First Time Sharing my Wife

Author: Kman
Published: Feb 13, 2008
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I'm not sure when it started but I began having fantasies of being able to watch my wife Karen with other men. The more I thought of what it would be like the more exciting it became.

I'm not sure when it started but I began having fantasies of being able to watch my wife Karen with other men. The more I thought of what it would be like the exciting it became.

One night when we were exchanging some fantasies, I told her about it and she said she might be interested in trying to satisfy me. We had fantastic sex that night with thoughts running through my head and no doubt hers as well. I knew she was a bit wild before I met her and it always turned me on went I asked and she would tell me the details of some of her sexual exploits. Like her "steady" boy friend of 14 months who didn't believe in premarital sex but thought her blow jobs didn't count as sex so felt it was ok to request one at least twice a week!

We were once out eating and she told me he was sitting behind her where I could see him. As we ate I did the math 14 months, 58 weeks, two blowjobs a week..... This guy I was looking at came in my wife's mouth well over a hundred times!!

The picture in my mind of the two of them caused an immediate erection. As we left she stopped, to say hi and introduced me. As we shook hands I just knew he was thinking about some of those times. I needed to explore this fantasy further!

We wanted to begin slowly and Karen was very skilled at giving hand jobs so we decided to place an ad on a swinger's site looking for a guy who would be willing to let me watch Karen give him a relaxing hand job. Wow, the emails came in faster than we could read or answer them. We spent the weekend reading and answering the one's she liked and by mid week we had set up a meeting with one of them. After a while when he left to go to the rest room Karen decided she needed to go too.

They seemed to be taking a while to come back and as I looked back in the direction of the restrooms, though the lighting was dim I saw he had Karen pressed up against the wall kissing her. When thy came back he had an obvious bulge in his pants that he seemed to make sure I noticed.

After we said our good by's and returned to our car Karen grabbed my arm and said "I want him!" I said that I would like to see her give him a hand job and she said "couldn't we skip a step, I'd really like to suck him off for you". I said "for me" She just winked. I was dripping and Karen took my hand and brought it up between her legs showing me how wet she was. We were at the end of the parking lot with no cars around and Karen soon had my cock out and we screwed in the back seat like teenagers because we didn't think we could wait until we got home.

Three nights later John arrived up at our house. Karen was ready for him wearing her shortest red skirt with her highest heels and she looked really hot. I lay on the bed stroking myself watching her get ready. It was so erotic watching her prepare. Prepare to blow another man "FOR ME"!

She met him at the door and they immediately locked into a passionate kiss that seemed to last 5 minutes. They came into the living room and I offered drinks and Karen said just bring them upstairs and led John up. By the time I got up with the drinks Karen was on her back on the bed with her dress off but her heels still on and John had his face buried between her legs.

After a bit they got up onto their knees facing each other and started kissing again acting like I wasn't even in the room. Karen loves deep passionate kissing and they each had one of their hands behind the others heads and while John other hand was between Karen's legs her other hand slowly but firmly stroked his erection. They went on for some time without breaking lip contact. John had a long string of precum dripping down almost to the sheets. I was on a sexual high watching.

Karen then had him sit up at the head of the bed and motioned me to come and lie down next to them. The see slid up between his legs and as I watched from only 2 feet away, my beautiful wife began to suck her new friends straining cock.

Most of the time their eyes were locked on each other's and through his almost constant moans he kept telling her how great her mouth felt. She stopped each time he said he was going to cum telling him "not yet" She likes to encircle your balls with her left thumb and forefinger and she would just pull down a little making his cock stand straight up and twitch.

Each time it took a little longer for her to resume, as he was right at the edge. She sucked for just a stroke or two and then pulled back and said to John in a low sexy growl that I think was for my benefit as much as his, "I want you to cum now, empty these big balls down by throat"! As she sucked him deep into her mouth he let out a moan and he raised up onto his heels and his legs began to jerk and spasm.

He just kept saying OH!, OH!, OH! over and over for what seemed like 30 seconds. Each time he said OH! I saw my wife kind of gulp a little and I knew she was swallowing another blast of cum. She stayed on him until he relaxed and then slid up and said " God ,what a huge amount of cum, thank you!"

She turned to me and asked if I enjoyed watching . I rolled back and showed her the wet spot on the bed and by huge erection. She said "Come on up here, I bet I could take you in 30 seconds!" It only took 15..............................................

The next encounter is another story.

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