Going All The Way

Author: Timothy McCorkell
Published: Mar 7, 2007
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An erotic story where first time sex is involved. Seeing that she was now laying back on the bed seductivly, he started to gently, run his hands up and down between her thighs. Now, feeling, a soaking saturation in his hands, he felt that the time was now right.

Paul slid the third button from it's tight slit of her soft, pink, blouse. His heart was racing. She's never allowed it this far before. Fingers now touching, where they dared not before, Kay's heart was pounding as she felt his hands slide quickly down her blouse.

His hands were now firmly on her waist. She felt her blouse now open wide. Her eyes glanced down to watch his fingers undo her last blouse button. Boldly, he pulled her blouse upward, untucking it from her skirt.

She said nothing, choosing instead to tease his mouth, touching her tongue softly on its lower lip. Feeling his hands slide firmly underneath the the cups of her bra excited her, causing her to bite hard on his lip. Gulping hard, he pulled his mouth away from hers, and placed his lips firmly on her upper breasts.

Breasts now bouncing as she breathed heavy, his lips sucked hard just above her bra.

She thought to herself. "Should I let him take my bra. I know he wants to. He's going to do it."

While inhaling deeply; he blew a breath of hot air down her breasts. Without hearing stop, he boldly pulled her blouse back to her shoulders and slid it off, throwing it to the floor.

Lifting his shirt up high, her eyes feasted on the site of his rippling chest, as he pulled it over his head and off. Tossing the shirt to the floor, his eyes focused on her bra. Looking into her eyes for a clue, she blinked nervously.

He wanted to pull her bra off her right away, but he hesitated.

He thought. "Maybe I should wait and see if she pulls it off herself."

Then he thought. "She's expecting me to pull it off her."

He thought. "I'll give her a chance to say something if she thinks I'm going to far."

Hearing nothing from her, he wondered to himself. "Should I ask her if I can remove the bra."

He thought. "I shoud just do it. Now, I should do it now."

She trembled as his fingers moved behind her back and unhooked her bra.

"Hot damn. Her bra unhooked on the very first try." He thought to himself.

Quickly sliding off her, he watched in sheer delight, as her bra fell to the floor. He pulled her close to him, as her breasts now pressed firmly on his chest. Gripping her buttocks firmly, he pushed her tight against his waist.

Rubing close up against his waist, she could feel him, now erect, bulging through his pants.

"It feels so soft." He thought as he felt his erection bumb up between her thighs.

Now trembling, her hands gripped his belt buckle.

"That's a move she had never made before." Paul thought.

Wondering how much further she would go, he thought. "I'll press myself hard between her legs just to see how she reacts."

Pressing into her, he felt her push herself flush against his pants. Feeling his heart pounding ever harder, he breathed heavy on her. Feeling his heavy breaths, she realised, he was just as excited as her.

Suddenly he felt his belt unbuckle, watching her pull it off his pant loops, and throwing it to the floor. Now gulping hard his pants button became undone. His heart raced as his felt her fingers on his pants zipper.

He could feel her hand pressed against the zipper. Her fingers were spread out wide and held firmly and flush with the zipper.

"What's she doing" He wondered.

"Make up your mind Kay". He thought to himself.

He wondered. "Will she pull it down or am I being teased"

His heart pounded thunderously, as she suddenly pulled the zipper down and open.

He thought. "At last, she's going all the way."

Staring at his now, wide, open pants she placed her hands firmly on the front of his shorts, exploring the very tight slit. Pulling at both ends of the tight slit her fingers pried it opened.

Reaching her hand through the slit of his shorts, she felt his throbbing erection and pulled it slowly, through the slit opening. With a trembling hand her fingers stroked him curiously.

Totaly suprised at her aggresive move, he looked down to watch what she was doing to him, and then just stood there enjoying her fingers touching him there for the very first time.

"Why did you stop" She asked.

"I don't wanna go too far." He replied.

With a smile, she said. "Thats okay, today I decided I want to go all the way."

"Are you really sure"

"Yes, I'm really sure."

Feeling her tongue swirling around his nipples, his hands slipped under her dress and firmly touched her thighs. Her mouth moved down his rippling chest, planting a series of bites on his skin.

Responding to this new pleasure, he gently touched her breasts and then cuped them in his hand while gently sucking her nipples with his lips.

Moaning, she dug her nails deeply into his back. Reaching for her skirt zipper, he pulled it down and slid her panties down and off. Feeling his hand slide in between her thighs, her fingers moved below his waist and touched him lovingly.

With her hand held out to him, he took it as she lead him over to her bed. Pulling off the bedspread, she hesitated, then looked at him, as she threw the bed spread to the floor.

Both of them, now trembling nervously, climbed slowly into bed. At first they held eachother tight in their arms and just kissed. Gradually as their kisses became more intent, they started to feel more comfortable in bed together.

"I think she's ready now." Paul thought.

Seeing that she was now laying back on the bed seductivly, he started to gently, run his hands up and down between her thighs. Now, feeling, a soaking saturation in his hands, he felt that the time was now right.

He placed his body over hers. As he braced himself he could feel her hand grip him firmly, as she slowly guided him into her.

Wrapping her legs tightly around his waist, he felt her hands push his buttocks down, driving him deeply inside of her. She moaned with joy as he began to thrust, faster and deeper.

Legs wrapping ever tighter around him, he tried to think of other things, and it helped him hold back for a while. Gripping his buttocks again, as she pushed down ever harder on him, he let go at last.

Embraced in each others arms, they held each other tenderly. Kay whispered to Paul.

"I'm glad I had my first experience with you."

Paul whispered back "ditto" and kissed her softly on her lips.

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