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It is never too late - Part one.

Author: Jean
Publish Date : Jan 21, 2007
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We sat side by side and when the film started he asked me why I wanted to see it, I said that it was supposed to have sex scenes in it and I wanted to see them. In fact the sex scenes were very mild, more suggested than shown, so the man explained to me what was happening.

* * * * * * *

I'm just an ordinary woman aged forty three, I've had three kids, now grown up and left home, so you could say my figure might have gone. I'm a pound or two overweight but actually my body isn't that bad, my breasts have kept a reasonable shape although now very soft and I have a bit of a tum which rather overshadows my nice mound and my cunt has recovered from childbirth. The only snag is that my huisband left me years ago and I haven't had sex since. Actually when I was young I was insatiable, I lost my virginity, at the age of fourteen, to a man who came up to me outside a cinema where they were showing a film that anyone under age could only get in to see with an adult. I think he had been watching me for he came up and asked if I wanted to see the film, I said that I did and he told me that he'd take me in.

We sat side by side and when the film started he asked me why I wanted to see it, I said that it was supposed to have sex scenes in it and I wanted to see them. In fact the sex scenes were very mild, more suggested than shown, so the man explained to me what was happening. The two lovers, who weren't married, were shown kissing and fondling each other's bodies, nothing overt, no breasts or anything. Then there were scenes as they undressed, you saw the man naked, from the back, and then the woman with only knickers on, also from the back. They got on the bed and the next scene showed the woman's knickers dropping to the floor. "This is where they start feeling each other," the man told me, "you know, he's feeling the woman's breasts and fanny and she's feeling his cock." My heart started thumping, as I said, I was fourteen and well developed and had been thinking about sex for a long time. The man took my hand and said, "This is what a man's cock feels like!", and placed my hand on his erect penis. I had never seen let alone touched a man, or boy for that matter and I couldn't resist feeling it, it felt very large. "And this is what the man feels," he went on and felt my breasts then he unbuttoned my dress and felt the bare flesh, my nipples erected. "When he's had a good feel of those he feels her here," I knew what was coming and felt his hand up my skirt, "open your legs then," he continued. I obeyed and after feeling my slit through my thin knickers he pulled one leg aside and gently caressed my fanny. I became wet very quickly. "Do you think they are enjoying themselves," he asked.

"Oh yes," I said, I was enjoying what he was doing, although I knew that it was wrong.

"If you want to come with me afterwards," he said, "you can show me your fanny and play with my cock, I expect you'd like that" I knew I would, although, once again, I knew it was wrong and possibly dangerous, but my curiosity got the better of me, I said I would. When we left the cinema it was dark and the man took my hand and we walked along the street before taking a side turning, soon he was at a door and opening it witrh a key. "Hello, darling," he called out, "we're home." A woman appeared, she was younger than my Mum and looked quite nice, "You've come to have some fun then have you" she asked. I murmured agreement and they took me upstairs to a dimly lit bedroom. The woman started undressing me, "Had you ever seen a man's cock before my husband showed you his" I shook my head, my heart was thumping almost painfully. I was soon undressed and so was the man, "Let's have the light a bit brighter, darling," he said, "I think this girl has a lovely cunt!" His wife turned knob that formed the light switch and the light brightened considerably. "There," he said, "look at that, what a beautiful cunt she has, have you ever seen a nicer one" He stood naked in front of me his cock rigid and pointing to the ceiling. The woman examined me, "It really is beautiful!" She kissed me. I felt proud that these grown ups thought that I had a beautiful fanny. The woman undressed and we all got on the bed, I had never seen an adult fanny either and was somewhat shocked at the patch of dark hair that hid her fanny. "Have you ever felt a cock" I shook my head, "Well then, give me your hand." She took it and placed my fingers round the shaft of her husband's penis, I was surprised how hard it was and how warm. "This is what you do," and she moved my hand up and down, the big purple head was wet and his balls swung in the big hairy sac, I started feeling funny down below. They started kissing me and each other, "What's your name, darling" the woman asked. "Jean," I said, "Have you ever felt another girl's fanny" "No." "Well you feel mine in a minute and we'll play with you."

After a few minutes the woman knelt on the bed her knees wide apart, took my hand from her husband's cock and put it between her legs, "I expect you've felt your cunt, Jean, but it's always nice to feel someone else's." She guided my fingers, "See, this is my slit and lips, just stroke them gently..... that's right......" The lips spread open and became slippery, then, "And these are my inner lips, some women have large ones, others have hardly any at all, this is where the man's cock goes in..... and here's what I am sure you have discovered makes you very excited!" She put my finger on a hard bit inside, everything was wet and slippery, "It's called the clitoris, or clit, when a man plays with this it's what makes you feel that you want to be fucked." I found it exciting and a very pleasant experience feeling her and when she put her hand between my legs to do the same I wouldn't haave dreamt of stopping her. Soon I was very slippery too. The man had been moving his hand up and down his cock all this time and he said, "is she ready to be fucked" "Oh yes," his wife replied, "come along dear lay down here on your back and open your legs." The man knelt between my legs then he lowered himself and I felt his cock pushing between the lips of my fanny. He was still holding it and rubbed it inside and against what the woman had called my clit. It felt extremely exciting so that when he moved it against the hole the woman had told me was where a man put his cock, I let him do it without a thought. It nosed into me, the woman said, "It might hurt just a bit, Jean, but it will only be momentary then you can enjoy being fucked. She watched as her husband pushed his cock right into me, there was one moment of sharp pain then it slid so far up inside me that I felt his balls against my bottom. Suddenly the woman said, "Go on, fuck her, fuck her!" and the man drew his cock back then thrust it up again, he kept on doing it, it was most uncomfortable. I was very slippery though, I could feel moisture oozing out over my thighs and bottom and as he went on I began to quite enjoy it. "She's fucking tight," the man said, "I shan't be able to hold on very long." "Just fuck her!" the woman said fiercely, let the spunk take care of itself." I had no idea what she meant.

The man fucked me, I suppose, for about five minutes, then, suddenly he groaned, and he rammed his cock almost painfully up me and I felt something spurting inside. It happened three or four times, then he flopped on top of me. After a minute or two the woman rolled him off me, she pulled me across the bed then kneeling on the floor in front off me, put her head between my legs. With my legs over her shoulders I felt her kiss my fanny, then she was licking me, she licked my clit and an absolute agony of a thrill raced through me. The next moment she was sucking at my delicate flesh and I heard her swallowing, I couldn't think what she could be doing. She did this for several minutes before lifting her head, she raised herself and leaning forward, kissed me on the mouth. There was a funny taste, then she forced her tongue into my mouth and I felt her spit something into it. It tasted funny but not unpleasant, she completely emptied her mouth into mine while caressing my clit. I swallowed and lay back, letting her thrill me with her fingers. She finally stopped, "Now you know what you've got a cunt for, don't forget, you're here to give men pleasure and women as well if they want it. Now change places with me!" I did as she said. "Now you can see my cunt, do to me what I just did to you!" I put my mouth to her cunt, which was now wide open, I kissed, licked, probed and sucked filling my mouth with her juice, which I swallowed, then I concentrated on her clit because that was what had given me the most pleasure. After about thirty seconds she suddenly cried out and had some sort of seizure, she flopped back on the bed. Once she had regained her composure, she told me what had happened to her, "You're too youing to experience a climax yet, but you will, you're the sexiest little cunt I've ever come across. Take my advice, use your cunt!" By now her husband's cock was hard again and he proceeded to fuck me again and shoot another lot of spunk, as they called it, deep inside. They allowed me to get dressed afterwards and the man walked me home, how I managed to go into our house and not give away anything I don't know but I did.

So, that was my initiation to sex. I had really enjoyed the second fucking and wanted to repeat it, but somehow I was never able to find that house again. Not to be denied I showed myself to a man I knew a couple of doors along, I ran errands for him and he gave me pocket money. He was certainly surprised when I sat displaying my knickers with my legs open one day and commented that I was growing up fast. I asked if he liked my figure and he replied that, dressed as I was, he couldn't see much, so I asked him if he would like to see more, he said yes. I took my dress off, I had purposely not worn a bra and his eyes popped as he saw my breasts, he stuttered telling me how lovely they were. I said, "Do you like this then" and hooking my knickers down I stepped out of them and stood with my legs open. Obviously he looked straight at my fanny, he said that it was the sort of thing he dreamed about. So I asked him if he'd like to feel it, it's probably completely unnecessary to tell you that he did. He was much younger than the original couple and I thoroughly enjoyed how he caressed me, I asked him to show me his cock and he dropped his trousers and pants. His cock wasn't as big as the first man's had been and I enjoyed playing with it. As we played with each other he asked me how I knew so much, I said that I couldn't tell him, but that if he wanted to fuck me he could. He didn't need as second invitation and took me upstairs to his bed, there we really enjoyed each other's body and he eventually fucked me very gently and enjoyably. I told him afterwards how much I enjoyed it and told him that he could fuck me regularly if he wanted. He did, he fucked me frequently over the next four years, somehow I never got pregnant and had a wonderful time and gained a lot of experience.

When I turned eighteen I joined the WRNS and had to say goodbye to my lover but once installed in the Navy I soon found an officer to replace him and give me regular fucking. Now I did get pregnant and, to my surprise the officer offered to marry me, in the circumstances I nearly bit his hand off. We married quickly, my parents were very impressed. I had to leave the WRNS of course and gave birth,eight and a half months after getting married, to a lovely boy, nine months later I was pregnant again, my husband having to put up with a lot of badinnage in the Officer's Mess. The second was a girl and, to put a cap on it a year later had another girl.

I won't bother you with the years between, my husband, initially so highly sexed that he barely left me alone, left me after eight years. He did leave me, and the children, well provided for. So I lived out my celibate life until all three of my progeny had left home, sex had not seemd so important during those years, but once I was on my own again the old urge returned. I had, of course, over the years made friends and my dearest friend I sometimes confided in, at some time, probably when I'd had a drink or two, I told her how lonely I was and how I missed sex which at one time had been such a huge part of my life. She said, "You want to do what I do."

"And what's that" I asked.

"Why, I patronise a singles club," she said, "I pair off with someone I like, just for sex, I'm not interested in anything permanent."

"Just what, I'd like," I replied, so we arranged that I would go with her on the next occasion she went.

She told me that most of the men regarded it as a sex club anyway, "They're very wary of getting caught again!" she laughed.

So one Tuesday night she picked me up in her car and off we went. One had to become a member, so Thera, that was my friend's name, proposed me and a nice gentleman she knew was the seconder. The whole place was like a very upmarket Lounge Bar with a nice seating area, bar, and, all along one wall, a series of sectioned off open-fronted cubicles, they obviously did not want any hanky-panky on the premises!

Thera and I ordered drinks and sat at one of the tables, there was soft music of the era of most of the members playing and a buzz of conversation. She gave me the low down on a number of men and a few women, I should think six or seven men, that she knew from personal experience were good lovers, plus three or four that again from experience she wouldn't touch again with a bargepole.

Unfortunately time has run out on me, but keep looking, I shall continue!

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