First Blowjob

Author: breebree
Published: Mar 8, 2008
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So there she was, walking towards me wearing her grey sweatpants, and black tanktop, that was low cut, so her boobs sort of bulged out, they werent huge, but they were perfect. round and perky.

so there she was, walking towards me wearing her grey sweatpants, and black tanktop, that was low cut, so her boobs sort of bulged out, they werent huge, but they were perfect. round and perky. she smiled and squeezed me nto a hug and she sighed. i kissed her forehead, and held her hand, as we walked through the woods to her house. it ws early, only 10 30.

we walked up her street, and slipped into her house, trying to be quiet, because her parents were sleeping. we ran to her room, and jumped in her bed, we pulled the blankets ontop of us, and just laid there holding eachother. her hair smelledof citrus fruits. we began kissing, her lips touching ine, as our tounges swirled and rubbed the others.

i had my hand on her hip and slid it to her lower back. she stopped kissing, and burried her face in my shoulder, and kissed my neck as she grabed my hand and slowly slid it up her shirt i hesitated, and she said "you can go up a little further" with a giggle, but then she said"wait.." as she stuck her arms in her sleeves, and unclipped her bra, and pulled it out. she dropped iton the floor, "there, now where were we" she said smileing, as she moved my hand back to where it was.

this time i put my hand on her breast, and squeezed gently and rubbed it in a circular motion, she gasped and kissed my neck. her nipple became hard, as i played with it. she rolled to her back, and pulled me ontop of her, she slid her shirt up, adnd held my head as i kissed the bottom of her right breast and licked up to her nipple, and sucked gently on it. she began to breath heavier as i rubbed them harder, and put her hand on mine, making it go slower, but harder.

she began to rub her pussy on my leg, and gasped again. i rolled onto my side, and she kissed me, and slid her hands ontop of my crotch, she rubbed my hard cock through my pants. then she undid my belt, and started to pull them off. she pulled them to my knees, and my hard cock poped up high, and lifted the sheets, "oooo" she said with a smile, and grabed on with both handsshe slid one off the top, and began rubing it slowly. her little hands were soft, she started to squeeze harder and jerked the head faster. i rubbed breast, and kissed her, "tell me when your close" she said, after a while of her rubbing, i told her that it was coming, she seemed to get excited, and went faster, just then, we heard a noise fromout side the door, her mom was akwake, but we heard a door close, so she must have gone to the bathroom, so she started rubbing again, and i asked "were should i cum" and she said, "just anywere, i dont mind" so she rubbed the head somemore, anddi told her it was about to cum, so she moved over to avoid the stream,and i began to shake she squezed harder, and rubbed just the ead rally tight, and then i squirted it landed all over the sheets.

she got excited by this, and pulled her shirt off, she slid back on the bed, and ontop off me, her nipples rubbing on my chestshe kissed me passionatly, "you stay here" she whispered she slid down, and slid her lips over my 7 inch cock she sucked it gently, i sat up, and held her hed, as she went deeper, she choked alittle, and then spit on my cock, she licked the head and went back to sucking.

"this time.. i want you to cum in me.." she said. i was suprised, my dick flopped out of her mouth after one last suck, and i pulled her sweatpants down. she was wearing a tiny lime green thong, which was already wet, i pulled it to her knees, and her tight pink hairless pussy was then rubbing on my stomach. she sat up a little and inserted my cock in her while leening with her face right in mine, stairing me in the eyes with a smile. my fingers were between her ass.

when she managed to slip the head in her pussy, she breethed deep, and closed her eyes, and i asked if she was ready, she whispered yes, fuck me. so i pushed her down, and i went in as deep as i could, and held it there, so she could feel me inside her, she let out a loud moan, and i put my finger on her lips, (not the one from her ass), and said"we're gunnahave to try and be quiet, or your parents will hear!!" she smiled and said back" okay, ill try, but it feels so good, just keep kissing me, and ill try to keep quiet" she smiled and sucked on my lip, as she sarted thrusting me into her, she pulled her tounge out of my mouth and breathed heavy, with her head back. we heard another noise, we stopped with me still insideher, her mom nocked on the door, "sweetie" "yes!" shemoaned half in pleasure, and half for the answer, her mom answered back "im going to pick up your sister, ill be back in a hour or so.." she left the house. and she smiled.

she sat up on my huge dick and held her boobs, one in each hand, she grinded her pussy around. then started to bounce "AH, AH, AHH!" she moaned with every bounce. he boobs jumping up and down out of controll, she screamed, and went as fast as she could, i thought my didck was going to fall off, i sat up and pushed her down, and lifeted her legs, and went fast, she moaned more and more, i pulled out, and began to rub my cock, and she sat up and licked the head, i jacked harder. and i cumed onto her face, "mmm" she said, andi squirted again, itdripped from her chin, and again onto her erect tits, she licked the cum from her face, and rubbed the cum on her boobs all over her, i licked her pussy, and rubbed my finger on her gspot, and she moaned and then she squirted as i pulled out, and it hit her wall, and i rubbed it more and more, and she let out another stream, she moaned and screamed uncontrollably, she shook around and i sucked her tits and rubbed them hard, and the i kissed her, and we laid there in each others sweat.

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