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Published: 03-Oct-07

Last weekend I overheard her telling mom that she hadn't been laid for 3 years what with all the problems with her husband, of course he was screwing anything in a skirt but she said her cunt was so hot it was on fire, did my mom know anyone who could fuck her. My cock rose immediately, wow! I'm a virgin and Maria needs a fuck, but how could I get into her

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My name is Brian, I was 19 and still a virgin. My family lived in New York and moved to California, I didn't want to move and haven't met any girls that I have been able to date let alone fuck. I just finished my sophomore year in college and have a job working nights for a shipping company so I am home all day but my parents work. A few weeks ago Maria moved into our spare room. Let me explain, my mom and dad are both 40 and my moms best friend, Sandra has a sister, Maria and she is only 32 but really good looking, awesome tits and great ass.

Marie lives in California but split up from her husband after years of physical abuse. As she has no family out here she moved in with us. During the day I jerk off looking at internet porn but I also cum harder thinking of Maria. She is about 5 ft 5, 120 lbs, short blonde hair.

Last weekend I overheard her telling mom that she hadn't been laid for 3 years what with all the problems with her husband, of course he was screwing anything in a skirt but she said her cunt was so hot it was on fire, did my mom know anyone who could fuck her. My cock rose immediately, wow! I'm a virgin and Maria needs a fuck, but how could I get into her

It was on Tuesday morning, I got up and was stroking my cock in front of some great tit pictures on the web but thinking of Marie, I must have left my bedroom door open slightly (I usually closed it) as all of a sudden I heard Marie's voice saying 'Nice cock' as she stood behind me watching me stroke it. I must had turned beet red! I didn't know what to say but my cock was still hard and throbbing. Marie looked at the girls on the screen and commented on their great tits. Then she knelt in front of me and took my cock in her mouth. Wow!

She asked if I'd ever had a blow job and I stuttered out an answer that no I hadn't and in fact I was a virgin. She smiled when I said that and said 'We'll see what we can do about that then'. Marie kept sucking and licking and I knew I was going to explode in her mouth, it didn't take me long. She lapped up every last drop of cum and swallowed it.

Marie stood up, she was wearing a tight T shirt and jean, she unzipped her jeans revealing a white thong, then took off her T short. She wasn't wearing a bra and her nipple were hard. 'Do you like them' she asked. Of course I did! She then slipped out of her thong and I saw her pussy, she put my hand on her pussy and she was wet. I'd never touched one before but I knew what it meant. Marie got onto my bed, opened her legs and lay there, she told me to get my tongue into her pussy and I obliged. Wow!

It tasted so sweet, I licked as best I could but must have done a good job because within a few minutes she was cumming. By this time my cock had grown hard again and Marie got on all fours on the bed. 'Take me from behind' she ordered. I knelt behind her and she guided my cock into her dripping wet pussy. This was my first time! I pumped a couple of times and came immediately. Marie said that was OK, it was my first time and she would teach me some control. I could see my cum dripping out of a woman's pussy, it was fantastic.

We agreed we wouldn't tell my parents and she went back to her room. However in the afternoon she came into my room again and we both stripped and I was fucking her again, this time on top. I was able to last longer but still not as long as I wanted but Marie seemed so pleased to have a cock in her she didn't care.

The rest of the week was very similar, I was getting better and she was getting bigger orgasms. But then on Friday night I was off work for a change and overheard mom talking with Marie. She said she'd spoken with my dad and that she thought a threesome would be fun. Fucking lucky dad I thought! My mom is nice looking but she's mom so I've never thought about fucking her but I'm sure dad enjoys her but having Marie as well.

They knew I was in and thought I'd gone to my room before they went upstairs. Of course I was getting ready to spy on them and fortunately they left the door slightly ajar. By the time I could peer in all 3 of them were naked on the bed. My mom had a decent pair of tits and was sucking my dad up, he wasn't big but about 6/2 inches. I heard mom say to Marie that as she hadn't had a fuck for so long dad would take her.

Of course Marie didn't mention I'd been fucking her all week! Marie led on the bed and opened her legs and dad was soon in pumping hard, mom was caressing him. I could tell that he was making Marie cum, he was lasting longer than I did and Marie was screaming and finally I saw one last push and dad came. He took his cock out of Marie and mom licked it clean.

I couldn't believe the next thing I saw! Mom put her head between Marie's legs and started to suck out all dads cum from her cunt. This was driving Marie wild and she kept cumming. I could see dad was excited, he was getting hard again.

"You haven't been that hard a second time so quick for a long time," my mom said to my dad.

Then mom and Marie got on all fours on the bed and dad took turns in fucking them. Both mom and Marie came and finally dad has one last push and came inside Marie again. I could see mom was a little upset, she had hoped for this cum. But this time mom and Marie did a 69 and mom sucked out all the cum, Marie just sucked and they were soon cumming.

I went back to my room and was soon jerking off. Marie had fucked our whole family. Saturday night was the same as was Sunday but dad and mom went to work, dad was looking a little tired!

I thought Marie would be fucked out but she came to my room again!

That was a great summer. I had sex everyday and Marie was getting it from dad as well. I didn't tell Marie that I had been watching the 3 of them.

In September Marie moved into an apartment and within a few weeks had a boyfriend so I wasn't getting it from her any more but thanks to Marie my confidence was skyhigh with girls and I finally got a girlfriend and she told me how great I was at fucking compared to the other kids she'd fucked. A very happy ending.

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