don't know when I first started masturbating because I have done it ever since I can remember. When I was young it was a sort of comfort thing which was pleasurable and which I enjoyed, however, when I started to develop so the feelings that I got from it became more intense, then it was definitely sexual. As I developed I thought about sex all the time and had played around with one or two boys that I knew. One was my cousin James, his mother was my mother's youngest sister and one day she caught us feeling each other. To my surprise she didn't scold or punish us, instead she talked to us separately. When she talked ro me, I was eleven at that time, she explained all about sex and why it felt so nice for a boy and girl to feel each other. No-one had ever talked about sex to me before and I was fascinated and, although she told me that I took a terrible risk if I let a boy put his penis in me and ejaculated, I couldn't wait to have sex properly. One of the things that had led to James and I feeling each other was that I never wore knickers, my mother had some sort of odd thing about wearing them. James had seen up my skirt many times and it was he who suggested that we looked at and played with each other.

Nevertheless James and the other boys I knew wouldn't have sex with me because my aunt had scared them about having to support a child if they caused one. So two years later I was very frustrated in my attempts to have sex until one day, during the summer holidays, I was walking out of our village one afternoon when I heard noises coming from an old cottage that hadn't been lived in for years. Curious, but without really thinking about it, I went into the garden and round to the back where the noise seemed to be coming from. There was a man, dressed only in a very abbreviated pair of shorts working on a window. "Hello, love, what ar'yer doing" "Nothing," I replied, "just heard a noise that's all, this place has been empty for years." "Ah, so it has," the man said, "but someone's now bought it and I'm getting it ready to be done up." "Oh," I said. "You're a nice pretty looking maid, I must say," the man continued, his eyes taking in my curves, "bet all the boys are after you!" I shook my head, "No they ain't." I was wearing an old school dress that was a size too small, and I had nothing on underneath it, the way he looked at me made my nipples tingle. "Tell you what," the man said, putting down his tools, "we done quite a lot upstairs, do yer want to see" "Yes please!" I felt excited without really knowing why. "Come on then," we went inside, "you go first," he said when we came to the stairs, "and watch out, there ain't no bannister rail." I kept to the wall as I climbed up and when I reached the top I turned to see the man staring up my skirt. "My that's some pretty cunt you got!" he said as he joined me, "Don't you wear no knickers" "No," I replied, "my Mum don't believe in them." "Well, that's all to the benefit of men like me then, innit" I felt myself blushing at the thought that he'd seen everything I had, I now felt even more excited.

"Come in here look," he said, "my name's John." He pronounced it 'Jahn' so I knew he was Cornish like me. "See, this is the back bedroom like, I sleeps here while I'm working at the cottage, that's my bed." It was a steel army type bed that had a spring on it with a mattress on top. "That's real comfortable that is, go on lie down and try it!" I didn't think until I saw where he was looking, as I got on the bed and laid down I was inadvertently again showing him that I had no knickers on. "That surely is some pretty cunt you got, you bin fucked yet" My heart thumped as I shook my head. "What a waste, cunt like that needs fucking! Here look at this!" He pulled up the very short left leg of his shorts and revealed his half-hard cock, "Seen one o'they before 'av'ee" "Yes," I was so excited that I couldn't speak properly. "Know what to do with it" "Yes." "Right, come on then!" With that he took his shorts off and stood naked before me, his cock rising steadily in little jerks until it pointed almost vertically. It was the biggest I had seen, certainly at least seven inches long and thick with it, there was nothing I wanted more than to touch it. As I got up and sat on the side of the bed he came to me, took my hand and put it on the warm, throbbing shaft. I started to wank him without thinking about it at all, "That's right, my dear, that's real nice, come on let's feel that cunt of yours," and he pushed my skirt up and gently stroked what small length of the lips of my cunt that were revealed. It felt nice and almost without any conscious volition on my part, my legs began to part. In moments his gentle fingers aroused me as my lips swelled and opened, then he was feeling inside, he pushed a finger deep into my love-canal and began fucking me with it. I had never known such feelings and let him do what he wanted. He was soon teasing my clit, "My that's some love-bud you got there my darlin'," he said, "come on. open yer legs and let me look at yer." I did so, he was breathing very hard, "Ent bin fucked yet, yer said" I shook my head. "Well, your day's come, I'm a going to fuck yer, alright" "Yes," I whispered.

He pulled us both onto the bed and took my dress off, kissing me then kissing and sucking my nipples, I was wet by then and glorying in the feel of his big cock in my hand, "That's a good girl, now then," he said lowering himself between my legs, "feel this." It was his cock inside the mouth of my cunt, I was slippery and so excited that I couldn't think straight, I knew I was going to be fucked and that was what I wanted, I couldn't think of anything else. He looked down and, taking my hand from his cock, took it in hand himself and stroked it inside my cunt and against my clit. The thrills surged through me and he put the big purple head against my hole and pushed. He had to push several times before I actually felt it open me and the head was inside. Pushing some more his cock slid right up inside me until I felt his big balls on my bum. "There," he said, "now you be a woman and I'm going to fuck 'ee!" And he did, gently at first he slid the big cock in and out, although tight I was more slippery than I could ever have imagined. Then as it became easier he started thrusting harder. I thought I wouldn't be able to stand the intensity of the thrills that surged through me now. I had no thought of the man who was fucking me, my mind was simply just filled with sexual images of cocks, cunts, fucking, cunt-juice and spunk. I felt myself moving up to each stroke and feeling the slight pain as his pubic bone sandwiched the soft pad of my mound against my own pubic bone.

He was soon thrusting energetically, his breath coming ever faster until he was panting, then he groaned, rammed his cock almost painfully up me then, as he withdrew, ejaculated. The six or seven hot, fierce, spurts filled me with his juice, I could soon smell it and feel it oozing as he flopped on me. "There!" he gasped, "Fucked! You're fucked little gel, ent that worth 'aving a cunt for"

And it was. In that moment I knew that I was a woman with something I could use to influence men, I was sexually satisfied and throbbing through and through. I felt his flaccid cock slip out of me and the spunk oozing, I felt so sexual that I slipped my hand down and started careesing my clit as soon as his cock had gone. He didn't notice as he flopped on his back and dozed off, something I was going to have to get used to. I played with myself until I got the most intense feeling I had ever experienced, then I stopped. I got off the bed, there was a big wet patch on the blanket and mixed spunk and cunt-juice oozed down my thighs. Fortunately the water was on and I managed to wash my cunt and everything. I went back into the bedroom, 'Jahn' was lying on his back his big cock shivelled up and lying on his left thigh, he looked very vulnerable. He must have sensed that I was there for his eyes opened, he grinned, "Like that lovely fucking then, maid" he asked. I said I had. "Give me five minutes and yer can have it again, if yer want." I couldn't believe it, "Go on then," I replied.

Well, ten minutes later he was hard again, simply by looking at my cunt, which I was happy to show him, "Come up on the bed then," he grinned and I lay on the bed and spread my legs. He mounted me, this time he entered me easily and pushed up inside, then he started fucking me. It was messy, there was plenty of spunk and juice inside me and it squirted out over our thighs and stomachs. Not that I cared, my mind was once again in the world of sexual euphoria. This time he lasted a long time, twenty minutes maybe, and I loved every second until he finally shot his load deep inside me once again.

Well, that was it, I was lucky getting home before and was able to bathe and wash all the evidence of my activities away, as well as washing my soiled dress. I went to the cottage again every day for a week and enjoyed the same experience every time, until one day he wasn't there and he never came back. However 'Jahn' had lit the flame and I did everything I could to have sex from then on. I did do one good thing though, I confided that I was havimg sex to my aunt, although shocked she was a realist and took me to the Family Planning Clinic and got me 'fixed up' so that I wouldn't become pregnant.

When I started this story, I said that I had a cunt between my legs, well I've used it exhaustively ever since. I couldn't even begin to count the number of men I've had and I have also been very lucky in that, when I married, my husband recognised me for what I was and has allowed me my numerous lovers and still loves me.

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