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Author: Glamour_Puss
Published: 12-Jul-07
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Before we go any further, I need to inform you that if you want my cherry, be prepared to go through some of the phony motions of standard courtship ritual.

* * * * * * *

I was very honest when I posted my ad. Here's what I had to say.


Must be BLACK, handsome, refined, cultured, & well dressed in classic casual or business attire.

No " rap culture" guys. This means no big clothing, no chains, no athletic wear.

If your pants hang below the waist of your boxers, and if you wear your ball cap backwards, you're just not my type. Sorry, nothing personal.

I prefer shaved heads, but long hair, permed hair, curled hair, braided hair, dreads and tatoos are great too.

I'm not crazy about skinny men, I don't wanna see no hip bones, and I don't like a lot of muscle on a man.

I prefer big, stocky men who have a little bit of body fat, but not too much.

You must know how to treat a lady, you must know how to speak to a lady, and you must be willing to wear a condom before entering every hole every time, and most importantly, you must have a big, thick cock !

Last but not least, you must be willing to be filmed.

Before we go any further, I need to inform you that if you want my cherry, be prepared to go through some of the phony motions of standard courtship ritual.

This does not mean you will be required to lie and tell me you love me in order to get into my pants. As you read my ad, you will realize that lying to get into my pants will not be necessary.

The phony courtship rituals are only required because I am concerned for my physical safety, so this means you gotta date me for over 1 month, meeting only in public places.

You must be available for my every phone call, see me every Friday and Saturday night, & meet my friends and family as I will not so much as even allow you to finger me until you have done all these things.

Now that you think I'm kinda bitchy and blunt, I will try to describe my self and appearance.

I am 21 years old and because I've been so busy with school and work, I'm still a virgin.

My astrological sign is Libra.

Aside from routine medical exams, I have never been touched.

I'm talented and intelligent and will attend liberal arts classes at a state college on scholarship soon.

I'm 5 feet tall and overweight.

I'm not grossly huge and fat, but I'm plump in a Rubenesque sort of way.

I'm very curvy with solid thighs, straight hips, a high waist and double-D titties.

They are real, not implants, so they are not firm, but my nipples are nice.

My areolas are a light pinkish brown.

My nipples are not great big and long, but they are a nice size, perfect for titty fucking.

My pussy hair is light brown and curly.

I have milky white skin, shoulder length, naturally curly blonde hair, gray eyes and a soft, round, cherub-like face.

I never leave the house without putting on tastefully applied make-up.

My hair is always fixed when I'm in public and my clothes are always clean and conservative, never revealing or slutty.

I don't curse , except for in one on one situations with my closest friends and family.

People are always telling me I'm pretty.

I don't sound like " white chocolate" when I speak.

I speak with a soft, smooth, high voice and a sweet southern drawl.

I can't show my photo online, but to best describe how I look, a tarot card reader once told me I looked exactly like THE EMPRESS of the "rider-waite" tarot card deck, photos of that card are available online.

If you are not familiar with the tarot, just type " the empress, tarot, rider-waite" into the search box and the search engine will take you right to it. There is no copyright on that deck, so it's ok for me to make mention of it in this fashion.

I've got a 500 watt smile and my lips are soft and full, just waiting for a huge, veiny, black cock to slide right in between them. (with a condom on it of course, I don't wanna taste the HO you screwed before you go to my place.)

My tongue wants to rotate around the head of a huge black cock . I've got a big, juicy clit, and when I pinch my labia and pull it apart to look at my hairy little pussy in the mirror, I can see my hymen, firm and intact, just waiting to be ripped open.

My hot little cherry is nestled right behind it, throbbing, just waiting to be popped.

When I rub my clit, I watch my puckered little rosebud start to open and close, but I never finger it or use a vibrator, so my ass- cherry needs a poppin' too.

Sometimes, I imagine a tiny stream of sticky, salty red bodily fluid flowing from from my freshly ripped hymen, and the juices that would drip out of my tiny virgin ass hole as I fantasize about a big black dick rammin' into my tiny little pussy for the first time, so to punish myself for them bad thoughts, I pour hot, soapy water on my pussy and ass to make it burn and sting while I rub my clit.

So... as you can see.....I'm burnin' for a churnin'. Will you be the one to pop my cherries

Thanks, Missi

HIS RESPONSE I won't try to get you to back down from your initial terms, which are obviously designed to protect your physical safety. I'm very understanding about things like that.

I perceive that you are a very intelligent lady and will be careful not to cross you!

To describe myself, I'm over 6 ft. tall, and though I'm not really what you'd call muscular, I am very large and solid.

I dress very nicely and try to carry myself in a refined, gentlemanly manner.

I'm not a wealthy man, but I work hard and have a steady job as an assistant manager of a fast food restaurant.

I don't do drugs or participate in illegal activities.

I'd like to meet you.

You are by far the most direct woman I've ever encountered, and your candor, to say the least is quite refreshing.

Most women I meet seem very pretentious, playing all these coy little games, and after a while, it gets to be a real bore!

I'll do everything you ask, and if you find that you like me, I'd be happy to cream your little cherries.

Call me at ________________ and we'll set up a meeting in a public place.

Thanks, Ron

THE MEETNG and COURTSHIP We met and I was impressed! Handsome, very dark, cleanly shaven head, with a medium to heavy solid build. He spoke in a very refined, gentlemanly manner. He was intelligent and cultured. We talked about everything from rap to opera.

We dated for over 1 month, and he was actually a very good boyfriend. He met my parents. My mom wasn't real cool with the interracial thing, but my dad was like "whatever, to each his own."

After a few weeks, we went out alone. He took me to see the opera, and it was GREAT!

Afterwards, we talked and laughed and had a really nice dinner at an expensive restaurant downtown. A camera man came by and snapped our photo and I slipped it to my friend who was a waitress there for safe-keeping.


After the opera and dinner, I took him back to my place. I put in a porno for him and I went into the bathroom and took care of business with an enema just in case he wanted to pop my ass cherry. Then I came out and we sat at the kitchen table . I pulled 2 decks of pornographic tarot cards from my purse. One was the DECAMERON, one was the CASANOVA. I told him we were gonna play a naughty little card game. He said ok. I said, ok, now close your eyes and concentrate, and choose a card from the deck. He chose one. It showed a man and a woman in 69 position. I chose one. It showed a woman lying on her back with a man inside her as he was standing at the edge of the bed. I could tell the naughty pictures were turning him on, so, after our little card game, I placed a bowl of X-RATED FORTUNE COOKIES on the table. Each of us read a couple of x-rated fortune cookies and had a good laugh.

I took him by the hand and led him to my bedroom. To his surprise, the room was brightly lit with ceiling mirrors. I had spent years preparing for this night, and I wasn't wastin' it on no prudish church man. My room was well stocked with certain types of medical equipment such as an exam table with stirrups, a swing, a few S&M items, sex toys , and other accroutrement that I wanted to use during my first fuck. This would not be an ordinary virgin lay, and I was making damn sure of that ! We had a few drinks and I was hot and ready.

Finally, I demanded to see his dick. He dropped his pants. I said " now put this lube on and rub it till you're hard , so I can measure you." His dick got so hard it was painfully throbbing. I felt kinda bad for him. I took a tape measure and it measured 3 inches thick and 9 inches long ! The head was HUGE and the rim was really pronounced. I said, well, I wanna get popped, so I guess you'll do, and then I giggled and he started laughing too. Then things got really quiet as he started to hug me and kiss me. As we kissed, he started undressing me, telling me how much he loved my plump little body.

I gathered my shaving supplies. I told him I was gonna shave myself while he watched and that he would not be allowed to touch me while I shaved. I poured hot water all over my pussy and then I covered it with shaving cream. I told him the shaving cream was burning my pussy hole and then I pushed a little shaving cream into my pussy and ass hole I taunted him saying "it burns, it burns" He said, I gotta touch you now , baby, please" I said "NO" So he just sat there, rubbing himself, begging to touch me, but I just kept saying "no" I poured more hot water over my pussy and ass , dried myself off and put my panties back on.

I turned the camera on.

He helped me get onto the exam table. I looked up at the mirror overhead so I could watch him. He pulled me to the edge and placed my feet in the stirrups. He parted my legs really wide, as far as the stirrups would go. He pulled my panties to the side and rubbed my pussy a bit. He turned on the exam table light and looked at my pussy. He took some scissors out of the drawer and cut my panties off. He put on some gloves and said "bear down baby, I'm gonna lube ya' so I can cream your little ass cherry'. So I did. He injected an anal lube shooter into my ass and and rubbed it in with his fingers. He stretched a piece of plastic wrap over my pussy and started licking and tonguing my pussy and ass hole . He took the plastic wrap off and began to pinch my hymen. I said "that hurts " so he stopped. He dipped my feet in warm water and put one of my toes in his mouth and started sucking it , lubed my clit and said " ok baby, rub your little pussy" Then he slowly twisted a finger into my ass and then he started fingering my ass hole. I felt pressure and a burning sensation, but this felt GREAT ! He put on a condom, walked over to the head of the table and started kissing me. I laid my head to the side and started sucking his cock while he fingered my ass hole. He looked into my eyes and said " are you ready for me to spread your little ass " I said "yes." He said "you want me to cream your little ass cherry " I said "yes." Finally, he was throbbing and hard as a rock, so he went to the edge of the table again. He pulled me down so that my ass was hanging off the edge of the table. He inserted an anal lube shooter into my ass hole and fingered it some more.

He said " ooohhhh, baby, your little pink ass is really tight. " The light was really warming my pussy , ass hole and thighs and my pussy started to tingle because of the warm light. Then he rubbed my ass hole with the head of his huge cock while I watched. He began to push his head into my ass hole but it would not go in, so he said " bear down a little, baby" so I did. I watched the head of his dick slip into my tiny little ass hole and I let out a little scream. He pulled it out and pushed it in a few times, giving me just the head. Finally, he pushed the head in again and just held it there for a minute, he put a tiny bit of lube on my clit and said " now rub your little clit baby, that will help you relax." So I started rubbing. He started moving his cock around inside my ass hole, wiggling his hips and twisting his cock, then going in and out, fucking my little ass hole so good. My little ass hole was burning and itching and I could feel it stretching around his humongous dick, and it hurt real bad, but I said, "oooh, baby, you feel good" He bent down to kiss me. Then he grabbed my tits and started pounding my ass HARD. As I was moaning out loud and letting out little screams , he'd bend over and kiss me. He pulled his cock out of my ass and I felt a popping sensation as liquid poured out of my ass hole. He took my feet out of the stirrups and turned me onto my side and started fucking my ass hole again while he squeezed one of my tits and this hurt a lot worse so I began to whimper and I said " please stop, that's killin' me" I felt his dick pop out of my ass and he walked around to the head of the table .

He showed me the condom, it was streaked with red and pink liquid, and he said " I popped your little ass cherry, see " I put my hands over my face cause I was embarrassed. He took my hands off my face, turned me onto my back, pushed my wrists against the table and said " ok, baby, I'm gonna let your little ass hole rest a while" He took off the condom he had used when he popped my ass cherry, washed himself , put on another condom and came back to the table. Then he put my feet back into the stirrups, and started rubbing my pussy. He parted my pussy lips, pinched my labia, pulled it apart and looked at my hymen. He started pinching my hymen again and I let out a scream. He said "you must be nervous, your little pussy is still dry, so I'm gonna put just a tiny bit of lube on it" He started rubbing the lube on it and it burned. Then he started rubbing my hymen and pinching my it real hard while he fingered my ass hole. Then he said, " you ready for me to pop your tight little pussy " I said " yes." He said, "I'm gonna rip your little hymen to shreads, is that ok with you " I said "yes" I watched him rub his cock all over my pussy. I was worried it was not lubed enough and I told him so. He said ' you don't need anymore lube, I got your little pussy lubed up pretty good enough, now you just take a deep breath and watch my cock, cause I'm gonna shove it in hard, and your little hymen is gonna split right open" I looked up and watched him rubbing my pussy with the head of his huge cock. There was also a mirror behind him that tilted forward. I watched his buttocks move around as he pressed against my pussy a few times, and I felt pressure and a burning sensation. He whispered in my ear " open up your little pussy baby so I can fuck it for you, I'm gonna fuck it real good, I'm gonna tear your little pussy up, now look at the mirror above me and watch " I looked overhead again and started rubbing my clit. He took my hands and put them over my head and whispered in my ear saying " you better open your little pussy up cause I'm gonna tear your little cherry up right now"

He put his hands around my waist and squeezed real hard, pulled his hips back, positioned the head of his cock onto my pussy hole, and then pushed forward with a violent thrust. My hips quivered as I felt a tearing sensation at the bottom of my pussy hole next to the perineum and a terrible burning sensation as I let out a scream. I felt a tear run down the corner of my eye and he said "is your little pussy hurtin' baby " I said "yes, it burns real bad" He said " I'm sorry baby" and then he pushed his cock in really hard and wiggled his hips as he pressed his coarse pubic hair into my clit, jerked his cock out , grabbed my titties real hard and shoved his cock back into my pussy even harder than before and I let out a louder scream and grabbed my tits. He stood still, and pulled out a little and said " see how your little pussy is all stretched our around my cock" I looked up at the mirror, but my eyes were tearing, so I wouldn't look at him. He said " baby, look at me" I turned my head to the side. He grabbed my face, turned it upward and said " look at me right now" open your eyes, right now," so finally I did. My heart was pounding so hard as he looked down at my watering eyes. I thought, what is he doing Finally, he said " I'm in love with you baby" I was shocked and I said , " that's not necessary, you don't have to start telling me you love me, I'm not into games, as you can see, I'll fuck you without the games" He said , " baby, I love you, I'm not just saying that, I really do love you" Then he pulled his cock out and said " tell me you love me, I know you love me, so let me hear you say it" My heart was still pounding and my pussy hurtin' real bad, but still, I was aching for some more of his cock. I wouldn't speak. I just stared at him. He started rubbing the head of his dick on my pussy again, he was driving me crazy, and he kept saying " baby, tell me, come on, tell me, tell me how you really feel , I know you feel it too" Finally, I gave into the truth, I did love him , so I tuned my face to the side and I said " I love you too" He turned my face to his again and said, " no, look me in the face and tell me" I looked up at his dark, shiny eyes, my heart was pounding, my pussy was aching for him , so finally I said it, I looked him straight in the eyes and said " I love you too." He whispered in my ear " I popped your little pink pussy for you." He came over and showed me the condom, it was dripping wet and I could see red fluid on it. He went back to the edge of the table and put my hand on my pussy and I looked at my fingers and saw that they had a reddish liquid on them. He poured lube all over my pussy and my ass hole, then he put on gloves and started fingering my ass and pussy and he was saying " now rub your little pussy baby, I'm gonna fuck you into outer space, I'm gonna fuck you till you land on Venus, I'm gonna fuck it till your eyes look all crazy, I'm gonna fuck it for you till you cum" So I started rubbing my pussy. Then I saw him pull a lighted speculum from the drawer. He inserted it into my pussy and stretched my pussy wide open. He was looking inside my pussy as he fingered my ass hole with a gloved finger. He said " oh, baby, your little pussy is so pink and wet, I just love your little pussy" I said " please fuck me, please" He removed the speculum, put on a new condom, and he started rubbin' my pussy with the head of his dick again. Then he started givin' me just the head, poking me and jerking it out. I was lifting my hips and trying to grind into him, but he just kept teasing me. Finally, he grabbed my tittties and started sliding his huge cock in and out of my pussy. He said, rub your little clit baby, I'm gonna fuck you real good, I'm gonna give it to you slow, I'm gonna give it to you fast, I'm gonna give it to you hard, I'm gonna give it to you soft, so rub your little clit baby" So I did. He just kept twisting and grinding his huge cock inside of me, pumping me as hard as he could, then he started pumping me fast but soft, with an occasional hard thrust. I said 'that's it baby, don't stop, don't stop, keep on fucking me like that" So he kept on fuckin' me, fast and soft while I rubbed my clit. Finally, my eyes teared up, my little pussy started pounding, I said , "baby, I'm cumin', don't stop, don't stop" he said " ok baby, I'm gonna send you to another world, I'll keep it goin' just the way you like it" His dick was pumpin' inside my pussy, burning inside of me, stretchin' me , so I started squeezing and releasing my pussy musxles as I was rubbin' my clit . Finally, I felt a rush, then I felt a little dizzy, everything started to blur , as his cock sent me into oblivion, so finally I let out a scream. Then the pain came and my pussy started pounding down real hard on his dick. He said "is my baby's little pussy swellin' up " I told him it was hurting so he pulled out. He sat down and started poking my pussy with his fingers, twisting them inside of me as he poured lube all over my pussy again. I could feel the lube seeping into the tiny little tears, and I said " that burns, rinse it off please." He said " is my baby's little pussy on fire " I said "yes, it hurts real bad" He said "I'm sorry baby, I'll rinse it for you" He came back with and poured hot water all over my pussy and I started whimpering. He dried it off with a towel and then he said " I'm gonna fuck your little ass again, give your little pussy a rest " He pulled me off the table and bent me over the bed. He pushed my ass cheeks apart and said " ok, bear down baby so I can fuck your little ass" Then he said " ok, now rub your little pussy" So I did Then he injected another anal lube shooter into my ass and it was really burning me He started rubbing my ass hole with his head and then started pushing it in as he moved my ass cheeks around Slowly, he started pushing in further and further until he was all the way in Then he started gently pumping my ass hole as I rubbed my clit He pulled out and pushed in to my ass several times and then he said " your little ass hole is stretching, cause it's starting to stay open up when I pull out" Then he gently pushed his dick back into my ass Slowly, he started pumping my ass, twisting and rotating his dick inside of me He said " keep rubbin' your little pussy cause I'm gonna fuck your little ass till it's raw baby" Then he pulled out again and started teasing me again I said " please, give it to me, give it to me, put it all the way in, please" So he gently pushed his cock in and started pumping me again I could feel my ass hole stretching , and I could hear his dick sloshing around inside of my ass He said " oh, baby, your little ass hole is so tight, I just love your little ass" Then he started pumping my ass harder and harder I kept rubbing my pussy until I came again My ass started pounding on his dick real hard, and I heard him groan He stood still until I stopped pounding his dick with my ass hole He said " your little ass is on fire ain't it " I said " yes, it's hurtin' real bad, can we do something else " I felt a pop and some liquid squirting out of my ass when he pulled out He removed the condom & we washed off.

He put me back on the exam table , put my feet in stirrups put on a glove and started fingering my pussy and ass again. Then he picked up the double dong, and said "I'm gonna fuck you some more, so rub your little pussy" So I did He lubed my ass and pussy again and first I felt the SMALL end go into my pussy But it wasn't smooth I said, what is that He said " it's a French tickler. I'm gonna fuck your pussy with the small end with the French tickler on it and I'm gonna fuck your ass with the large end. I'm gonna stretch you, fuck you till you swell up, and then I'm gonna fuck your pussy and ass again with my dick " I said " oh, no!" He said ' oh, yeah, baby, I'm gonna pop your cherries good tonight, so you just keep rubbin' your little pussy, that will relax you" Now the French tickler had large ribs on it and little rounded spikes at the end I thought I was going to scream my head off it hurt so bad so he said " is that French tickler hurtin' my baby's little pussy I said "yes"

So he took the French tickler off Then he pulled the double dong back out and gently positioned it into my ass hole and pussy at the same time, small end in my pussy, large end in my ass... I bout came off the table ! He said " just keep rubbin' your little pussy till you come, so I'm can cream your swollen ass again with my dick" Shortly after he said that, I came again My vision was blurred I said " please, no more, no more, I can't take it" He said " that's too bad baby, cause I gotta cum now, it's my turn" I said, "let me rest, let me suck your dick" So he washed off, put on another condom, came to the edge of the table again and I sucked his dick while he fingered my ass hole and pussy He took his dick out of my mouth and it was throbbin' hard and he said "ok, baby, you want me to cream your hot swollen ass, or you want me to cream your tore up little pussy" I said " I don't know" So he said, "I'll give your little ass hole a rest and cream your little pussy" So he laid me on the bed and said " your little pussy hurt when I fucked you earlier " I said 'yes" He said " well, baby, brace yourself, I'm gonna slam fuck your little pussy now" He put my legs over his shoulders , my pussy was up in the air, he dipped the head of his cock into my pussy a few times, raised his hips up and and slammed his dick into my pussy hole so hard that my eyes welled up... He started fucking me furiously, grinding, twisting, and slamming my pussy hole All I could do is scream at the top of my lungs He stopped and pumped me slow while he sucked my titties and kissed me Then he whispered in my ear " I love you baby" I said " I love you too" Then he started fucking me harder and harder as I was screaming He said " I'm gonna cream your little pussy now , get ready, I'm gonna cum" grinding his pubic hair into my clit so hard I thought I was gonna die right there I was dizzy from the pain and I could feel my eyes tearing up He looked straight down into my tearing eyes and just kept fucking me as hard as he could I said " it hurts, it hurts" He said " my baby's pussy hurts " I said "yes" He said " ok, rub your little pussy" So I did

He said " ok, now I'm gonna cream your hot swollen little ass" I said "no, please, no" He got down in my ear and said " baby, it's my turn, now bear down and let me slide my dick into your little ass" So I did He pushed my ass cheeks apart and gently rubbed the head of his dick into my ass and I started grinding into him while he stretched my slimy, hot, swollen ass With a few gently pushes, he was all the way in He pushed his hard, throbbing cock in and out of my ass very slowly , and it felt good I started getting used to it, so he started pounding me a little harder, then a little harder Then he said " ok , baby, I'm gonna cream your little ass now, so get ready " So he pumped his cock in and out of my ass while I watched in the mirror and I could tell he was about to loose it so I said " stretch my swollen ass baby, cream it real good baby, cream it real good, make me feel it" and with a final thrust, he said " mmmmmmmm........gonna cream your ass now, I love you baby" Then he stopped pumping and his cock was throbbing inside of my ass hole. I said " I love you baby, so cream my little ass cherry baby, cream it good " But his dick popped out of my ass and I could feel liquid running down the back of my ass He changed condoms, washed himself, and I said OH NO ! Then he started slam fucking my swollen pussy again. He grabbed my titties and said " I'm gonna cream your little pussy baby, I'm gonna cream it real good" Just a moment later, he collapsed on top of me, his dick was pounding and throbbing deep inside of my pussy I could feel the heat of his cum inside the condom. He said " I popped your little cherries didn't I baby " I said " yeah, baby" He said " I love you baby" I said " I love you too"

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